Despair in Pastel

Many residents within the alt-right ecosystem envision Brazil (accurately, I tend to think) as Western society’s logical way-station on the rails to Zimbabwe. Though one doesn’t have to travel nearly so far south to see the sun rise over tomorrow. In a recent analysis of America’s metro catch basins, the 50 worst cities were whittled down in a savage competition. These selections being generated from quality of life criteria that can be distilled with remarkable correlation to one proxy metric. Though it’s best for future employment viability to churn the silt in such sensitive matters. Making obvious connections explicit can have a severely damping effect on career trajectories. As a result, we may note only one commonality between nearly every city flush with violence, filth, and economic depression: they’re all hardest hit.

At any rate, our list of liberalism’s logical conclusions is crowned with the following five jewels:

Fall River, Massachusetts (83)
Hawthorne, California (10)
Paterson, New Jersey (very few)
Detroit, Michigan (8)

With the urban nadir being Latin America’s long projectile vomit: Miami, eff ell aay (12).

Before discussing the issue further, I suspect readers don’t require advice on what the parenthetical figures represent. They are, obviously, each city’s non-diversity percentage. What exactly is the outlying pathogen in Fall River is unknown. Though the city is noteworthy for having both an extremely leftist tilt (only 7% registered republican) and the highest proportion of Portuguese descendants in America. Make of that what you will. But the evidence suggests Iberian shitlibs may be as societally toxic as our own former cotton gins.

And while Fall River might be an interesting topic, the Miami miasma is our primary focus tonight. In so many ways that city represents the inevitable offspring from a marriage of liberalism and the chamber of commerce. A sweaty snakeball shimmering in all the hues of brown. Here is its capsule description from the linked article:

No city in the United States is worse to live in than Miami. The city’s median home value of $245,000 is well above the national median of $181,200. However, with a median household income of only $31,917 a year, well below the national median of $53,657, most of these homes are either out of reach or a financial burden on most Miami residents. Like most of the worst cities to live in, more than one in every four people in Miami live in poverty. According to recently released research from the nonprofit think tank the Economic Policy Institute, the top 1% of earners in the Miami metro area make about $2 million annually, 45 times greater than the average income of the other 99% of earners. This earnings gap makes the metro area nearly the most unequal of any U.S. city.

Citywide violence is closely associated with a range of negative social and economic outcomes, including incarceration, unstable employment, lower cognitive functioning among children, and anxiety. A disproportionately large portion of Miami residents likely experience some of these outcomes as the city’s violent crime rate, at 1,060 incidents per 100,000 people, is several times higher than the national rate.

Let’s review those umm, outcomes again. Each of which is reportedly associated with violence and nothing else you may be contemplating whatsoever.

✅ incarceration,
✅ unstable employment,
✅ anxiety, and
❌ Lower cognitive functioning

I don’t mean to tell these people how to analyze their data, but that last item is the type of statement that cannonballs awkwardly honest observers onto the Hate pages. Let’s just call it intellectually oppressed and move ahead briskly. Though that’s actually not my only quibble. Rather than an “association” with those elements of misery, I think violence is another outcome itself. And what it is associated with is something these reporters were at least conscious enough to avoid mentioning. And just that savvy alone can keep a guy gorging on cubanos.

But think about what Miami represents to the patriotic American plutocrat. Immigration-driven demand spikes real estate prices as the labor supply glut simultaneously craters wages. Assets appreciate and labor costs decline. But that isn’t the only good news for campaign donors. Housing becomes unaffordable for the middle class, as Good Schools become the exclusive perquisite of wealth. Income inequality trends vertical, cultural capital evaporates, and pustules of competing foreign ethnicities battle as enthusiastically in the ballot box as they do on the streets. All of which results in some insufficiently discussed alliances:

Employers, landlords, and Soros united against xenophobia!

Of course not everyone lets the costs/wage gap interfere with a good time. The squall of penniless squatters enjoys a bounty of subsidized Section 8 housing. And Caribbean migrants are relatively sanguine about house prices overall, since each unit is evenly split between 12 families. The chaotic neighborhoods that result seem to seldom broach the conversation at country club cocktail hours, which remain jocular in light of robust consumption-based revenues. I told you immigration was good for The Economy.

Like most places in America, I’ve been to Miami. About the only visual hints of its national lineage are the English street signs. Though I did think some of the Cuban women were very attractive. One waitress in particular had quite an adhesive effect on my eyeballs. I mused on whisking her away to a place from which she’d never want to leave again. Like Cuba, for instance.



18 thoughts on “Despair in Pastel

  1. Globalization means an equalization of the human condition from pole to pole. When living in Houston is no different than living in Mexico City, when life in Atlanta is the same as it is in Johannesburg, and when Berlin is just a less sunny version of Istanbul, both Fairness and Global GDP will be maximized, bringing about Heaven on Earth. The only thing standing in the way is Racism.

  2. Looks like Lizzie Borden set a really bad example in Fall River, one that’s still reverberating over a century later. Time for a ban on assault hatchets.

