Negging with Aristophanes

I found a poignant translation from German quoted below on what appears to be an anti-jihad blog.

The writer’s desperation and despair are nearly palpable. They are an expression of shock and anguish. Of suddenly comprehending egregious loss, and the prim sanctimony of its architects. This is the bitter emoting of a woman who trusted her institutions implicitly, who felt her safety and welfare were assured, and let whimsy dictate her votes as a result. A whimsy that has blossomed in the shade of her negligence to bear a bitter fruit.

Like so many women across the West, she assumed her civilization would always stand, no matter how many bricks were removed. Certainty lead to hubris. And hubris leads careless young women to a cruel middle-age.

She imagined rational teutonic efficiency was simply a state of the environment she so cherished. A given. German institutions would capably manage the country’s welfare no matter who peopled their labyrinths. This conviction left her at liberty to vote blithely “out of love for nature.”

There’s little pleasure in reading the anguish of her betrayal. Though lessons don’t have to be pleasant to be well-learned. Greek poet and playwright Aristophanes asserted similarly: It is from their foes, not their friends, that cities learn the lesson of building high walls.

The speaker below is learning that lesson of high walls presently. And millions more Western women are going to absorb the same one eventually. As their exquisitely cultivated liberalism drains down the callous ramparts.

I am almost 50 years old, I have a University degree, and was – out of love for nature – always a trusted voter for the Green Party. I never felt much interest for politics. In Germany everything seemed to always go its natural regular course. I had trusted our parliamentary democracy, I thought our administration would hardly make mistakes, because it is controlled by the opposition. Never, absolutely never did I think that I would lose all my trust in the State. It’s unbearable that I am afraid of the future. Preferably I’d just like to leave. But I feel to old to leave Europe.

What country would even take me anymore? I am not a shameless African that just seats himself in a refugee boat. I would properly apply to the respective immigration authority. But my chances are close to zero. I am – like most Europeans – damned to impotence as I see this invasion happen.

When, about ten years ago, a friend of mine emigrated to Australia, I felt sorry for her. How could one leave our beautiful Europe? A continent with such wonderful nature and culture. I would’ve never even thought of this. Today I know: She did the right thing.

I am becoming depressed in Europe. Our defenselessness shocks me. The failure to act by our politicians drowns my mind in a fog of powerlessness. I have not read any of Sarrazin’s books, so as not to upset myself even more. Everything I read, in just our daily newspapers, is enough for me already.

The Euro is a complete nightmare. The illegal immigration is a complete nightmare. But the single largest outrage is the political correctness which disables us from criticizing these immense breaches of law.

We, that is us adult and mature citizens, who are in this way disenfranchised. When I went to school, I was taught critical thinking. What good is that to me now?
Meanwhile I hate the Green party. They are asinine and dopey, and they are shameless. Just like the SPD and the CDU. They expect that we get up at 6 AM in the morning and encourage our children to succeed, just so that they will wear themselves out like us in order to be able to keep on financing this daily madness. And soon until we’re 73 years old. [Translator: Germany plans to raise retirement age to 73].

But a State that provides no more stability, can no more expect of its citizens to function at full capacity. With each pot hole I drive through, with each African that I see loitering around, my motivation tanks more.

What does our Politics even still have to offer to us? Legalization of hemp – probably so that we can withstand daily life in this insane country! Other than that there is nothing innovative on the program. I have looked at it all. Because I am looking for a new party that I can vote for.

I want the Deutsche Mark back and that the outer borders of the EU are being protected. I do not want to see any more pictures like these Daily Mail ones. I don’t want more than that. Is that too much to ask for?

I do not have much power. But there are a few things that are within my might:

1. I will dedicate my time to look over my income tax very in depth, and I will not give away another cent of my money to this robber government.

2. I am seriously thinking of leaving my church, because the church is not fulfilling their mission duty. With this action, I can save another 1,000 Euro.

3. I will do nothing that stimulates consumption. Only buy the very necessary things. The finance minister will in the future only collect the absolutely unavoidable consumption taxes.

4. I will not leave any money on bank accounts, instead I will invest it in foreign currency and gold, and keep it stored in my house.

5. I will only vacation in non-EU countries.

6. I will in the coming year, two times for six weeks each of my free time, devote to the AfD and hand out flyers. When I read the preamble of the AfD program  I had to cry because it is so beautiful. I will share this program wherever my feet will take me.

Inner Immigration – I can’t say more to it. Maybe add prayer. But lastly, I haven’t even gone to church anymore. The fiddling of my church with the powers that be does not please me. The new pope does not please me. The church does not provide me with spiritual stability anymore. On the contrary, the church scares me with their crusade against Europe.


16 thoughts on “Negging with Aristophanes

  1. When I went to school, I was taught critical thinking. What good is that to me now?
    Taught, but not learnt. I’m sure she learned how to count to six million, anyhow. That could come in handy someday.
    Good luck to that lady; and I hope she doesn’t remain a trusted voter of AfD for another 30 years, because the Oven Party is going to need her vote in a few years. And her math skills.

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  3. The church does not provide me with spiritual stability anymore. On the contrary, the church scares me with their crusade against Europe.

    White man will never be free until the last priest is strangled with the entrails of the last rabbi and/or imam.

  4. Note, no mention of obtaining a firearm. She’s going to need it if she doesn’t bug out to Hungary or Poland. The depressing part of this is, I feel as though this is exactly what will be coming from certain of my own non-aware friends in a few years time.

  5. I’m glad she’s going to do something about her learned helplessness. If all White people overcame their shock and despair, and did SOMETHING, ANYTHING, we really could turn this ship around. Kudos to her. Godspeed to us all.

    • Im torn about that, Marien. It does seem the proper course, the civilized course, to take specific and reasonable action to starve the beast. That might make a difference over time and with enough critical mass. The fear is that it moves the needle a bit, but only just enough so that complacency sets in again and hard lessons aren’t really learned. Most of me thinks it’s too late for that, and Alex’s nod to the oven party is the shortest distance between here and where we need to be. Kellyzats suggestion of a firearm acquisition, even an antique, should thus be the more pressing errand for Frau Itsaboutfuckingtimeyoucametoyoursenses

  6. She is an old woman.

    She is just upset she cannot fully enjoy the D from the REAL Men immigrating to Germany

  7. “4. I will not leave any money on bank accounts, instead I will invest it in foreign currency and gold, and keep it stored in my house.”

    I’ve been wondering about actions such as this. Is it smart? Any ideas? I heard that someplace, which escapes me at the moment, there has been an increase in the purchase of personal safes.

    • Probably not a great idea in the States. Ask your local attorney if there are any laws prohibiting the storage of over $10k cash in your house, making it “”legal”” for the cops to steal, I mean, seize. I’ve also heard of laws in some states forbidding the storage of cash in safe deposit boxes — inside banks. There’s also the risk of theft and home-invasion by the other breed of criminals, who wear uniforms of brown skin rather than blue polyester.
      If you decide to follow this lady’s example of keeping all your cash at home, you should not follow her other example of announcing it on Facebook. If possible, though, try not to accumulate liquid wealth, or anything of any value; that way it can’t be stolen from you.

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