Repetitive Motion Injuries

In many ways modern media cogs are little removed from this worker:

Hat, goggles, and gloves required when handling raysis.

Hat, goggles, and gloves required when handling Hate.

Theirs is a chore of numbing repetition. Tectonic plates full of prog writers staring with dull bovine dumbness as they fill jars of column space with formulaic liberal peanut butter. One unit after another, each indistinguishable from the eternity that preceded it.

Of course pap doesn’t have to be palatable to have an effect. Its sheer weight of volume alone can suffocate the indulgent. And that’s largely the intent of our present anti-Trump assembly line: mass produce enough paste to plug the public’s senses.

It’s been about a year now since the Jif-Industrial complex shifted to a war footing over Trump’s candidacy. Since that time media consumers have suffered a pitiless fusillade of the brown viscous spread. Every hour of every day readers are mortar-shelled with incoming jars targeting the Republican nominee, many of which being launched by Republicans.

Fortunately one article may be read just as another. Or combined. Or alternated by word. The Trump Hate genre is remarkably fungible. And would you know if mom mixed two jars on your PBandJ sandwich? I doubt it.

Regardless, I randomly clicked on one of today’s cans and landed upon this piece from the Chicago Tribune. The article itself is pristine peanut butter, and thus nothing at all to merit your attention unless as a final assault on insomnia. Though one element of its bland broadsides was worth discussion.

The line worker in this case takes exception to the characterization of Trump as a “populist.” This because that term bears connotations of alignment with the common people. And that just can’t be right at all since the people are with her! Or zir, as etiquette may require.

Trump isn’t a populist but a demagogue. The difference being that a populist seeks political power to work for the good of the average citizen. A demagogue claims the same motivation, but is truly only interested in aggrandizing himself.

It’s unfortunate Trump didn’t secure his mind’s wi-fi with WPA2 protocols. Though since he did not, media figures have gained unencrypted access to his innermost thoughts and motivations and publicized these widely without consent. It’s something to think about as you next stroll past a newsstand.

But here’s the relevant question: how should you as a voter feel to learn that the candidate who advanced your interests did so primarilly for his own benefit rather than yours? The logical answer: ecstatic. And why that’s so is an enigma no True Conservative will ever likely solve.

If ideal alighted in laps, I would love to place our banner in the hands of a man who carried it with his heart. Senator Jeff Sessions is probably an earnest American example. Whether Donald Trump is another, I don’t know. Though I spend little time wondering. Because if he does the right things for the wrong reasons none are likely to know but the media’s mind-melders. And very few men will spit in rage at learning that they only have secure jobs and safe neighborhoods because Trump did it for himself.

But unfortunately this plaintive pourquoi has burrowed deeply into the political calculations of most conservatives. It’s a sort of spiritual purity test, which is a luxury of men whose interests have already been served. And unless your name ends in ‘stein or includes a precious metal, it’s a luxury you likely do not enjoy.

Unfortunately this doesn’t dissuade many Republicans, who seek foremost a candidate that shares my values. No cohort in history has been easier to dispossess. George W. Bush shared lots of values with the people whose sons he sent to bleed in the sand, indebted their grandchildren, and introduced to many exotic new neighbors. But he did the worst things with the best thoughts, and so was denounced with little vigor by the Cucktocracy.

If these people could learn anything from the Tribune’s jar of peanut butter, it should be this: you’re never going to be friends with Trump, have him over for beers and BBQ, or wrestle in bed with Melania. Thus it is not his personality but his policies that will come to roost in your life. Those are where focus should fall. If he finds self-aggrandizement in actions that benefit you, then only the fools should bellow.

And that’s why we have jars of National Review.


6 thoughts on “Repetitive Motion Injuries

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  2. The evolution of Trump articles this past year has been rather interesting. First it was “he’s a BIGOT and nobody really agrees with him”, then it was “anyone who agrees with him is a BIGOT too”, and now it’s “he’s only pretending to appeal to you flyover rubes for his own benefit.” It seems that James Traub over at Foreign Policy jumped the gun – you’re only supposed to let the mask slip after every other option has been exhausted.

    • I’ve noticed an evolution, too. To me it appeared as if the media were mostly in horse-race mode until he had the nomination wrapped up. Sure they made clear their antipathy to his policies, but they found those of his competitors’ almost as icky, so it didn’t look like they were targeting him as vociferously (NR and WaPo not withstanding) as they are now. This is what full panic mode looks like. This is what elite manipulation of the proles looks like. And it’s working. Unless he finds some Scott Adam-sy way to break thru the noise, he (and we) are screwed.
      Oh, and fuck all of those cuckservative quislings. If Trump has done nothing else, at least he has exposed them for what they are. I think a good portion of us will never forget or forgive. He would have a little easier time breaking thru with just a few of them backing him as one half as vigorously as they did that fully co-opted asshole, McCain. Barring that they could have just shut the fuck up for 9 months.

  3. I hope Ron Grossman’s peanut butter is kosher, which requires a rabbi onsite to certify the peanuts don’t scream when passed through the roasting oven. His type is notoriously cheap, so hiring that extra guy (or lesbian) may have been a corner they cut.
    If I may ask, where do you find NR in jars? Mine comes in rolls of 1-ply, non-quilted, and it really irritates. A lot.

  4. “Theirs is a chore of numbing repetition.”

    Still better than Uncle Sam (you as it were) paying for people to repetitiously jerk-off all day every day; an ever-present confirmation of the worth they contribute to society as society has determined for them. The lower tiers of intelligence and education we are referring to here mostly I assume.

    Actually, coming into less unshallow considerations of it, “Theirs is a chore of numbing repetition” sounds like learning math, whether for a grade or in productive working efforts.

    Plus the flow factor dignity enables through work.

    And knowledge that some folks are given more respect in their occupations and therefore applauded as advanced, not sympathized with as if from someone in a fabled cat-bird seat, for their desensitization capability.

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