The Future is Arriving Prato

It’s gratifying when you don’t have to scour the globe for egregious material. When instead you can absorb the entire globalist program from one lazy perch. That’s why I’ve instructed my agents to reconnoiter low-rent office vacancies in Prato, Italy for use as our first foreign bureau.

I’m fairly convinced that a vantage point from there will provide lurid viewing for the certain conflicts now marching on Europe. That is if our entire piazza doesn’t sink under the weight of absurdity. Let’s present this story chronologically Daily Mail style:

* Corrupt business class imports enormous population of illegal Chinese textile drones.

* Liberals respond by marshaling an equal scourge of itinerant Maghrebis.

* Africans and Arabs prey on Asians as rats devour rice.

* Asians organize clandestine “City of the White Stag” defense brigade, which proceeds to pulverize chaotic Af/Ab irregulars.

* Dispossessed Italians mobilize against Asians to prevent wholesale rout of “””refugees.”””

* City is temporarily returned to an equalized boil of multilateral racial animosity.

* Another win for diversity

Reporting on this predictable lunacy can be found here and here.

Police in Italy have carried out raids on businesses owned by Chinese racketeers in the Tuscan town of Prato after member of a local cultural association carried out a series of racially motivated attacks against North Africans.

The raids took place in one of Italy’s largest Chinese communities, part of a booming textiles industry that is notorious for sweatshop exploitation. All of the suspects arrested in the police swoop are believed to be connected to the Chinese cultural association “The City of the White Stag”.

The cultural association have organised vigilante patrols in Prato. The roving groups are accused of attacking Arab immigrants on sight, reported.

Tensions have been high all week among the Chinese community, which is accused of showing little interest in integrating into Italian society.

On Wednesday hundreds of Chinese migrants clashed with riot police in nearby Sesto Fiorentino, throwing bottles and stones. Police responded with baton charges

Enrico Rossi, the governor of the region, said on Friday that Chinese migrants evaded “at least” a billion euros in tax each year by sending money back to their relatives in China without declaring their earnings.

“We don’t want to point fingers at the whole Chinese community but I want tax police to carry out more checks,” he said. 

More than 270,000 Chinese are currently living in Italy.

I do think libs face quite the chore in convincing 1.3 billion Chinese that chittering Africans are their moral superiors. Though I’m certain jews can be easily enrolled in the endeavor. Best of luck to them both.

But in the meantime, do these reporters actually mean to suggest that Chinese have no interest in either being Italian or paying them taxes? I’m going to have to think about that one for a few nanoseconds. And upon doing so now realize that migrants don’t move to become different people. They quite like who they are. They move to turn here into a better there. Though invariably, here becomes the same old there that it ever was.

And when we overlay this process with multiple competing foreign groups, here quickly becomes the worst fucking there yet. Which leaves confused polizia wondering just which skulls they’re supposed to be cracking today. Eventually most will realize their truncheons are best served protecting their own receding habitat–or liberating what was previously relinquished.

Here’s the tale in photos…

Pre-vibrant Prato: not good

Pre-diverse Prato: Economy not happy

The Economy does not like Italian seamstresses

No seamstresses in Italy

Traditional Italian cuisine being prepared

Preparation of traditional Italian cuisine

Italians celebrating Christian holiday

Italians celebrating Christian holiday

New Italians attack newer Italians

New Italians attack newer Italians

Media reports

Media reports

Smear the racists!

Smear the racists!

Chongqing was never like this

Chongqing was never like this

One of the silliest assertions is that liberalism runs counter to tribalism. It instead rewards those who are most so. Thus universalist whites will increasingly watch from the cemeteries as their ancient lands are fought over by enthusiastically racist foreigners.

We’ll be reporting on all of this from our office in Prato. I do hope race riots pair well with a fine Chianti.


14 thoughts on “The Future is Arriving Prato

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  2. It’s not just Prato – all of Italy is being enriched. I found myself spending the day in Rome a couple years ago to catch a flight home the next morning. After getting off the train at Termini, I stepped outside into the piazza and saw a scene that resembled a cross between Hyderabad and Abuja. Shortly after I went back underground to take the metro to my hotel. I asked a nice older man which line to take and we ended up in the same car. When he found out where I was staying, he warned me that the neighborhood wasn’t too safe and not to go out at night alone. I got off at the right stop, and noticed all the shops in the piazza were Chinese. While I wasn’t exactly pleased to see half of my family’s ancestral homeland resembling Shanghai, it seemed pretty safe. Turning down a side street, I saw what my friend on the metro meant – throngs of diversity loitering about, a couple men lying drunk on the sidewalk. I put my suitcase away and decided to tour the city. First stop was the Coliseum and the Forum. One of the first things you notice at all Roman landmarks are SE Asian men selling crap – squishy toys, scarves, etc. And although the sale of cheap sunglasses and bouncy balls is a boon to the Italian Economy, I would imagine tourism brings in more. All I wanted to do was take in the history around me in quiet contemplation, but every 5 minutes one of them started waving their goods in my face. When tourists realize they’re experiencing a completely different culture than the one they paid to see, they stop coming. The Japanese are already eschewing Paris for Budapest. I wonder when shitlibs will realize their diversitopia fantasy will end up destroying true diversity. Real multiculturalism is an Italian Italy, a German Germany, a Japanese Japan, and a Moroccan Morocco.

    • Last time in Rome I didn’t notice any of that enrichment, though that was about five years ago. But I did (on the same trip) get off a subway stop in Paris, walk to the surface, and the first thing I saw was an african urinating into a flaming garbage can. I remember my exact thought being: we are going to die.

      • Lmao. Paris est fini – Provence is much nicer, but it’s changing too. Marcel Pagnol’s Marseille is already long gone.

    • ” Real multiculturalism is an Italian Italy, a German Germany, a Japanese Japan, and a Moroccan Morocco.”

      there’s the truth.

      instead they want us all to be brown.

    • “Real multiculturalism is an Italian Italy, a German Germany, a Japanese Japan, and a Moroccan Morocco.”

      Good morning Miss. You’ll be coming with us. Hate facts are TruthCrime, racist.

  3. I had no idea. I was in Paris some years ago, and in the cab from De Gaulle I passed through a couple of neighborhoods populated by Dinka or Taureg, something such…the image of a semi-clad tribesman sitting in what was once a park, now a trash-strewn mud-hole endures. As I hung my jet-lagged noggin, I could think only of the money spent at the travel agent. Holland and England, also an educational trip. I’ve been told not to bother with Southern Europe. My sister, still on the other side of things, was robbed in the old country. I stifled laughter as she fumed about the police being indifferent…

  4. Below is a link to a really good article at “The American Conservative” titled, “Unmaking England” by Benjamin Schwarz. It focuses on whether or not immigration will demolish in decades a nation (England) built over centuries. The author gives a historical and present day perspective on how multiculturalism has come about in England. I just read it for the first time the other day. The comments are worth reading, as well.

    • Funny that the unmaking of Sweden was accomplished by one David Schwarz, with an assist from his tribesmen from the Bonnier family.

      • Some of the commenters on the article said they thought that Benjamin Schwarz did not give enough attention to the role that cultural Marxism has played in multiculturalism. I tend to agree, but the article is still very interesting and very good. I was actually a bit reluctant to mention the author’s name, because I knew it would probably turn some people off.

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