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  4. Porter, I hope you don’t find this Iberian toxic – we’re not all New England shitlibs that still think the Democrat party is the same as it was in 1952. Fall River is probably facing the same fate as a lot of previously industrial New England towns – the factories shut down and nothing replaces them, all while diversity gradually creeps in. As for Miami, I’ve been – South Beach was nice and my tourist monies went to the local Economy, but it’s a transient place where the glitz of the Fountainbleu can’t hide the rot beneath.

      • Lol I know, and deservedly so. The ones that refuse to see how radical the left has become or are actual fellow travellers in shitlibbery infuriate me too.

  5. I grew up in south eastern Massachusetts and so I am somewhat familiar with Fall River. I had some friends living there. It really isn’t that bad. The only reason that it is on the list is because it is in high cost Massachusetts.

    Portuguese aren’t that bad either. Many are half Portogee (that’s the slang) and half regular white New Englander (either Yankee or Catholic). The rest are mostly working class/lower-middle class types. Most are white but some are mixed race (from Brazil or Cape Verde). I think that a majority of my childhood friends were 25-50% Portuguese and 75-50% Yankee.

  6. An item of interest to very few: The Kakistocracy set significantly new high water marks in monthly views and visitors for June. This being a continuing trend that defies any explanation I have to offer.

    If you are a regular reader here, odds remain good that your bank account number and password can still be posted in our combox without fear of compromise. Though how long this safety can be assured is anyone’s guess.

    • If you are a regular reader here, odds remain good that your bank account number and password can still be posted in our combox without fear of compromise.

      You’re obviously trying to attract more of the coveted Nigerian prince readership.

      • I haven’t heard from the Nigerians lately, but am called on occasion by Jamaican scammers. Though the most prolific by far are Indians with their hilarious “This is the Windows department calling to inform you have a computer virus” spiel.

        I fuck with all of them, and have enticed the Jamaicans into vows of slitting my throat and the Indians into oatmeal-mouthed Hindu screeching. And that doesn’t help with my computer virus at all.

    • I am noticing more and more people are beginning to notice the cracks in the Narrative. I like the formulation of that line that, “If something can’t go on over forever, it will stop.” If you’re driving a car towards a closed bridge, that car is either going to stop on the side of the road, or at the bottom of the ravine, but it’s going to stop.

      In a similar way, our current order cannot survive, because it’s based on utterly nonsensical lies. To use another analogy, if you stand on the roof of a skyscraper and loudly proclaim that gravity is a social construct, two things happen: (1) if you jump, gravity acts on you whether you believe in its existence or not; and (2) if enough people jump, the people left watching begin to get the vague feeling that gravity is maybe a little bit more forceful than a mere “social construct”.

      Anecdotally I hear people in the privacy of closed conversations beginning to offer realtalk more quickly and without apology. Perhaps things are changing overall. And of course the writing at this site is very, very good.

      On another note, Happy Fourth to all the bigots reading this. Never forget our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor so we could have the freedom we now enjoy…uhh…hmmmmm.

  7. Interesting. I too, know Fall River very well. I could give reams of anecdote, the place is, and has been miserable for years. It doesn’t differ much from any of the other nasty New England mill towns, though. Deeply depressed, economically and culturally. Even the once notorious and quite dangerous dive bars as well as outlaw motorcycle gangs have all but disappeared, leaving Latin King and third generation heroin users, the streets. The tonsorially-challenged Obama energy goon, Ernest Moniz is from the city. Paterson, I know less well, but it’s also locked in permanent shitlib rinse cycle. It’s proximity to the Rotten Apple give it a higher danger quotient on my scale, but Camden and Elizabeth can vie for the title any day. Miami and Detroit? nuff said.

    • I wonder if they flipped a coin to decide between Fall River and New Bedford. They’re essentially the same place. I had breakfast with an old townie in my neck of the woods once, and he informed that while he carried every day, he didn’t carry anything less than a .45 when he had to visit New Bedford.

  8. Will: I was in Worcester several years ago and the downtown was bleak to the point of desolation. I imagine Fall River makes that look like the Vegas strip.

    Lawdog: Happy whatever-it-is-we’re-celebrating to you as well. Given my strong personal preference for fracas over monologue it’s been good seeing some new commenters around here.

    …and old ones, Rev and Rob.

    • Thanks. I take a break from the Net every now and then, and it’s great to see you still here every time I come back. I think someone in the NSA appreciates good writing and has decreed that nothing shall happen to you.

  9. The list of cities and towns is long. Spent most of my life in the Northeast. Default progressivism, small “s” socialism. I find no real joy in reading the obits. Pockets of resistance exist, and have, but the list of new regulations grows seemingly as quickly as the stream out of the South Bronx and Central America. I left after many years, visit now and then.

  10. I knew a guy who couldn’t find a real job after college, so he managed an apt building in Hawthorne (“Harthon”). To that point in his life, he’d never known any of them, and figured they were just like us, only colored differently. Familiarity usually only breeds contempt; but in him it spawned a hatred that would’ve rounded the eyes of any Precog in China. (Minority Report was filmed at the Hawthorne Plaza; which, like Detroit, fell to shit because some nearby Whites lost their jobs, and for no other reason at all. It certainly wasn’t *******.)

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