An Inconvenient Appendage

I’ve mentioned the notion in seriousness as well jest in multiple forums, and will indulge in some belaboring tonight. The perception that European peoples are immobilized, and thus chained to their states’ petri-dish experimentations, is going to be proved false. Whites are still born with feet, if not always hearts or minds. And the results of their using them will alter the global alignment of power and populations in ways that are not at all novel to history.

Western leaders are convinced, much like Republican leaders this time last year, that the where else you gonna go? taunt is adhesive enough to root their flocks like a carpet of gorilla glue. And if a potentate believes sufficient numbers of productive taxpayers will remain docile and kowtowed no matter the injury, then the temptation to pick at their wounds for no reason but malice veiled as virtue becomes irresistible.

Yet the scaffolds of time hang heavy with men who wagered too heavily on their subjects’ appetite for misery. And so keeping the mortician busy with non-prestigious clientele has to remain on every executive to-do list.

It’s a chore not well suited to the careless. You can imagine the natives’ ingratitude at being replaced in their own ancient homelands. And while they are the only evil, they’re hardly the only problem. Brown squatters have their own raft of piques. Obviously people who are ferried across the Mediterranean bear a set of minimum expectations. And when the free food, lodgings, and white women don’t arrive with sufficient enthusiasm, then Azbul has an ax to grind, and your neck is beneath it. Dispossessing your people is a task only for the experts.

It’s not that Western leaders want to live under fear of violence in a third-world shithole. That’s strictly for the racists who pay their salaries. And as long as there’s enough of those to keep the lights on and the limos moving we’re all copacetic. The lesson being to import enough brown people to swamp native votes and satisfy donors, but not so many that whitey can’t pull the cart. Learning to navigate this slalom is what Harvard teaches foreign countries’ finest young minds.

But even the most noble plans are never without flaws. And the flaws in this one are these.


And some of them are already operational.

Germans move to ‘Christian’ Hungary to flee migrant crisis

Increasing numbers of German’s are moving to Hungary to flee the refugee crisis, German public service broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk reported.

Estate agents in the picturesque Balaton area in western Hungary said there had been a surge in Germans looking to move to the area since September, after millions of refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa entered Germany.

As well as the good weather and large German community, one estate agent told the station that the new German arrivals were attracted by the fact that the majority of Hungarians are Christians and “there are hardly any migrants” in the country.

Millions of refugees and migrants entered Europe in 2015, many travelling on foot through eastern and central Europe to seek refuge in Germany, where German chancellor Angela Merkel granted asylum to refugees from the Syrian Civil War.

Hungarian Prime Minister has criticised Germany’s refugee policy, refusing to accept the country’s EU quota of asylum seekers and authorising the construction of a razor wire fence to seal the country.

Here is the hell that awaits these itinerant Huns.





There’s not many large solutions found in small landlocked countries. But Hungary isn’t really the point. Mobility is. Some will be amazed to learn how many prefer their children not grow up as despised minority tax sheep.

And the equation of whether to take flight is the same whether one is a barefooted bushman or an accountant in Hamburg. That is to say, how positive is the delta between A and B minus the myriad costs of moving. Europeans lower those costs for bushmen with ferry service, while raising the positive delta with a broad array of gibs and other cultural indulgences.

Similarly, you’ll note that costs are also lowered by the presence of preceding pioneers. In the case of Hungary, a thriving German community.

Another pull to European migration comes from the greed of man. There is an enormous potential windfall in human capital. Importing millions of Africans makes a liberal’s thighs moisten, but they don’t pay for the retrovirals. Consider a country’s productivity boon from attracting the Boers alone. Do you, as a western leader, hate Europeans enough to keep them from making you rich? That is the moral dilemma I am grateful others than myself must decide.

And those who scoff at the notion that Eastern Europe could ever become the jewel of that continent do so only by lack of imagination. Savages can caper in the weedy shadows of the West just as well as its refugees can reseed it in the Great Alfold.

Who will go where or when is pure speculation. If European nations cast off their hostile states and repatriate uninvited guests, then the impetus dissolves. Though as trajectories stand, there will soon enough be tracks in the sand.


18 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Appendage

    • It would be interesting to hold a stock liberal down to what precisely constitutes a “British” man. Or an “American” one.

      We know now it’s not blood and lineage. It’s also neither a practically meaningless citizenship. Just one who passed through at some time meets the definition apparently.

