Franchising the Globe

I was reading a piece earlier at the website of well self-respected entrepreneur Ronald Unz, and came upon an entry in the sandbox that I found more interesting than the featured article. In it, a commenter calling himself Kiza offered a fascinating theory on the process of imperialism in the Six Sigma age.

His remarks were in context of the global American cephalopod, and how it has applied effective modern business techniques to the age-old endeavor of erecting foreign satraps. The topic specifically centered on the cultural courtesans of Western Europe, and how their kin in the East will be incentivized to similar national abasement.

The theory was articulated in two separate comments, which I have merged into one composite with a few editorial enhancements. Though any mistakes incurred in the process remain strictly his responsibility.

I hope most people understand now why the Anglo-Zionist Borg wants “democracy” everywhere:

1) because the Borg has perfected a quasi-democratic method of controlling the population over the last couple of hundred years, and

2) because its franchising model, that is its autonomous remote method of control of countries can be applied under the “Western model of democracy.”

I am sure you know how franchising system of organization works. A Franchising Package for Ruling a Country is exactly what the Borg sells to any group in Eastern Europe and the whole World, willing to rule on its behalf. The Borg helps bring down the existing national government through color revolution, impeachment, etc., and then hands-over the country to a selected local franchisee, who gets media control, lie boosters, elections-in-a-box–everything he needs to rule in a turn-key package.

In return, the franchisee pays franchise fees in the form of concessions to the US and Western corporations. Very often, the Borg maintains two or three sets of Compradorial Elites in the targeted country, which ensures competition and commitment.

There is also usually a Borg’s representative somewhere, a viceroy, who smashes the local heads together if they waver from the path set by the Borg and threatens them with replacement at the next election. If, despite this guidance, the ruling party starts wavering and inclining back towards the national interest, the franchise package is revoked and delivered to a more reliable steward at the next election.

Such packages are being applied all around the World (Brazil most recently) and are planned for North Korea, Cuba, Russia, Iran, and China.

One interesting aspect is that if a franchisee is replaced in power, that is a new political party replaces the previous party, the encumbent is not allowed to molest his predecessor. Therefore, the franchisees are guaranteed physical security, they can only lose power if they do not do the best job. In other words, once a non-pliant nationalistic government is (often violently) replaced, the transition between franchisees is always smooth and non-violent. The previous party goes into opposition to be a threat to and to maintain the quality service by the new party now in power.

Ain’t the Western model of democracy grand? This model of franchised democratic power for societal control is the most cost-effective method of occupation ever invented. For the current level of human development, it is the only possible model for control – the only way to create the first global empire in human history (forget about the Roman Empire, it did not cover even all of Europe or Africa). The franchised democratic power model enjoys untrammeled reach.

I would admire this model as an achievement in social engineering, if the US was not pushed so catastrophically deep into debt to pay for it, which could collapse the Borg. If the Borg does not manage to bring down the governments of Russia and China, it could eventually lose its reserve currency status used to finance these regime-changing wars and color revolutions. The Borg MUST apply this model to Russia and China as well, after dividing them into smaller more manageable chunky-democracies, or the Borg will not be able to survive itself and is likely to bow out in global nuclear fireworks.


6 thoughts on “Franchising the Globe

  1. What an “incisive” globo-political prognostication from a certified delusional crank; undoubtedly inspired by such paragons of mental fortitude (what is a Schizotypy Scale?) as Nesta Webster, Eustace Mullins, and the vast literature comprising the and websites. Fascinating. Alas and alack, I’m but a psy-ops agent of “them”, that is: the Anglo-Zionist Rothschild-Illuminati Cabalist/Kabbalist banksters residing in the aforementioned Tel Avivan center wherein we plot the imminent demise of China (look how rapidly North Korea and Iran are collapsing; autocratic Russia is no more, due to my very own scheming. Just kidding, it’s a group effort), so I issue this biased, not to say futile, reservation merely for the record.

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  3. Rekt.

    One (((fiduciary sector))) to rule them all – all of those neofeudal archipelagos, human livestock tax farms, global community member countries, central-bank accounting units, etc.

    Apparently, expressing conspiratorial criticism of any such non-existent system is unfashionable, often even illegal. Compliantly producing space-age widgets and weaponry for foreign peoples, who vow daily to exterminate your race, is double plus good.

    Who knew?

    Excellence, as usual, Porter.

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