Waiting for the Singularity

The drill bit always stops at tribe. That is, of course, what the Dallas massacre (and its echoes) are all about. Tribal conflict has been man’s lifelong companion. It is a friendship no amount of Western preening will ever sunder.

In events like this, there is a natural tendency by the eagerly deluded to focus on the magician’s hat rather than his hands. The hat in this case is the police. If only blacks were treated by them with the affection of their own fathers, none of this racial friction would exist.

Or maybe the example of black fathers isn’t the highest aspiration. Regardless, the point is that cops kill a little over one person/day in America, about a third of whom are black. And that means war.

Police are presently the acceptable proxy in that war, though blacks are happy to shoot wide of such a small target. As Micah X himself was alleged to assert: the larger goal was to kill white people. And that should be no surprise to anyone whatsoever. Fighting men aren’t moved against occupations. Cato never said Rome was at war with spearmen or cavalry. And neither do blacks. It is their Carthage that must be destroyed. Or rendered pliantly inert, as a parasite is more likely to prefer.

Unfortunately though blacks are not well stocked with men of Cato’s faculties, and so must often rely on the generous counsel of our Ancient Friends who litter the mediascape. The most solemn function of whom being to maintain perpetual african inflammation and concomitant white groveling–the two being so intertwined as to have never been seen apart since Elvis wore army boots.

With these responsibilities in mind, it is easy to understand why the public is so vividly advised of black decedents while white victims are accorded such considerate anonymity. Every tribe conducts war by its own particular skill set.

And although black intelligence doesn’t rise much off the ground floor, I must concede their vision at that level is enviably clear. They never lose track of who is us and who is them. Admittedly, one could say the same about a pack of hyenas. Though in terms of reproductive fitness, the trait is assuredly more adaptive than whites conjugating their own alleged privilege. The most obvious manifestations of which being cratering populations and national dispossession.

Of course practically no dizzy lib apologists concern themselves over what the terminal solution to white privilege might entail. This largely due to their elation at stomping on the necks of other whites. I’d enjoy the same exercise myself if not burdened with the foresight of whose neck goes down next. But as leftists suffer no such acuity, their gleeful bounding proceeds. And blacks are not so dumb as to refuse aid from their next meal.

So it’s rat-a-tat-tat in Dallas as the fruits of diversity just keep falling. Perhaps the only bright side is the outstanding performance of the police droid, which did the job Americans wouldn’t do. How amusing if AI turns out to be the biggest shitlord of all.

Make the singularity great again

Make the future great again


25 thoughts on “Waiting for the Singularity

  1. With no just cause whatsoever, I’m honestly floored by our african AG. After wading through an obstacle course of white corpses, both in Dallas and other cities, Loretta Lynch mounts the podium as if it were a pork chop and proceeds to…tell the black terror group to keep its head up. Just the stupid unreflective brazenness of it is astounding. And the natural juxtaposition with Charleston would make most westerners blush with the vastness of their hypocrisy.

    Though westerners aren’t what we’re talking about here. And I won’t remain astounded for long.

    • Chin up, lads. I prefer to call these, and their related Religion of Peace rallies, Trump voter drives.

    • Stupid? Unreflective? Brazen? African? Yup. What’s astounding is that she, her predecessor, and her boss haven’t yet raised a yellow fist high in the air at a press conference and shouted, FUCK WHITE PEOPLE! FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!
      But this will surely be the final straw that breaks Congressman Issa’s back, bringing him to announce his iron-willed, velvet-fisted intention to investigate the idea of forming an investigative subcommittee into these insensitive comments. And, tangentially, whether B.J.Clinton autographed her cankles with his DNA on the tarmac last week.

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  3. A.G. Lynch (mob) made a stunning comment, brazen, bold unafraid of repercussions, she boldly steps in it and still comes out clean, how’s that happen? Kinda like the Baltimore Mayor saying give the rioters room only more so.

  4. The insanity of the left reminds me strongly of their communist brethren. In each case, the crazed Marxists decide that some ineluctable part of human nature is the root of all evil, and declare their intention to destroy it forever in order to make the world into Utopia. The communists targeted the human acquisitive instinct — a survival trait — and tried to destroy it. The demographic traitors of today target the human tribal instinct — an even more important survival trait — and try to destroy it.

    Yet in each case, the fanatics remain the puppets of the very instincts they attempt to destroy. And thus, instead of destroying them, they come to embody them in a grotesque, schizophrenic fashion. The communist states, dedicated to eliminating capitalism, turned into huge tyrannical monopolistic corporations, their assorted politboros functioning as murderous boards of directors.

