Happy 5th of July

If readers will indulge some day-late holiday reflections…

Every Fourth of July, some earnest neighbor–I don’t know who–plants small American flags in every yard up and down his street. I often wonder how much creeping melancholy must attend this exercise, as the furtive patriot proceeds to plunge each stake into soil increasingly claimed by foreign colonists.

Does he imagine the Han and Hindu home owners that have blossomed into a majority share with him some bond of fellowship represented by the symbolism? Might he believe in the mystical border alchemy that converts members of competing tribes into those of his own? Maybe the flag imperialist envisions his foreign neighbors reverently translating the rhetoric of Patrick Henry or Sam Adams into their native tongues. Though most likely it is simply the vestigial gesture of a lone man standing against the cultural and demographic wave now washing over him.

It’s fascinating to note the American flag’s swirling symbolism. In many ways it has ironically come to represent the very people its agents have long labored against. I think history offers few more formidable opponents of the traditional Western nations than America. Europe has long fought those who would subjugate her, though rarely has she struggled with so little vigor. Under America’s post WW2 non-optional guidance, European nations (and Americans themselves) have steadfastly relinquished both habitat and sovereignty. A Muslim mayor of minority white London certainly sparkles eyes in Washington, though there remains much ground to cover before 100% English diversity is achieved. And always waving on history’s “right side” is the American flag.

Which makes it equally amusing–for those sufficiently detached–to observe how thoroughly that symbol is rejected by those whose interests ride squarely upon it. Screaming Mexican revanchists take open pleasure in desecrating the flag. That is when they can be bothered to even find one amidst the mass waving of their own national colors. Similarly, it requires only a brief safari into the wildebeest herd of Black Twitter to find savage denunciations of the white man’s flag that don’t mean shit to me. I suspect the sentiment is shared by most migrants, who are either too polite or indifferent to express it so publicly.

Which leaves the odd alignment of American whites rallying under a banner that represents their dispossession, as its beneficiaries bitterly grind the cloth under their shoes. To think that man is a rational creature is surely the most irrational belief of all. But more importantly, we are always assured by circumstance that human allegiances are formed in the heart rather than the head.

I do hope many mainstream conservatives will consider that idea as their cherished flag comes under increasing contempt from those who have most exploited its platitudes. It’s one thing to leap upon the coward’s bandwagon when badwhites have their sacred symbols forcibly furled. Though it’s quite another to molest Old Glory, don’t you know?

Unfortunately Cuckmerica, they don’t care. The perceptions are irreconcilable. You believe the American flag represents a profound universalist creed. They believe it represents a despised people who aren’t surrendering with nearly enough alacrity. And when their votes outnumber yours, you will be amazed to see how quickly the catalogue of “hate symbols” expands.

As for myself, I smiled in quiet solidarity seeing the rows of American flags in Asian yards. I hope they return again next year…with stars embedded in the St. Andrews Cross.


15 thoughts on “Happy 5th of July

  1. Generally speaking, I don’t think a lot of people really believe n the border alchemy. But the display of the flag is about as much free speech as they’re permitted, or as they permit themselves. There’s a mute, unspoken yearning behind those flags, in my opinion, even if the flag planter himself would never admit it.

    Other than being flown by law over government buildings, I don’t think that the leftists and their pet invaders have much use for the US flag; they identify it, correctly, as a white European symbol. The invaders beating up and attacking American citizens at Trump rallies wave Mexican flags — they haven’t co-opted the symbol of the country they’re trying to take over. They recognize the US flag as foreign even as they suck up American jobs and welfare benefits and enjoy the protection of American police.

    Similarly, the leftists make the occasional flaccid gesture of respect toward the flag, mostly when they want to say that self-preservation isn’t patriotic. But most of the time they rip on it pretty constantly, too. They don’t like it displayed on their Marxist social justice universities. Some White House tour now features guides spouting screeds about the Constitution representing patriarchy, racism, etc. etc. The leftists also identify the flag as an ethnic banner.

    At this point in time, most people will only allow themselves that much tribal nationalism. But I firmly believe that it’s there in a lot of them, just that things aren’t quite hellish enough to bring it to the surface yet. The globalists, SJWs, and invaders all recognize it clearly as the standard of a tribe they oppose. I think it would be a good idea for the alt-right to recognize and foster that too, personally. The rallying point already exists, it just needs to be made more explicit.

    In short, I think the American flag only waves somewhat on the “right side of history” because they’re stuck with it. I daresay that the two young, bearded chaps in camo I saw the other day pulling into one of the local gun stores, with an American flag on the tailgate, with “Fear This” inscribed above it, don’t view it as the emblem of a bunch of tofu-eating invader-loving genderqueer SJWs; nor do I think the SJWs really do either.

    (As for the Confederate battle flag — this probably won’t make me popular here, but though I accept it as a modern symbol of white pride and certainly don’t object to it being flown in that spirit, I can’t forgive the original Confederates or use their symbol personally. They were the internationalist corporations of their day, bringing in vibrant “chicken helots,” as I think you called them, because they didn’t want to pay free white men to do their work. If the Union hadn’t beaten them when they did, they might have flooded the West with imported helots, too, and the US would have been 50% vibrant a lot, lot sooner.)

    • ‘They were the internationalist corporations of their day, bringing in vibrant “chicken helots,” as I think you called them, because they didn’t want to pay free white men to do their work.’

      Well,then, its a good thing the Federals won and prevented foreigners from being imported to work for lower wages! That would have ruined the country!

      All the dumb shit that’s going on today has its roots in the North.

      • So, by your thesis, someone who floods their white country with non-white invaders so that they can make money is a white nationalist so long as they stay as the “boss?”

