A Beautiful Disaster

Have you ever noticed how critical it is to win the Asian vote in Japanese elections? Without looking, I doubt a single post-war candidate has secured elected office there while losing this demographic. It’s quite a different scenario from America, where the founding stock hasn’t chosen a democrat for president since 1964. Yet that party continues to prosper as it grows increasingly inimical to them. I wonder if the Japanese notice this.

I also wonder how frequently Japanese candidates demonize Asian constituents in the course of appealing to their tribal antagonists. I think it is probably an infrequent tactic owing to the poverty of its results. I’m even told the “asian privilege” hypothesis finds little purchase in public discourse. This may be related to the relatively meager influence of organizations like the Osaka Poverty Law Center and Japanese Israeli Public Affairs Committee. But that is only speculation.

Though there is definitely a reason why asians are not accused, mocked, betrayed, and outvoted in Japan. Why their media isn’t relentlessly hostile and their politicians do not pander to squatting colonists. And what that reason is shall remain resolutely unexamined if the cucks of conservatism have anything to say about it. Well, they don’t.

That reason is fairly simple: infidelity requires a partner–and those are thin under the rising sun. I hope it will scandalize few readers to suggest this is entirely by conscious design.

It’s really quite illuminating to note the paucity of attacks and subversion when there’s no one else’s side to take. A 90% legacy America harbored no detectable “white supremacy.” This being a condition that counterintuitively blossoms only as whites recede from power. The less control a host wields, the more lurid the aspersions against them. You may be assured that a small preyed-upon white minority absent institutional clout would be extraordinarily supremacist indeed.

So for those who hate white supremacy, an all-white country represents its certain remedy.

Of course this exotic logic finds less traction than a MS-13 member at the Tokyo immigration office. Rather, we work from a fairly stock historical template. Foreign colonists collude with duplicitous natives in a temporary alliance against the host majority. Of course their ultimate interests always diverge, and the party who concludes the arrangement still vertical is usually the one who understands its nature clearly going in.

There is a necessary symbiosis between foreigner and turncoat. Without the cover of insiders the out-group’s agitation is stripped bare of its subterfuge and revealed as just naked tribal conflict. That’s why the new Dutch Denk Party has potential to be such a beautiful disaster.

A Pro-Immigrant Party Rises in the Netherlands

And what exactly would distinguish a “pro-immigrant party” from a urinal cake? Neither being a particularly unusual item. Well this isn’t just any piss deodorizer. It’s a pro-immigrant party that’s all immigrant. We don’t need no stinkin’ white stooges.

…one party has turned the politics of immigration on its head, positioning itself as perhaps the first in Europe with a pro-immigrant stance, run by people from immigrant backgrounds.

That party, called Denk, or Think, is led by a multicultural group of candidates seeking to combat xenophobia and racism in the Netherlands.

You may be assured the combat against racism will cease at precisely that moment a non-white group achieves hegemony.

“What is unique about Denk is that it’s a party of people with a migration background who completely control the party,” said Cas Mudde, a specialist in European political and radical parties who was born in the Netherlands.

Archived for future revision: What is unique about the Netherlands is that people with a migration background completely control the country. That is the obvious end-state design that people “born in the Netherlands” are growing too impatient to conceal.

For obviously Denk will seek to further liberalize the immigration policies that birthed it. Thus multiplying its constituency, whose increased political sway will be used to further pry open the garden to additional weeds. This process cascading forward until the Dutch are promptly rendered minorities in their own home. And then you may be assured the state will take up their supremacy with enthusiasm.

Nonwhites have been in Parliament for a long time, but all the parties are still dominated by white Dutch people,” added Mr. Mudde…”We haven’t had a party dominated by nonwhite Dutch that has a potential chance of getting elected into Parliament.”

Isn’t that despicable? A Dutch parliament being dominated by the Dutch. I increasingly assume writers of these pieces are either entirely spackled by barbiturates, or reside so far up their own colons they can’t see the light of self-mockery.

Though I’m certain observant Japanese are presently calculating how quickly their own “tolerance” would be converted into a party dominated by non-Japanese.

Let’s explore the Denk platform.

