That Wasn’t Much of a Surprise

It seems the camels are coming home to roost. Any sober assessment would always have noted native tensions within the grasping liberal trough coalition. To think these conflicts would perpetually remain below the threshold of blood required a child’s wonder. Though I am certain there were aspirations that friendly fire would remain modest until the Grand Work in the west was done. But that is asking much of a political infantry–who, after all, are paid to swing, not think.

And so, if nothing else, the Saturday night Homocaust was entirely predictable.

Ft. Hood
San Bernardino

We’ll leave space available for future entries. And as statistics and muslim inclinations dictate, some of these instances were always destined to weigh heavy on cohorts high in the liberal hierarchy. Gays in particular. Love wins! is always a gratifying sentiment, until accompanied by Allahu Akbar! and the ululations of 7.62 rounds. We all understood that advocacy on behalf of those who want you dead is a sensuous virtue. But who knew it could hurt more than a rectal prolapse?

What was learned last night is that despite (((liberal))) exhortations to the contrary, it’s not just going to be white Trump supporters who wash the sidewalks when brown people attack. A fact which might lead some to think the BLT community is going to need better slogans.


Though I doubt additional supplications, no matter how well practiced, are going to change much. Borders produce no magical alchemy, and muslims do not change perspectives upon crossing them. They are no more interested in becoming epicene dilettantes here than they were in the goat pasture. Importing them in sufficient numbers eventually means submission or war. And since sparing our children needless misery runs counter to American values, we’re left mostly with masochistic political theater. And that means more hate symbols have got to come down.

Round up the usual suspects

Round up the usual suspects

But, of course, confederates weren’t exclusively responsible for the Orlando massacre. Guns also played a malign role. In much the same way mules forged America and scaffolds defeated the Axis powers. The point is that you can’t allow a flatbed full of flamers to expire without advancing your agenda. And that agenda is to make certain future Omars are unimpeded by armed civilians when committing violence in alignment with Huffington Post dictates.

Fortunately, when that violence arrives, we taxpayers will enjoy the protection of history’s most lavishly-funded military. Because that’s why they exist: to protect us from foreign hostilities. Unfortunately, that military is bobbing somewhere in the South Seas, antagonizing Russia, and celebrating its silver anniversary of bombing Iraq into a slurry. So perhaps ours serves a more nuanced purpose.

In any event, last night’s exertions are only one dot in a long ellipsis unless western man decides to pull the bone out of his nose and cast off modernity’s cherished superstitions. Gleaming cities have always built high walls–always under the painful tutelage of their enemies. We’ll do the same, or our cities will gleam no more. And the rainbows learned last night just how un-fabulous that can be.


18 thoughts on “That Wasn’t Much of a Surprise

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  3. Shakespear or Porter, I have not decided who is the more gifted yet. In these times of madness, your writing brings peace to my troubled intellect.

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    • We all knew the mental gymnastics from shitlibs would be gold medal worthy, but blaming Omar “spray the gay away” Mateen’s late night snackbaring on Christian “homophobiaaaaaahh” is Comaneci tier. Where Christian “homophobia” calls for repentance or, in the case of the obstinate sinner, keeping their proclivities out of the public eye, the Religion of Peace’s solution involves 3rd story defenestration or cranes and some rope. So, while the fact that someone who should not have been in this, or any Western nation pulled off a terror attack on US soil is enraging, it’s hard to feel pity for people who make sex toys in the shape of Crucifixes, wish death on bakers for not catering their “weddings”, and seek to destroy anyone who fails to endorse their deviant lifestyle with sufficient gusto.

      • Hey now! Saint Thomas is very clear – such people are to be burnt at the stake by the proper authorities.

        When the proper authorities don’t exist, or can’t or won’t fulfill their proper Christian duties, the solution is a little more subtle, and a little more difficult, but it should always be guided by the original prescription.

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  6. I wonder if any of these peace and love – say no to Islamophobia – idiots have bothered to notice that July 4th falls the day before the end of Ramadan. I’m sure they’ll be shocked if their Islamic friends decide to end Ramadan with a bang.

  7. Mocking the left and its menagerie is more difficult than what casual observers might imagine. Primarily because they keep outrunning the jokes. The confederate flag attack was mentioned above since I thought it resided well on the frontier of “minority” solipsism. Well, as it turns out, the issue is actually right in their front yard.

    Black mama jamma launches remove confederate flag rally. It truly is comical. Africans couldn’t give a shit less about their political partners in rigor mortis. Just keep the focus on us, talking man.

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