      • The answer will always be a dodge about how race/religion/culture doesn’t matter. At that point I’ll ask them how they’ll feel once an Arab Muslim majority in France is in charge of the works of art at the Louvre. That usually causes a big pause.

        If they counter with the old chestnut: “Well we stole this land from others so we deserve it!” I’ll tell them I agree and then ask when they are signing their mortgage over to the Cherokee Nation.

        Really it’s like living Invasion of the Body Snatchers. People are programmed to say such asinine things by the press and schools. When I read the words “inclusive”, “diverse”, “embracing”, “racist” and of course “teachable moment” in the news I actually laugh out loud. They just don’t know how ridiculous they sound. I feel like what a Soviet citizen must have felt in 1988 before the whole thing unraveled.

    • “Running away” is placing negative emotional freight on an activity humans have done since they sprouted legs. Colonial America being a prime example. And massive white flight within modern America being another.

      Though yes, the real estate eventually runs sparse. And as an aside, I’m not saying this movement should happen, but that it will.

    • It’s not running away, it’s a strategic regrouping.
      Right now, the West is full of untrained civilians who can’t really resist the invasion on their own; moving to the East allows them to bring their families to safety, to get out of the jurisdiction of their traitorous governments, and to organize themselves in order to retake their homes. That’s the necessary first step before we fight back.

      • Being from the Left Coast, I’ve noticed that shitlibs who move out infect once-red states and bring the diversity with them. The Mexicans don’t trust the cops or the state apparatus other than for gibs and are simply more savage than we are. Until we see things similarly (aside from the gibs) we’ll keep seeing our neighborhoods diversified.

        Since the State has now gone all-in against middle American white families with its normalization of gay ‘marriage’ and transgenderism, middle Americans are starting to recognize the government for the Beast it is.

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  2. Eventually, the present regime will go to far, and provoke its overthrow. Western Europe and North America have been politically stable for too long for people to easily imagine regime change, but enough at some point will be enough, and a flashpoint will trigger a cascade, if the rulers persist much longer in their reality denial, and their increasingly obvious Machiavellian attempts to prevent any acknowledgement of or reasonable response to that reality by others.

  3. I can’t blame these Germans for wanting to move to greener (whiter?) pastures, but it would be better for all concerned if they would just stay home and vote out Merkel and the other traitors.

    It’s that simple, free and easy: vote ’em out. White men are increasingly on board with the patriotic right, but white women remain a problem.

    We saw it in the Austrian election, we see it with Trump, with the AfD in Germany and elsewhere. The gender divide in support for immigration restrictionist parties is yuuge, 60%-40% male to female in Austria and the US, and an astonishing 85%-15% for the AfD.

    Who are these “refugees welcome” traitor-bitches anyway? My guess is that they’re mainly childless women, or rather women without white children, like Merkel herself. Most women with white children wouldn’t want their countries overrun with dusky rape-fugees, or at least I hope they wouldn’t.

    So the problem is essentially a low white TFR throughout the Western world, especially in European countries like Germany. Will white women start having more children and then turn to the right politically; or vice versa; or do neither and thereby condemn the white race to extinction through their barren wombs and treasonous political choices?

    Without white women on board there can be no continuation of white society, so we need to do a better job of convincing them to get with the program.

    • The Muslims have set up an antagonistic state within Germany where women are disenfranchised and the men make the decisions. They seem to be effective at getting things done, even if it’s just destruction.

  4. I’ve wondered lately, if perhaps the precedent of mass importation could be gamed to the West’s advantage? A thoroughly rogue, vindictive son-of-bitch President, mirroring the actions of the previous occupant, imports a million Ukrainians to repopulate the slashed and burned Detroit in his first year in office? I don’t know…

  5. This has been predicted for years in our circles, and endlessly scoffed at, but it is finally happening.

    Western Europeans would never move to Eastern Europe! Eastern Europe is a shithole! Eastern Europe wants to be like Germany!

    Then Germany decided it wanted to be like Syria, suicide bombings, smouldering craters and all.

  6. “And those who scoff at the notion that Eastern Europe could ever become the jewel of that continent do so only by lack of imagination.”

    Also lack of historical knowledge. Poland and Hungary both have histories of being powerful countries and centers of learning.

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  9. All these words and no mention of gypsies. Poland and its historical frontier will be the new heartland for this single reason.

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