We Weren’t Asking

I can’t remember now whether it was in regard to the first or second world war, though at the early outset of one an allied commander was said to have worried at whether he had the authority to encroach upon private property. A few years later, the allies were incinerating civilians in Dresden by the tens of thousands.

This is the eternal arc of conflict: civil sensibilities giving way to savagery. The briskness of this transition can be breathtaking for external observers. But for those in the heat of war, politesse quickly loses its priority.

This is what those parties to the present sacking of Europe seem to consciously neglect. That Europeans will ever be anything but effete mollusks who snivel about having “privilege” in their own home, and hold candlelight vigils when that concept is repudiated with corpses does not strike them as a feasible possibility. When you’ve had your heel on a man’s neck for so long, it grows difficult to imagine him lunging for yours.

Maybe the globalists are correct, and Europeans will lie supine until a brown majority can exercise democracy toward their demise–all nice and legitimate. Though an increasingly expressed dissatisfaction points to an incipient unraveling of etiquette’s straitjacket. Here’s one current example.

Corsican lawmakers on Thursday called on the French state to close down radical mosques on the Mediterranean island, hours after an underground separatist movement issued a threat against Islamic extremists.

The regional parliament adopted a resolution urging Paris to ensure the immediate closure in Corsica “of prayer or meeting places that act as centres of radicalisation or where hateful speeches are made, creating an atmosphere that is favourable to violence”.

The resolution was adopted with a landslide, with MPs from the nationalist, left and right parties voting for, and only three Communists abstaining.

The resolution was passed after a splinter group of the nationalist Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC) in a statement warned Islamists that any attack on the island would trigger “a determined response, without any qualms”.

That is to say, commit a Nice, Munich, Paris, or Brussels here and your unwanted colony may expect a vivid series of unsolved accidents. Note, the resolution (and perhaps implicitly, the threat) was approved across the political spectrum. Thus the days of natives burying their family members to the insipid mewling of politicians are over in Corsica before they begin.

And once–or more accurately, if–the great nations unburden themselves of leadership committed to their demise, we will begin to see a similarly stoic attitude at the state level. And I do believe that will elicit quite a comical gasp from the Maghreb. Consider the state of affairs regarding migrant offshoring.

Deportations Stall As North African Nations Won’t Accept Their Own Migrants Back

North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Ralf Jäger has criticised the governments of North African countries saying that they are refusing to accept migrants who have been deported from Germany, Donau Kurier reports.

“We must ensure that the migrants who do not need protection can be as quickly returned to their home countries,” Mr. Jäger told German media, but claimed that the problem wasn’t just deporting the migrants from Germany, but getting their countries of origin in North Africa to let them back in. “Above all, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia are uncooperative,” he said.

The time is approaching when deportations from Western countries won’t be phrased as a question. And those squatters “who need protection” can find it best at home. Though relieving themselves of foreign disgorgements isn’t as easy as you or I may think. There are strict rules and regulations to follow. I mean regulations by the source countries whose citizens have violated international borders en masse. Those are the ones Europe is compelled to honor.

He said that because of strict Moroccan government regulations failed asylum seekers could only be deported on government airlines and only, he said, “a maximum of four people per flight”.

These types of regulations, along with the need for police and medical staff on their deportation flights, have led to some saying that the costs of deporting a single migrant from regions in Germany can cost up to 50,000 euros.

50,000 euros to return each migrant. I think accountants within a new nationalist government will discover some remarkable cost savings. Though it is almost beyond mockery that Germans fastidiously observe such ludicrous Moroccan restrictions on the return of their own ticks: only government airlines, a maximum of four people, and attending medical staff.

Well, we have a better idea. Multiple thousands standing in the cargo holds of large container ships anchored off the Moroccan coast, with amphibious military landing craft shuttling groups of a dozen to whatever beach offers the most efficient logistics. This to be done without any qualms as to how it may offend local regulations.

And as hearts grow progressively harder to the bloodstains of “””refugee””” antics even this will become the most sentimental option. The more economical choice being one North Africans themselves previously offered the French: suitcase or coffin.

It’s not particularly polite. But diversity + proximity never is.


11 thoughts on “We Weren’t Asking

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  2. Load the rejected deportables on C-130’s , hog tie them, open the cargo door and perform a steep climb over the presidential palace of third worldistan. Migrant problem solved after 3 flights tops.

  3. War economists should consider the efficiency of cement shoes combined with the North Sea. We must, after all, spare a thought for the Economy.

    I’d wager I could offer the German Republic a gargantuan discount on that 50,000 euros a head.

    • There’s an idea… subcontract “refugee relocation” at say €25,000 per and forget the repatriation part…

    • get on this ship, or on this C-130. bye. they are both going to north africa. please – no ocean drops, pollution, ya know.

  4. I’m at the airport waiting for my flight to the old country…. I’ll be sure to report on any especially interesting rapefugee news/sightings.

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  6. Saudi Arabia has a very large bill coming due in the near future. Part of the restitution should include the establishment of the Hamburg-Jeddah run. I understand that their are a good number of aging cruise ships available, most awaiting the trip to the breakers. Alterations, fuel and crew wages, covered by the Kingdom, of course. Shipboard morale and order maintained in a fashion similar to the Royal Navy of the eighteenth century. Grog laced generously with barbiturates and progesterone. Confinement loaf twice a day. Eight bells!

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