✅ Banning words non-whites don’t like: such as “work” and “private masturbation” presumably

✅ “establish a ‘racism register’ to track the use of hate speech by elected officials and to bar those who promote racism from holding public office.”

✅ Build a Dutch slavery museum (The ADL may already have that land plotted for expansion)

✅ Abolish the black minstrel character called Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete

Notice how none of these items were points of public contention before the proliferation of diversity. So again we witness whites growing worse as they recede. How odd that is.

But odder still is the absence of even pretense to actually running a country. What might be the Denk position on entitlement reform…or anything else? That’s easy: from you to us. Multiculturalism has a hugely simplifying effect on politics.

Now obviously such a party will attract disdain. Certainly from nationalists, though also possibly even that born-to-lose cohort of proposition-nationalists. As a result several Denk party principles have been called uncharitable names on the Internet. The cyber-bullying grew so intense the country’s prime minister had to intercede.

So obviously when a western head of state is drawn into conflict between his own people defending their ancient traditions against a migrant party that is openly anti-Dutch, we know for certain with whom he will side: the foreigners. Speaking against Denk’s Dutch opponents, prime minister Mark Rutte took time in one of his weekly addresses to condemn what he called “repulsive” statements by “idiots.”

Right, faster on that racism register.

But this is a little concerning upon further reflection. As a Dutch liberal who has entered into a tacit compact with hostile aliens, I’m a bit chafed by this separate party business. How the hell am I supposed to get elected without a near 100% migrant bloc-vote? No native majority will support me. I worry this party will come at my expense.

Many on the left worry that any gains for Denk will come at the expense of the more mainstream Labor Party.

Ahmed Marcouch, a Dutch member of Parliament in the Labor Party who was born in Morocco and has lived in the Netherlands since 1979, fears that Denk will only exacerbate divisions in Dutch society along ethnic lines.

“Our view in the Labor Party is that we want to create a society with all the people together, without it being important where you’re from,” he said.

Exactly. Being Dutch shouldn’t have anything to do with where you’re from. Dutch is a state of mind. Especially if you’re of a mind to keep voting me in power. That’s the only way to tell a True Dutchman.

But here is why Ahmed Marcouch is so justifiably concerned. Alien advocacy doesn’t blossom politically without cover. La Raza, AJC, or BLM all require a mainstream party vehicle to achieve their political goals. They secure obedience and positions in exchange for patronage, votes, or a pause in riots. These groups accumulate power by selling their votes for highest bid, not casting them for themselves. Try to imagine if africans-in-america had only “the black party” and democrats had only white votes. The achievements of both would have been enormously less destructive.

So I applaud the foundation of Denk. Drive your own political vehicles, poor put-upon migrants. Just don’t try driving them in Tokyo.


7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Disaster

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  2. “do onto others as you would have them do onto you” – the mantra every little White person is taught. We of course are above tribalism, sniff sniff says the cuck. The reality is of course that we’re below it. Time for a transvaluation of values.

  3. To paraphrase the Princeton scholar that lives at Pennsylvania Ave.; “We need to change our culture and traditions”

  4. I’d love to agree with the conclusion that Denk and Labor are just cannibalizing each other’s membership, but I fear they may have lucked into something here. It’s a given that these parties will coalition when it comes government forming time, so no downside for them there. But this also provides cover for Labor, in that anyone who has Cologne or Nice induced reticence about immigration can feel a bit better about their (now) somewhat paler Labor party. Let Denk do all the nasty advocating; Labor will be a smidge to the right of that and seem reasonable all of a sudden. Just add in the business focused cuckservative of the VVD (think “these hard working immigrants do the work that Dutchmen won’t do”) and you have a strong firewall against our hero Wilders.

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  6. Whole hypocritical Netherlands. Complain of recent xenophobia, while racial profiling of minority workers out of better jobs has been going for many years at full steam. To make a fuss about replacing Zwarte Piet, but leaving the issue of racial profiling unchanged. The Netherlands, and much of Western Europe, needs to change much in its Social-Democratic public debate and society.

    • Are you completely bereft of the ability to manufacture an intelligent thought josh? Worried about racial profiling? Did you not understand the article? I could explain it for you real quick like. Unfettered imigration bad. Need MORE racial profiling to protect heritage and way of life.

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