The Terrible Legacy of Matt Drudge

I’m uncertain as to what extent cuckservatism is a phenomenon throughout the Occident. It may instead be a thing uniquely formed from the dogma and demographics of modern America.

The slur found rapid and broad purchase given its serendipitous combination of phonetic elegance and precisely analogous imagery. Contrary to white victims of black violence, it was a term in the right place at the right time.

In only about a year it has matured from titillating fringe pejorative to an almost bland description. Self-acknowledged cucks have even made feeble attempts to own the insult. Though the theme of limply watching your woman being impaled by another is so viscerally repulsive to most men that the effort fizzled promptly. Proud to be a Cuck is self-praise that will be seen on very few non-Prius bumper stickers.

The term has been discussed ad infinitum by this point. Though I couldn’t resist sawing the sawdust after reading about the increasing dissatisfaction with Drudge among this cohort. I’ve always been amused by lib fury with the Drudge Report, since it’s nothing more than a headline aggregator. Apparently Hate can be very subtle indeed.

But not subtle enough to evade the bloodhounds of cuckservatism, whose noses remain dutifully on racism’s trail. And in the wake of multiple whites being slaughtered explicitly for their race, the scent was certainly fresh. So it may have been perplexing to some as the cuck crime-dogs sniffed past howling blacks reveling in blood and caterwauling for more. But these doughty canines would not be distracted, and eventually alighted upon the True Racists. Their handlers couldn’t be happier.


Those were the three words that blared across the Drudge Report early Friday morning after five Dallas police officers were killed in a horrific ambush attack.

And immediately upon seeing the race-baiting headline, conservatives rebelled against a once reliable ally who has become more and more divisive to them over the course of the 2016 campaign.

“In moments like these, we should do the opposite of what Drudge is doing,” Commentary Magazine Editor Noah Rothman wrote on Twitter.

Actually it’s in moments like these that I completely disregard the counsel of Noah Rothman at Commentary Magazine.

Commentary is a monthly American magazine on religion, Judaism, and politics, as well as social and cultural issues. (It was) founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945…

But let’s return to that incriminating headline. I imagine the proposition of black lives mattering killing is fairly uncontroversial to the widows and morticians in Dallas. Or to those in other energetic urban war zones, for that matter. It’s the pointing it out that really rankles conservatives. Which distinguishes them from liberals by virtue of their opposition to higher corporate tax rates.

“Responsible reporting as always,” sarcastically tweeted Jeff Blehar, from the popular Ace of Spades blog.

Well Salon and Huffpost are typically first to post the most responsible headlines, leaving laggard media players to nibble around the edges of honesty. Sometimes so honest that the results aren’t conservative at all. Here, I’ll show you…

“Matt Drudge, for whom my late friend Andrew Breitbart used to work closely and for whom I used to fill in on his old national radio show, is not a conservative,” conservative talk-radio host John Ziegler told Business Insider. “He is a brilliant businessman who doesn’t care at all about the conservative cause.”

See what I mean? Look, every man has to bear the weight of dirt he has shoveled upon his own conscience. So when blacks say they are going to murder whites and then do exactly that, you can either report what you see or you can stay true to the conservative cause. There’s no middle ground and National Review doesn’t countenance cowards.

But what exactly is the conservative cause? What we know for sure is that conservation of the founding nation and any means of its defense plainly runs counter to it.

Most commenters view conservatism as simply the shadow that trails liberalism. And that captures the movement’s general effect, though not its animating force. Whether consciously or not, conservatives embrace the liberal worldview, but tend to cringe at its more crass manifestations. They love the man, but hate the manners. They want honor in retreat. Which makes the conservative movement largely a struggle for polite liberalism.

Much of this is evident in criticism of Trump. Take note of how often his conservative detractors (or Clinton’s, for that matter) focus on breaches of etiquette and rote political mechanics rather than substantive effects. If a candidate calls foreigners rapists in advocating the cessation of their invasive advance, a voter can focus either on the insult or the policy. Noble conservative squire boys don’t have to wonder which.

The results aren’t surprising. The more piously a majority group clings to that’s not who we are defenselessness, the more rapidly who we are changes. Eventually who we are is no longer them at all. And then the discussion turns to museum exhibits.

But conservatives are focused on more relevant matters than ourselves and our posterity. Like handing over their country in reasonable fiscal condition, for one. If a BLM majority in Congress debated the proper disposal of whites in polite tones under parliamentary procedures, I imagine would only take issue with exactly how they propose to pay for the firing squads: Another big government program! Those are men with the guts to hold the line.

One certainty of the human heart is that few things glow more warmly than having the courage to say what is permitted. And Drudge should have enough sense to know that when events like Dallas unfold, it’s time to talk about the terrible legacy of oppression.


14 thoughts on “The Terrible Legacy of Matt Drudge

  1. “(It was) founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945” – and only four short years later they sponsored “THE AUTHORITARIAN PERSONALITY”, the seminal creation that made neurotics of us all.

    • Ace was always a guy who just didn’t ‘get’ race. Since that’s all there really is to ‘get’ now, he’s a man past his time.

    • I remember Ace took the time to virtue signal by high-lighting one of my comments on his site, tsk tsking me for being a badwhite and pour encourager les autres. Years ago now, can’t remember if I stopped reading him before or after I sent Nat’l Review the FU cancellation.

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  3. Ace of Spades got revealed by Trump. Talks tough, acts rad, but at the end of the day, he’s just another Cuckboy ManTwat.

  4. Now you can’t insult a group whose members openly call for the murder of police officers, eh, because “that’s not who we are”? And then they wonder why the Alt-Right is gaining strength, or why Trump won all those votes. These clueless cucks are actually worse than the Left, who at least don’t make any bones about what they favor and why.

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