Mexit or Brexit, Vote Leave!

I was initially quite enthused about what I understood to be the Mexit vote tomorrow. Though as it turns out, I completely misheard the term. In hindsight it should have been obvious that a plebiscite of Mexican squatters on whether to leave or remain in America was too good to be true. So I did a little research and amended this post accordingly.

By this point everyone and their adopted Africans have opined on Thursday’s Brexit vote in Britain on EU membership. The skirmish lines in these increasingly frequent globalist/nationalist conflicts never vary. The Side of Light being comprised of jews, muslims, and other invasive species, aligned with business interests and a coterie of foaming SJWs. These antagonistic fringe elements all being impassioned advocates for European integration based strictly on the principle of the matter.

Which would make it interesting if Marine Le Pen were named Chancellor of the organization and granted plenary powers. A scenario that would undoubtedly incentivize the world’s loquacious Bernsteins to pivot their pronouncements on Xenophobic Hate in mid-dissemble. Your tablet screen would spin with the speed at which a leave vote suddenly became critical to the British well-being.

All of which offers little additional insight to what I hope every reader here already realizes: the vast majority of modern politics is an exercise in the buying, selling, and often-enough giving away of your children’s inheritance.

It would be positive if more votes were cast with that thought in mind. Because unlike those who win elections by dangling values and those who lose their societies by taking the hook, I’m more interested in interests. Specifically, what course best serves my family and my nation. The latter of which being a vestigial concern that actually gave birth to governments in the first place. In the case of Brexit, we find a pleasant alignment between what definitively works in theory, and what does so only in practice. That is to say European integration has not only been harmful to mere human beings, but is also malign according to the models. That makes punditry on the topic so simple it could fit on the Washington Post op-ed page.

To begin, I take it as social axiom that not being invaded by hostile aliens is an objectively superior state to being so–even when it benefits the encroaching foreigners. And since that action seems central to the EU’s current mission, the practical arguments can rest well enough on this alone. Britain’s fate outside the EU is a question mark; within it is Pakistan.

So let’s discuss theory. Government responsiveness works much like gravity. It is strong only in close proximity to the governed. Compare our own layers of government. Local officials are frequently prone to suffering the input of their constituents. This inclination wanes at the state level and recedes entirely at the federal. At the level of supranational organization, the desires of common people are simply of no concern whatsoever. And worse, those in position to exercise policy discretion at this level stand to experience none of its ground-level repercussions. The results of which are a phalanx of decision-makers who are unremovable, unaccountable, and fully insulated. Knowing nothing else but this, I would be little induced to enthusiasm.

Though I should concede that even in the thin air of an EU bureaucracy, large checks still exert a significant gravitational pull. Which means that while Englishmen with roots counted in millennia would wield little influence on the course of England, undead Hungarian jews would retain much say indeed. And if you find that state of affairs felicitous, then remain might be the better vote for you.

Of course the lich isn’t alone in appealing for a receptive super-state. Both Cameron and Merkel are impassioned advocates of continental integration. And those who require more reasons than that to support dissolution are demanding personalities indeed. Maybe you just ought to listen to the experts.

During a rare news conference in London on Tuesday, just hours before registration to vote in the so-called “Brexit” referendum ends, Prime Minister David Cameron, who is campaigning for the U.K. to remain in the E.U., urged voters to “listen to experts,” including the World Trade Organization and the chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Right, listen to Janet Yellen if you don’t believe George Soros. These are a tribe of people flush with helpful suggestions. That so few of those are taken in Israel remains one of the world’s most confounding enigmas. Maybe that’s being too cynical. Both parties could be preparing a policy statement on full integration of the Levantine Union.

But while I’m normally as eager as anyone to flush away my country’s sovereignty at the advice of friendly experts, my reservoir of deference to their recommendations is presently running lower than Lake Mead. In fact, contra-expert guidance, I’m more inclined to decentralize state power and widely distribute its governing functions–pushing them closer to the governed–in order to make the chore of ambitious boll-weevils as difficult as possible. If taking control of an institution grants control of a people, then I want as many discrete institutions as possible so as to limit the damage from each. Obama would be harmful as a governor, he is disastrous as a President. And how many Welshmen want their immigration policy set by Merkel?

If polls are correct, perhaps a majority of them do. And that’s fine. If a people are determined to perish no force on Earth will thwart their will. It should simply be their will that is determinative in the matter. You will note it is only when that will turns to national vitality that their adversaries emerge in a clamor. A clamor which is presently taking shape in the British Remain camp. I’ll be hoping for some peace and quiet come Thursday.


18 thoughts on “Mexit or Brexit, Vote Leave!

  1. We can rest assured that should the vote turn out in favor of those British subjects wishing to leave the EU, a new vote will simply have to be taken in the immediate future so that a correct result can be rendered. One which reflects our values.