        I refer you to this very site.


        “As a result, it is estimated that some five percent of the population there is now straight from Black Hawk Down crash sites, while another 10 and 12 percent are our own lovable AfAms and La Razas. Some other significant number are muslims from outside the Horn of Africa. A great many of which were brought in specifically as chicken helots. Of the approximately 1,100 Shelbyville Tyson workers, over a quarter are Somali and well below half are American according to some reports. Though just because these plants don’t actually bring jobs doesn’t mean they don’t bring problems.”

        The CEO of Tyson Foods, which is flooding Shelbyville (and other places, no doubt) with Somalian workers, is Donnie Smith. An absolutely white white man. I can’t see a dime’s bit of difference between an 1840s cotton magnate bringing in 300 Dahomians to pick his cotton, and a 2015 Tyson chicken magnate bringing in 300 Somalis to pick his chickens.

        The white man is still boss in Tyson Foods. It’s functionally identical to the antebellum South; the top few elites suck in vast amounts of money by importing foreigners, and the ordinary white people in both situations can go hang as far as the Masters are concerned.

        The Confederates were white SUPREMACISTS, but there’s no way they were anywhere near white NATIONALISTS. The north didn’t import hordes of dark-skinned cotton helots and then force the South to take them; the South brought in enough of them to make 1/3 of the slave state populations black. If not for the southern slave-owners, this country would have had maybe 0.1% blacks in it, if that. Which means no fuel for the Civil Rights movement and today’s rampant anti-white lunatics.

        The Confederacy would have continued bringing more blacks into the country. Sure, they were slaves, but the Confederate overlords were shifting the demographic balance towards “less white” for the sake of money. If there’s a difference between them and today’s international businesses, other than the type of sanctimony they offered, I fail to see it. I would have preferred that they hadn’t brought one black into the country; and none would have been without the slave-owning magnates.

        Do you think that if the southern magnates had been allowed to keep importing blacks and the western states had become slave states, that through some alchemy the country would have ended up MORE WHITE?

        One doesn’t need to believe in civil rights BS to have an objection to a set of people who deliberately filled their country with racially incompatible foreigners.

        The North’s failure in the 19th century was not ending slavery 65 years earlier (and the failure in the 18th century was not outlawing it outright at the founding of the country).

      • The Confederates continued America’s ban on importing slaves (1807) in their own constitution. In what way would they have continued bringing in ‘chicken helots’? In what way are the federals not bringing on ‘chicken helots’ now? What good came from Northern victory? Emancipation? gay rights? gun control? globalism? The Northern industrialists certainly haven’t been much good for sovereignty.

    • The discussion of the Confederates and slavery reminds me a bit of what John Derbyshire calls the Cold Civil War between goodwhites and badwhites. Under his theory, I think, goodwhites (i.e., Yankees, New England busy-bodies, your typical college student, etc) have pretty much constantly been at war with badwhites (i.e., Southerners, Christians, those capable of observing patterns), using blacks as the proxy in the war. So for example, our current affirmative action hire for President is obviously doing the insane bidding of goodwhites, in areas like trying to further stamp out freedom of association with HUD’s newest round of housing policies.

      The Confederacy may have imported blacks, but quite clearly the Confederacy was constituted almost wholly by badwhites. Anecdotally, before goodwhites forced badwhites to pretend that blacks were capable of rational self-government, life in the South wasn’t all that bad. In any event, goodwhites and badwhites can’t stand each other, so if this country had passed through history without a single African being imported, goodwhites and badwhites would’ve found something else to squabble over.

      • I think that hits at the heart of this whole mess. Goodwhites and badwhites would have found something else to squabble over.

  2. “To think that man is a rational creature is surely the most irrational belief of all. ”
    This is the conclusion i have come to, also.

    My first thought was replace the American flags with the Battle Flag, but in a 40% non white city, I’d probably get lynched.

  3. This entry merited an Old Fashioned while reading – damn good stuff Porter. These past few years on the 4th I’ve found myself wondering if it was all worth it: the courage and sacrifice of the men who fought for our independence, the bitter conflict pitting brother against brother in the Civil War, my grandfather and the men of his generation who clawed their way through the meat grinders of Europe and the Pacific. Did all these men fight, bleed, and die for a future where their descendants shit on their memory and accomplishments and open the floodgates to hostile invaders? I’d like to believe it was – sites like this and meeting like-minded people in the real world (there’s more of us than they’d have you think) gives me hope that we’ll beat back the insanity, for ourselves and for our posterity. After all, that was the whole point initially, right?

    • my father and uncles all fought in that meatgrinder of WWII. praise God, they all came home from hell. in the last twenty years, from age fifty to seventy, I have come to believe that I am, at heart, the enemy that George Patton said “we should not have fought”; and that Germany tried and failed to rid their nation of those who now rule this world in the name of their god, satan. what ancient animus lies at their hearts of stone and death for that ancient teutonic peoples, only God knows. the torch of white christian civlization has passed to mother russia; may God save her from the monsters of Moloch and Baal.

      • Are you sure you want the god Yahweh (Jehovah) to be your god? We (the White man, Europid Man ) once had Wotan, Zeus, Vishnu etc for example, as our gods. Yahweh (Jehovah) is a very cruel Semitic (Orentalid) god of the Middle East. The Europid peoples before the (sometimes forced) conversion to Christianity never had such a cruel God. As an example, you should read “About the Holy Bible” by the late Robert G. Ingersoll for some insight into this.

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  6. I believe it was the esteemed and remarkably long-lived Louis Farrakhan that said it wasn’t the stars n’ bars that troubled him, but the stars n’ stripes, that had to go. Those of us in Nova Detroitia envy Porter’s Asians.

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