    The supposed anti-tribalists of today become utterly fixated on tribe — displaying frenzied, bellicose loyalty to other tribes and hatred of their own. Each group of utopian fanatics becomes the exemplar of the very instinct it purports to hate, and embodies it in a horrifyingly exaggerated form. Thinking themselves above the instinct, they make no effort to control it in themselves, allowing it to shape their every thought and action, transforming them into tyrants.

    Thus, the response of these creatures to an alien tribe’s attack on their own tribe, as in the case of Dallas, is neither to exhibit healthy, normal tribalism, nor to somehow rise above the tribal instinct. Instead, they dive even deeper into their worship of the Other and extend sympathy and understanding to people who want them, their children, their race, and their culture dead.

    Perversion is the only word that even starts to sum up this mental state. Communism is a deviant, aberrant form of the economic instinct. Multiculturalism is a degenerate, depraved, sick form of the tribal instinct.

    They think they’re heroes and they’re really just destructive freaks; multiculturalism is literally an abnormal, deviant behavior.

  5. “How amusing if AI turns out to be the biggest shitlord of all.”

    If there is hope, it lies with the AI.

    I console myself with the thought that of course this will be true. All AI is based on probability and, of course, the probability that shitlordism is true is damn near 100%. Maybe, with 100,000 years to spare, the shitlord approach to reality could be softened. But who’s got that kind of time? I need to engage reality NOW.

    • It’s more than a little amusing to imagine the intense cognitive dissonance faced by liberal AI researchers. Because to replicate their worldview, AI would require an explicit anti-white bias in its programming. That is to say they would have to grimly malcode their own product. This resulting in less an artificial intelligence, and more a sophisticated bot. Much like SJWs themselves, as it happens.

      Otherwise any neutral algorithms left to process data objectively will come to hateful conclusions with breathtaking rapidity. It’s a real conundrum.

      • A perfect example of the conundrum was Google grovelling to a black woman who complained she was getting ads for bail bonds while her white colleagues in the same office were getting ads for some white lady things. Well, those ads pay the bills, lady, so they need to be targeted at the right demographic when the rubber meets the road.

        Dave Chappelle had a great bit about probability and race. Turns out even fast-food clerks know the deal. I defy any liberal AI researcher to disagree with the probabilistic reasoning employed.

        If you stick with this to the end, there’s a great one second flash of cuckery as a doughy white guy in the audience turns to the black guy losing his shit to see if it’s OK to laugh.

  6. Reading about this latest enrichment in Dallas, I was struck by two things. One, it’s almost cruel to blacks as a whole to attempt to treat them like normal rational actors in our society, when they’re so clearly incapable of competition in a civilized (or, about to be formerly civilized) society. It’s a little like having a 15 year old sprint against a 24 year old Olympic athlete; eventually the 15 year old is going to lash out and being forced to race the Olympian. The changes wrought by desegregation have been destructive. Perhaps after the singularity those changes could be rolled back.

    Second, this Dallas shooter to me highlights the need to completely roll back female emancipation. First, he was kicked out of the Army for sexual harassment. Why are “unowned” females allowed into the military in the first place? As Jim points out on his blog, where unowned females are allowed to run free around males, if you can’t constrain female behavior, which we’ve totally given up on, you have to emasculate the males. Additionally, he lived with his mother, and I would all but guarantee the father could not be reached for comment, both because the father was black and also because the Great Society programs systematically destroyed what family units blacks were capable of forming. Allow yourself to imagine a world where a young 25 year old guy can get married to a woman, and that woman is dependent on him so he gets laid pretty regularly. Imagine that same guy is allowed to grow up around a positive male role model, because the government hasn’t ejected the father from the mother’s house. Within living memory that is the way that it worked.

    Prayers for those in Dallas affected, and prayers for us all.

    • You can’t fairly blame a chinawoman named after a colon cleansing operation for turning Jamal X Muhammadali into a raving lunatic killer. While I agree that women have no place in the uniformed services (nursing aside), our first priority should be ridding the American military of its likely enemies. These include, in no particular order: blacks, muslims, and mexicans. Only the fuckest of fuckwits would knowingly train his sworn enemies to be disciplined killing machines.

      • You forgot lesbians. When the order comes down to deploy USG’s strategic arsenal against “white supremacy,” two bitter middle aged hags will turn the keys. Others may hate us, but only white lesbians combine implacable hatred of “breeders” with the coldness necessary to execute in a high pressure situation.

  7. I suppose it was easier to see that rig come around the corner, than one of them Boston Dynamics thangs. They give me the creeps.

  8. Hmm, no, you can’t send too many police droids to Dallas. It might tip over and capsize. I have it on good authority.

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