On the Tuskegee Trail

I recently found myself driving along one of America’s multiple Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trails. And for some reason, my thoughts turned to dysgenics. It’s always struck me as remarkable that eugenics has successfully maintained a position of public revulsion, given the lurid pathologies of its counterpart. Though most don’t do the sordid chore of correlating their pieties to end-results. Consequently, we tend to accept that in social science better is bad, while worse is for the best.

I very much doubt that more than a fraction of random pedestrians have ever even heard the terms eugenic/dysgenic. Perhaps a few could recall from university that the former is Hitler, but clarity would recede quickly beyond that point. Thus if an interviewer simply described the concepts alone without assigning names, probably 90% of the white population would self-indict as eugenicists. In contrast, I imagine a few canny blacks could see where such a perspective might impact the gibs trough, and so would denounce that on merits alone.

Though the interesting element is that for purposes of public policy, most European peoples would implicitly support a concept from whose name they are obliged to recoil. So since all things eugenic must be eschewed, that leaves society only one available course. And France has apparently taken it enthusiastically.

The linked article is from a French language piece in Le Monde showing (from what I can discern) research that indicates the country’s aggregate national IQ has declined four points from 1999 to 2009.

Even though such results belong in the pantheon of inevitability given their multicultural madness, the magnitude of what they are reporting is just stunning. Four points over a large population in one decade? I guess the future really does always arrive early.

It hardly requires discussion how dramatically such cognitive deterioration effects a country’s capabilities and living standards. Millions of people make billions of instant decisions throughout the course of daily life. As the quality of these decisions declines on an aggregate basis, the resulting friction reduces every aspect of civilizational fitness.

Theft over purchase, violence over negotiation, neglect over attention, slipshod over craftsmanship, filth over cleanliness, apathy over maintenance, spending over saving, gratification over investment, vandalism over art, appetite over restraint, and helplessness over self-reliance. Every precious tick down the bell curve’s left slope trends all of these decisions toward the former. The cumulative effects are so obvious that liberals had to conjure the imperative of Good Schools just to politely avoid them. But there’s only so high you can climb up a dropping anchor.

There is no pins-head upon which a society can primly perch. The effects of its policies and dogma always incentivize trends toward refinement or entropy. And as the most profound victims of feminism–intelligent white women–sell their fleeting fertility to soulless corporate cube farms, their dull brown counterparts say gracias! by filling the maternity wards. The dumb produce children, while the intelligent produce HR harassment guidelines.

Of course feminism is but one dysgenic accelerant. Mass immigration and its even more mass subsidy program also strip the brakes out of our dysgenic downhill plunge. The most intelligent, orderly, and productive have their resources for family formation plundered via taxation to cover the ballooning fecundity of those unburdened by reproductive self-restraint. Liberals have invested little thought in the notion, but the you work hard to pay for my six kids model is not one that is infinitely sustainable. You eventually need more producers to feed the incapable–and that’s what Indians and Chinese are for!

Which is why no one one off the autism scale should ever be an IQ fetishist. I am wholly uninterested in importing Asians in the hope they will feed the Africans. National IQ is a highly accurate metric for predicting the presence of those myriad social ingredients that determine livability. But it is no metric at all for determining hegemony and whose interests it will seek to advance.

And so if a wise leader desires a virtuous cycle of social betterment for himself and his posterity, he will incentivize it natively. As always, Israel offers some interesting options.

I would personally tie onerous reproductive restrictions to the receipt of government charity. Though policy specifics are irrelevant at the moment. The point is acknowledging the forces that guide a society’s trajectory, and managing them prudently. For when those forces lead to a four-point IQ drop in one decade, you’re well on the way to every trail ending in Tuskegee.

The city of Tuskegee is essentially broke.  It’s millions of dollars in debt that it owes now–$2-million to the IRS for two years in unpaid payroll taxes and $700,000 to a local bank.

(As of the 2010 census) The racial makeup of the city was 95.48% Black or African American, 2.59% White.

Announcement of naming I-75 in Kentucky the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail.


14 thoughts on “On the Tuskegee Trail

  1. Jesus. If the IQ of France has decreased 4 pts thru the importation of 3rd worlders, I wonder how far and fast the IQ of places like Pakistan, India and Vietnam have decreased thru exodus of their highest IQ boys to the west. Sure, they have plenty to spare, but it has to make an impact at some point. I imagine a rump state of half wit Pakistanis trying to husband their nuclear arsenal and re-thank the gods I don’t live in India.

    • What makes you think we’ve been getting the smart ones?
      no one off the autism scale should ever be an IQ fetishist.… Even autists must realize the Abacus-Americans are squeezing them out of their rightful university slots.

      • Well, smart is relative. As in, smart enough to pay a lot of rupees and renminbi to get advance copies of the standardized tests.

  2. You’d think the Tuskegee Airmen practically won WWII singlehandedly with all the propaganda around them. Well we can at least thank them for providing another warning to whites that they are entering a bad area by their namesake appearing on various roads. Much like we can thank MLK Jr. Drive for warning every driver in America that they should don their kevlar vests when venturing into certain areas.

    In other news, the episode of Sadiq Khan, the Sultan of Londinstan, is typical press spin on dysgenics. He was the son of a Pakistani immigrant seamstress and bus driver. His seven siblings raised on govt. largesse and now look how he’s made it! What an inspiring story of diversity.

    I prefer my version: His parents came to the UK with no skills as if the Britain needed another seamstress and bus driver due to mass shortages. He was raised on taxpayer expense with his seven siblings because his parents didn’t care who was paying. Somewhere in Britain, there was were multiple white families that chose not to have more than one child because their taxes were too high and they couldn’t afford it.

    But really the trade-off was nothing but a blessing. I’m sure the British man with one child got some cheap tailoring from Sadiq Khan’s mother. It’s all about The Economy, right?

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  4. That’s the scariest thing I’ve read in a long time. Idiocracy is coming at us, harder and faster than we thought. If the present trend continues, France should plummet past the retard mark around 2050. Their rulers can tell them their genitals will shrivel and drop off if they even think of leaving the EU and they’ll believe it.

  5. From the rates of violence, rebellion, civil war, chaos, and massive ethnic violence in the lower-IQ countries, if these internationalists think that importing these primeval folk to their nations are going to produce a quiet, docile population they can boss around forever, they’ve got another thing coming. Syria? Hutus and Tutsis? Various Latin American mayhem? Examples could be multiplied.

  6. Wealthy Spanish Hispaniola becomes the bankrupt, crime infested hellhole of Haiti
    Wealthy British Rhodesia becomes the bankrupt, crime infested hellhole of Zambia/Zimbabwe
    Wealthy Detroit becomes the bankrupt, crime infested hellhole of Detroilet

    To the Left, this is progress. One could almost say, to the enemies of the White race, this is progress.

  7. Tuskegee airmen are a great example of the re-working of history in order to marginalize Whites and make the contributions of non-Whites seem far greater than they actually were. And when Tukegee airmen can’t be found hell just make some up!

    Four IQ points over a decade…… On a similar note France has seen an incredible growth in the number of people born with sickle cell disease which is most common with blacks and west Asians.

    RIP France.

    • Imagine the countless tales of selfless heroism that died silently with the men who witnessed them. All so we can lard ever more ludicrous acclaim on blacks.

      Ahh well, I imagine the Chinese will erect quite an amusing museum display on America’s Tuskegee goofiness.

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  9. And London, the London of the Kinks and Norman Wisdom and Revolver…becomes Stabbistan

    Yes, this is progess. Hate Crime means saying “WTF?”

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