Devices for Dissidents

One of the suboptimal aspects of our society is how easily its members are relieved of their national inheritance. There are numerous ploys, inducements, and motivations that facilitate this. Fear, greed, susceptibility to inveigling, and the timeless pleasure of crushing competing in-group members are primary among several. Many roads lead to Harare–though few lead out.

But for those of us driving against traffic, there are some keys to the human psyche even goyishe kopfs can slide into the ignition. This piece in the Mail is amusingly instructive.

The piece is dictated by an alleged hostage and suicide negotiator who is revealing the psychological tools of his trade used to influence what are often quite fractious clients. I thought some were interesting and possibly even useful. For if these tips can coax the deranged off ledges, it’s conceivable they can also coax them onto one. And when dealing with SJWs, that possibility alone is worth the effort.

What follows are tricks any canny dissident may want to consider.

Plant subliminal messages

Even though hypnosis takes place on the stage or in the therapy room, we all have the power to talk to each other’s subconscious.

‘There are different structures to our language patterns – on one level we hear things consciously and on another level we are processing subconsciously,’ says Simon.

Learn to speak to people’s subconscious and you unlock a world of power and influence.

The trick is to plant the command within a sentence. Even though the literal meaning may be different, the underlying message will subliminally sink in.

‘You could say: “I wonder who’s going to tidy the room. You can decide.”‘ says Simon.

Simon explains that by planting the words ‘tidy your room’ within the sentence you are giving indirect commands.

Here’s a sample: Too bad the restaurant menu is going to REMOVE KEBAB. NOW let’s eat.

Maybe. But I’m skeptical. I recall years ago reading about some reedy egghead named Ross Jeffries, who could reportedly trigger women into obedient ministrations just by looking down and inquiring if they see anything “b-low me now.” If readers have anecdotes regarding the success or failure of this tactic, please share in the combox for our mutual edification.

And while I find that not wholly convincing, one similar gambit I see routinely deployed is bald assertion presented as incontrovertible fact. The tacit acceptance of which naturally leading subjects to the course of action intended by the speaker.

Here’s a recent example from the Financial Times forebodingly entitled: Renewed Nationalism is Stalking Europe. Hey no one likes a stalker, so let’s dive straight into the conclusion.

The new nationalism, in its radical rightist colours, has no credible solutions for a modern Europe that, despite all its troubles, must pin its hopes for a better future on mutual co-operation and an open face to the world.

MUST PIN ITS HOPES ON AN OPEN FACE TO THE WORLD (B-LOW THEM NOW). But why must Europe do this, I wonder? The author certainly isn’t divulging, so we’re left simply to open our face if we want any hope. And you do want hope, don’t you? Once a person implicitly accepts the premise, their options draw very tight. Back to the lesson…

Focus on a mutual enemy

‘If you are not coming to an agreement in a negotiation or you are worrying someone won’t keep to their side of the agreement, shift the focus to something that neither of you want to happen,’ advises Simon.

‘Often a hostage taker will feel the world has done them wrong in some way. When you know what that is you can say, “We definitely don’t want them to get something out of this” and use that common enemy as a motivator.’

Jose, you Tyrone, and Ahmed should think more about “white privilege.” You definitely don’t want them having more of that.

Alright, I’m beginning to see how these tactics can work.

Ignore what people don’t do, ONLY praise what they do

Simon says the way to get anyone to do a task you want, whether it’s phoning home more or taking the bins out, is by thanking them when they do it but ignoring it when they don’t.

‘If you complain when they haven’t done something, they will feel pressured and nagged,’ explains Simon, who says the key to getting anyone to do what you want is positive reinforcement.

Mentalists like Derren Brown often use this subconscious methods of positive reward in their performance. Whenever people are doing the right thing he nods his head, which is a subconscious positive reward. When they are not doing what he wants he has a still head and blank face. That’s how he controls their behaviour.

I’m honestly curious as to the effectiveness of this approach vis-a-vis the more traditional reinforcement method of hurling a lamp into the wall when my highball isn’t prepared promptly at 6:00pm.

Perhaps it’s worth remembering when the next president’s migration policies are being debated.



No Wall

No Wall

And while that may prove to be modestly effective, the best tactic has been saved for last.

Give a reason – no matter how implausible

‘Studies have shown that you are more likely to get what you want if you give a reason, even if the reason makes no sense at all,’ says Simon.

An experiment that measured people’s reactions to someone trying to jump the queue for an office photocopier found a nonsense reason produced almost as positive a response as a real reason.

When the queue jumper asked, ‘Excuse me, would you mind if I jump the queue?’, only 32 per cent allowed the person through.

When the queue jumper asked, ‘Do you mind if I jump the queue because I’m in a hurry?’ the positive response jumped up to 92 per cent.

But more amazingly, when they asked, ‘Do you mind if I jump the queue because I’ve got some photocopying to do?’, a totally insubstantial reason for jumping the queue at the photocopier, an almost identical number of people allowed the person through.

‘It just goes to show that nonsensical reasons are almost as good as a reasonable reasons,’ says Simon.

I wasn’t expecting to trip over the foundation of our civilizational decline in a Daily Mail article, but there it is. Just append a reason with your request and see it granted. Any reason will do.

Can we take your countries and control of your institutions? No.

We really want them…plus you’re racist and anti-Semitic. Well alright, here.

And that–upon distillation–is that.

If it works that well on a societal-scale, then I’ve only one question for Joanna Krupa.

Baby, Would you eat that there snack cracker in your special outfit for me?

Baby, would you eat that there snack cracker in your special outfit for me?


7 thoughts on “Devices for Dissidents

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  3. The most effective Leftist technique seems to be this: always talk about what’s on the agenda, and use it as a way of “being current.” People love that, like squirrels and peanuts.

  4. Pretty in pink. I didn’t read the article, just looked at the picktures. Seems like it’s about getting guys to do things, from a quick glance. Professor Chomsky, thoughts please?

  5. Another part of it is making sure you get in ahead of your enemy. Our side could have won if we’d got hold of the megaphone first. But it’s going to be hard to deprogam people who have been fed brazen lies for years.

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