  2. “He argued that undocumented immigrants were “murderers and rapists,” he’d deport the millions who are here now, and then build a wall to keep them out.
    To many Americans, this reeked of hatred, racism, and economic recklessness. But to millions of Republican primary voters, stoked by years of conservative rhetoric about how the “others” are ripping them off, it made visceral sense, and even if Trump loses, he will have unleashed an anger that is unlikely to go away soon.”

    Hatred, racism, AND economic recklessness! It seems that to deny entry to people with a propensity for crime and clannishness and miss out on the injection of their government issued debtbux into The Economy through the purchase of cheap Chinese consumer goods is a surefire way to turn your country into a cross between the Third Reich and Somalia! I wonder how Israel has thus far managed to avoid such an unfortunate outcome…

    • Israels National Security model includes profiling, wall building and deporting illegals. That’s everything I want for my USA Christmas.

  3. Interesting choice of words Mr. Bernstein, “…everyone gets burned”. We can guess the paranoid fear that hovers in his subconscious. LOL!

    • Have you explained anywhere why you shut your blog down? I’m hoping it’s fatigue or other real world concerns rather than some more nefarious reason.I miss your site and wish you well.

      • Thank you Kent. Everything is fine. I had some personal reasons and I was getting a little bored. It’s much more fun to read Porter. Take Care.

  4. “Moreover, as Financial Times columnist Janan Ganesh puts it, absent a pledge to hold the referendum on leaving the E.U., “Mr Cameron would certainly have succumbed to mutinous forces … [and a] referendum would have been held eventually anyway, most likely by a Conservative prime minister set on leaving.””

    There you have it. If a true Brit like Janan Ganesh thinks it’s a bad idea, we should bow gracefully and continue rubber stamping entry to his 1 Billion+ co-ethnics immediately.

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  6. Alright prediction time. The question in matters such as this has absolutely nothing to do with a reasoned evaluation of facts. As in so much human behavior the determinants are visceral: desperation or fear. Which of these two holds greater sway? Of course that question is tempered by the vast and growing cohort of foreign voters who are acting on entirely different motivations: namely, give us more gibs and your country faster.

    The combination of those factors leaves me with an old familiar pessimism. If the true British have become desperate in their tight little browning island, I do not sense that it is sufficiently more so than the opposing fear of something novel–like being the independent country they were since antiquity. Add in the likely unanimous foreign “remain” vote and I would guess the pro-EU margin will be slightly more comfortable than polls predict.

    And isn’t that always the bitch with desperation? She’s never close enough until salvation is too far away.

    • I predict a close call vote to remain due to degraded demographics. If by some miracle they vote to leave and the results are too much to bury, (((something))) will happen to delay it indefinitely.

  7. Final vote tally on the order of 55% remain with the resultant jubilation vomited forth by the MSM. The only plus side to such a scenario will be the festering resentment building up in the remaining legacy Brits. Western Europe like Britain is too far gone and the only way back to sanity will be through ultra violent popular uprising. Fear and desperation has a way of spilling over into unadulterated rage and hate, hopefully the unending tales of sexual emergencies and visual confirmation of degenerate behavior by turd world aliens will find purchase in the minds of normal Europeans and serve to build the requisite hate necessary for bloody retribution against traitors and invaders alike.


    I think the final tally will result in a remaining vote though – too many powerful forces opposing. I wonder how many newborns Soros had to devour to have the energy to fight Brexit….

  9. Sky News predicting a 12 point leave win if present trends hold. That’s emphatic, and I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. I hope it’s not premature to say well done ya limey bastards!

  10. It was a close run thing, but they did it. Finally, a blow, however indirect, for patriotism and nationalism in Europe. Let’s hope the entire odious EU system breaks apart due to reasserted sovereignty. I know it won’t happen, but a man can dream.

  11. “So let’s discuss theory. Government responsiveness works much like gravity. It is strong only in close proximity to the governed. Compare our own layers of government.”

    Let’s compare it to family government and the responsiveness thereof to cries from the governed children.

  12. The EU was first envisaged by Richard Coudenhove-kalergi in the 1920s. He said in 1925 “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race”.

    Merkel has won the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize and also the Charlemagne Prize, which has as its first recipient in 1950 the same Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. These prizes are given to the most outstanding white genocide enablers in Europe.

    Kalergi’s plan was detailed in his book “Practical Idealism” and is the plan to genocide Europe. The EU is the realisation of his “Pan-European” idea. The EU was created for one purpose: to genocide the white race.

    The BREXIT won’t stop them, and they may just use it to weaken the UK by getting Scotland to leave. Then Scotland will be absorbed into the EU.

    They never stop. This is a minor setback for them, if a setback at all.

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