One of the first things I learned while blogging is that my entire neighborhood has turned into Hong Kong on the Ganges. But one of these things isn’t really correlated with the other. And so for sake of relevancy, the second thing I learned while blogging is that readers rarely click on links. And while that won’t likely change, I’ll encourage you to click on this one since it’s the roosting spot for my most recent post.

Be sure and chastise the proprietors for lapsing quality control, and if any commenters want to be certain I see their remarks they should cross-post them here.

And for those now in the link-clicking mood, below are our 20 most widely read pieces.

The devil’s in the diversity.

Girl we couldn’t get much higher.

Invasion turning proper.

How to turn healthy young women into bitter barren harpies.

A false face hides the false heart.

Anarcho-Tyranny on schedule.

Meet the cockers.

It was a very good decade.

The age of ideology is over.

Rise of the shitlords.

Bathing in Cologne.


A logical conclusion.

Sober reflections.

Get out.

A bad dude.

Setting sail again.

Microsoft’s Tay of pigs.

The other immigration.

Dorian Gray conservatism.

Also, I may experiment a bit with different entries in the WordPress theme catalogue. Advise in the comments which formats read cleaner and which are less appealing than Michelle Obama in the toad position.

Finally, I am approaching a period of high personal time commitments, which may result in noticeable blog latency. If any readers would like to contribute some unique insight, analysis, or (at a minimum) entertaining shitposts, and whose ego can tolerate the exercise of editorial discretion, let me know.


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