The Speech Not Given

Some have asked me to comment on an ongoing controversy. And I believe there have been few more opportune moments to clarify the values that unite Americans of all backgrounds. The same ones that make this country the envy of the world and its top immigrant destination.

The controversy I am referring to is the one that has arisen from Donald Trump’s unfortunate comments regarding the impartiality of Judge Gonzalo Curiel and whether his Hispanic heritage calls that matter of supreme judicial importance into question. Like many of you, I found the inquiry frankly offensive.

The judge has given no indications, throughout a distinguished career on the bench, of applying his discretion in a biased manner. Further, like all Americans, he is accorded a fair presumption to the contrary. We do not accept indictment by birth in this country, and Judge Curiel should be defended against it by all men of good faith.

And so Mr. Trump’s insinuations do grave injury not just to the presumptions about one man, but to our entire social fabric. Donald Trump is wrong.

But he is not all wrong.

Judge Curiel has been an open and avowed member of a Latino attorneys group called “La Raza.” That, of course, means “The Race.” And it means all the implications such membership suggests.

For a nation’s values to be meaningful, they must be shared. What is asked of one, must be required of all. And as we grow our grand community of America into a truly pluralist majority-free society, the creed of colorblindness becomes ever more critical. In our neighborhoods, our workplaces…and our courtrooms.

And so it is not Judge Curiel’s race or heritage that calls his fitness into question, but his own choice of overt association. He occupies a position of sacred public trust. Lives and livelihoods hinge on his impartial application of our laws. And that impartiality is validly suspect in the face of his conspicuous advocacy. When an African-American finds themselves legally opposed to a Hispanic in Judge Curiel’s courtroom, what words will assure them of equity, when his own words display an obvious bias?

Donald Trump enjoys wealth and influence to advance his cause, but poor Asian immigrants do not. Who speaks on their behalf against courts that wear their racial/ethnic preferences openly?

And it is not only courtrooms that suffer by such implication. What of the diverse constituencies served by members of the Congressional Black Caucus? Are their interests being served by politicians explicitly aligned with only one of their communities?

The list of potentially impacted occupations is disappointingly long. Teachers, policemen, and public servants in myriad capacities. So many of these positions require a presumption of absolute public fairness. Even benign associations can create the appearance of conflict and thus erode public trust.

It is time to move forward. Time to end this acidic Balkanization in our public sphere. Time to set the foundations for our next century. Time for all Americans to renounce racialist advocacy and pernicious regimes of preference and punishment in academia and the workplace. Time to be simply what all our parents traveled here to become: Americans.

And that should start today in the courtroom of Gonzalo Curiel. Thank you.

Those, dear readers, are the remarks neither Romney nor Renegade chose to offer. Though they were meticulously crafted to remain within the bounds of modern retreat-conservatism, and hardly a man would have relinquished his exquisite racial sycophancy by delivering them.

That none did so illuminates a politely undiscussed fact about conservative values. That being they are nothing more to Republicans than a ruse for delivering donor interests and executing a graceful pivot away from their majority white constituency.

Canny operators understand how to frame a situation to advance their agenda. When they do not frame it in a manner aligned with their own prior rhetoric, you may be certain the latter was subterfuge.

Con Inc. could have taken this occasion to strafe Trump and the left’s tribal menagerie by heroic appeal to its foolishly utopian angels. Yet they instead set about drearily parroting SJW pant-poopers with the quadrillionth incantation of raysis.

I doubt you need to ask yourself why. Though you should ask them.



8 thoughts on “The Speech Not Given

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  2. No enemies to the right. That’s all I want to see and hear. Anything else warrants adding to the LIST.
    Underbreath (damn I can’t believe I voted for that tool…)

    • Nobody really voted for him; they voted against HNICUS Act 2. He really does deserve to be impaled upside-down on a saguaro, after publicly refusing to hold his nose and vote for the Lesser Evil, when so many millions of us did so for him in aught’12.

      • Exactly. I voted McCain in ’08 as a green cuckservative in college, Romney in ’12 as a jaded conservative, and now Trump as a bigot hater shitlord. What a time to be alive.

      • More on Romney and his supporters, who can’t “let go of their white-knuckled opposition to Trump”. We have nothing in common with these Republitard cretins, who would rather see the Greatest Evil take the Oval Throne, than passively not-oppose an alleged racist to their right.

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