Lookin for Love in All the Wrong Places

It’s fascinating to follow the circles of America’s socio-political carousel. Liberals consistently seeking novel victim groups who are publicly exalted for a time, before being shunted quietly into the accumulating portfolio as an even more exotic class is alighted upon. The attraction and impetus being always toward advocacy of those most alien to and incompatible with America’s traditional society.

Of course the conservative role in this process is equally well catalogued by this point. It is to offer perfunctory resistance to the latest encroachment–theater for the rubes–while primarily integrating liberalism’s back catalogue into a distracted audience.

It’s a fairly efficient process, proceeding with so little viscosity that Japanese maglev trains move like mule buggies in comparison. Well, it was efficient until Trump and the alt-right’s hate-gravel fell in the gears.

But that’s not to suggest the machinery isn’t still turning. Having onboarded both gays and muslims, liberalism is now in its tock phase after the tick. It’s much like Apple’s iPhone cycle: introduce a new product in year one, then smooth, sort, and consolidate with the “S” model. That S is in sifting who will be the beatified class until next year’s roll-out–perhaps Burmese pedophiles or Bantu devourers of albino genitalia.

This directly effects conservatives, since it is their function to feed on liberal droppings. The new left model is to be politely opposed as the legacy unit is being fulsomely embraced.

It’s not entirely clear to me what direction liberals will take in their consolidation cycle, though by observation of their conservative shadows the matter is pretty well settled: muslims occupy the summit…Somewhat.

I say that because conservatives, particularly following Orlando, are growing practically frantic in their support of homosexuals. You can see a shift in nearly any of the bigbox respectocon outlets. What only a handful of years ago elicited mockery and revulsion is now well under conservatism’s philosophical Iron Dome. Here’s a random example.

Gun sales typically surge after a mass shooting as people take steps to ensure their personal security, but now a new cohort is heading to the gun store: LGBT folks.

KDVR reports: “However, what’s different this time around is the clientele. Mike Smith, a firearms instructor in Colorado Springs, is one of many closely tracking the sudden surge in gays and lesbians buying weapons.”

“I look at it as a disenfranchised minority that needs someone who’s willing to say I’m a resource who’s here and willing to help,” Smith told KDVR.

I suppose adopting a clutch of gay babies is the next logical step. Though who knew rainbows couldn’t vote? Or has “disenfranchised” been elevated into the lexicon of generic achievement terms? Griffin is a tremendous asset to our company. His experience with disenfranchisement really helped us navigate that market downturn.

Here’s another.

Yesterday, Mr. CJ told me about a post from an acquaintance of his on Facebook named Erin Palette who was compiling a list of friends willing to teach firearm safety to others for free – particularly to members of the LGBT community. Take them to the gun range, pay for their range time and ammo, teach them about guns and how to handle them safely – all of it.

Basically, that post BLEW UP – over a hundred (at last count that I could tell) people volunteering their time, expertise, and expense to help total strangers learn how NOT to be the next ISIS terrorist’s victim.

Remind me how America is a super-intolerant and bigoted country, again?

Exactly. I don’t think you DemocRATS understand just how gay we conservatives are. Fucking liberals are the real homophobes.

Of course we can anticipate the Folsom Street Fair will be about as receptive to conservative goodwill gestures as an Orlando alligator. This certainty of unrequited affection is one our values render us obstinately indifferent to. Just as past liberal fringe groups have been subsequently embraced by mainstream conservatives–often with cringing obsequiousness–only to remain resolutely hostile in response.

I think it is only barely hyperbolic to say that jews are regarded by main-cons with a sentiment that approaches veneration. Similarly, the movement is almost equally solicitous of blacks. Both being cohorts that return olive branches with fangs in proportion. The net result being that white conservatives work to advance their opposition out of principle, as their opposition works to disembowel whites out of malice. Just please give us a flattering eulogy.

At any rate, I imagine this time next year will see conservatives lining up as target dummies for disenfranchised muslim immigrants to practice their marksmanship in defense of whatever exotic fauna the left has by that time moved on to champion. After all, liberals are the real islamophobes.


12 thoughts on “Lookin for Love in All the Wrong Places

  1. The only outcome I see from the LGBT gun buys is lesbian domestic violence turning into domestic gun violence which the liberals will use to promote more gun control.

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  3. I have no idea what the next weapon in the War on Whites will be. Who would have though that “our” government would demand we accept men who wish they were women, into our public bathrooms? I guess they figured that public toilets weren’t gross and scary enough.

  4. Opportunity here for AR-15s in designer colors. But what kind of AR-15 is in fashion this season? The MP-5 AR-15, the P90 AR-15, or the AK-47 AR-15? I’m sure the lifestyle section of the major cage-liner manufacturers will have helpful instructions soon.

  5. “a firearms instructor in Colorado Springs, is one of many closely tracking the sudden surge in gays and lesbians buying weapons.”
    I wonder if he’s asking each customer if they’re on the rainbow — and if so, which letter are they — or just notching his guesses on a notepad behind the counter. I feel like he needs to ask, lest some strong-wristed, non-lisping bull queers pass for regular alpha males.
    Similarly, the movement is almost equally solicitous of blacks.
    For as long as I can remember, the NRA has whiteknighted for black women as being the “true victims” of Big City handgun bans (daring not to speak the name of the real problem for black women: their proximity to other blacks). Ghetto violins, and the old “Raise your right hand if you support gun control” yamaka-tip* to the occupants of the other ghettoes, are exactly what Madison and Jefferson had forseen back in 1789, and why they presciently gave “us” “our” Second Amendment.
    (*) DGAF how it’s spellt.

      • An enterprising dealer seeking to ca$h in on the new GQBLT market would beg, borrow or steal that device, and tell xis new clients it’s part of Obamma’s new comprehensive background check. Xe’d get tons of word-of-orifice recommendations.

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