Your Name is HUD

It often seems our cousins in Europe accurately diagnosed America’s folly…and decided they could execute it far more effectively. I’m not sure they’ve taken the full measure of our maladaptive resolve, though If their competitive commitment remains unbowed, I will advise that we aren’t simply resting on our barrios. We’re distributing them evenly.

As you may know, the US ship of state features a barnacle called the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I don’t specifically see it chartered in any founding documents, though you can be certain it is a Constitutional requirement. Many readers probably wonder what exact tasks a “HUD” might be charged to perform. Plainly critical ones given the $49 billion eager taxpayers offer for the service. In fact, we’ve been so elated with the return on our investment that HUD was given a nearly 10% raise in funding for the current fiscal year. See that’s American reciprocity: HUD helps us, and we help HUD.

But what is it again HUD helps us with? Here’s how chief mexican, Julian Castro, describes its function.

“By increasing our Department’s funding level by nearly $4 billion over current levels, the President’s Budget helps us continue our progress toward achieving our mission to promote homeownership, support community development—including making neighborhoods more resilient from natural disasters—and expand to affordable housing for all,” Castro said.

Oh, I see. Promote home ownership and support community development. That’s important. Can you imagine what people did before HUD was created in 1965? With no public servants encouraging them to live in a house, I suspect most families resided in a drainage ditch. What with this department and the Hart-Cellar immigration act, ’65 was truly an auspicious year.

But ’65 was well before the hatching of Mr. Castro, whose youth and skin grease propelled him first into colonist politics in Texas and then later as one of Obama’s cabinet satraps. A solemn duty of which is to subsidize the relocation of browns anywhere whites attempt to flee. And $49 billion buys a lot of moving buses. Here’s Castro pledging no white neighborhoods in our time.


Though in fairness to our over-promoted extra from Fast and Furious Five, the Eliminate White Neighborhoods initiative was conceived during the tenure of his predecessor.

this mongoloid prick

this mongoloid prick

Who presented his novel chore, called the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH), with this running-down-the-leg discharge.

Unfortunately, in too many of our hardest hit communities, no matter how hard a child or her parents work, the life chances of that child, even her lifespan, is determined by the zip code she grows up in. This is simply wrong.

All those shes in hardest hit communities. When whites suffer it is strictly the results of agency. They make poor decisions. They are indolent, undisciplined, or simply unintelligent. They do foolish things and suffer rational consequences. Non-whites, on the other hand, are hardest hit.

Of course many critics found themselves unmoved by such boilerplate pablum and savaged the proposed rule for what it truly represents: nowhere to hide. Many had pinned their hopes on a Republican congress to defund the measure entirely. Such naivety is almost touching. The long quote below is from one of National Review’s stable of geldings. He’s so disgusted with duplicitous senate Republicans, I can only assume Lowry will have his resignation shortly.

To nobody’s surprise, the Lee amendment to defund the Obama administration’s radical Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH) (a rule that essentially turns the federal government into a national zoning board, forcing high-density housing on unwilling cities and towns while letting bureaucrats decide the racial, ethnic, and income balance of local communities) was tabled by a vote of 60–37 today, marking a defeat for conservatism, community control, and common sense. 

Meanwhile Susan Collins’s fig-leaf amendment that pretends to stop AFFH’s war on the suburbs passed 87–9. It’s the sort of depressing scene we’ve become accustomed to in the McConnell-led Senate. Heritage Action Scorecard “key voted” the Lee amendment (and in the process, proved again why it is the gold standard of conservative rating systems). Little surprise that of Heritage’s 10 worst-scoring Republican senators, only one (Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia) voted for the Lee amendment, while their top 23 scoring senators all voted for Lee.

What’s more mystifying and discouraging about this is the utter political stupidity of the tactics employed by the GOP Senate leadership. Not only does it deprive the party of a great short-term issue, but of a long-term one as well — and one that would have paid both policy and political dividends. When communities better understand what AFFH allows, it is going to be absolutely toxic to everyone who voted for it — or at least it would have been if McConnell hadn’t allowed Democrats to take political cover with the Collins amendment. The Collins amendment passed with the only nine votes against being Democrats from Senate jurisdictions so liberal that they could afford to say even the Collins non-concession was insufficient. So Senator McConnell managed to give the Democrats a fig leaf hid their vote for this monstrosity.

Meanwhile the Lee amendment, which had, at least in theory, the support of all but 16 members of the GOP’s 54-member conference, including all of the GOP’s conservative senators, garnered only GOP votes. Not a single Democrat joined them. McConnell once again worked with a rump faction of liberal Republicans to stop a conservative amendment. (Don’t be fooled by the fact that McConnell voted for the Lee amendment — he, and probably some others in the “yes’ camp, were just giving themselves political cover. If McConnell had actually wanted the Lee amendment, the Collins amendment would never have seen the light of day.)

For what it’s worth, the following 16 GOP Senators voted for the Obama administration’s war on the suburbs. It’s a largely predictable list:


Giving political cover to Democrats. Bowing to the dictates of the most liberal members of the caucus. Splitting the party. It’s what the GOP leadership does so expertly. And yet again, they’ve outdone themselves.

Of course our list includes the senate’s swollen prostate and his lisping gimp. Yet what’s so curious is that it’s not obvious how this position even serves the donor agenda. Just having their helots in-country provides the labor and consumption businessmen require. Every plutocrat wants inebriated mayan landscapers working through the day, and sleeping far away at night. It would have been a remarkably painless vote, particularly in this roiled environment, to defund the measure. As the NR columnist indicates, there’s no apparent political ingredient beyond the typical stew of cowardice and betrayal. But those are cornerstone principles for McConnell et al. You’re truly rocks in a storm, men.

For those not bothering to read the whole quoted portion above, you’ll be little surprised to learn the senate’s entire Democrat mold colony voted uniformly in favor of the rule. I do hope many of their loved ones are brought to fruitful misery from it. Liberal exertions hostile to their own posterity have grown so strenuous it’s easy to picture one of their politicians looking into the wide guileless eyes of his child and thinking: I’m gonna fuck you up. And Republicans are desperate to get some of the credit.


9 thoughts on “Your Name is HUD

  1. 1965 strikes again. The hell with WW2 or the Cold War; JFK’s assassination really was the seminal moment in shitlibbery. Without that guilt, we might have had a much lengthier glide path to the inevitable implosion.

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  3. Isakson won his primary without my help yesterday even with his shitlibbery and Parkinson’s. A man with a neuro-degenerative was set up to either help the dems gain a senate seat and advance the GA’s going purple narrative (it’s not) or we’re sending a demented sock puppet to the Senate again.

    I see it just in the last 6 months in my formerly white flight ATL suburb. Gwinett and Dekalb transplants all over the place. They’re being quite slick about it, working with banks and realtors to get people of certain economic means into the neighborhood to weaken resistance, so that when section 8 comes no one will say a word.

    • Gwinnett’s still got the unrepentant Butch Conway, but the tide rises alarmingly. Those that have the means should head for higher ground. HUD signs dot the top of the subdivision regularly, (although I see them heaved into the woods frequently). A couple of years ago, you might see police roll by once a month. This past month, everyday. Some of the older locals seemed confused, but many others are Northern transplants who have seen this before and how it works out, and are high-tailing it.

  4. …it’s easy to picture one of their politicians looking into the wide guileless eyes of his child and thinking: I’m gonna fuck you up.

    “From Hell’s heart I stab at thee…”

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  6. I hope the guy who did the racial dot map is still around to spin one up using the 2020 census. It’s an invaluable resource for decoding local American news, and there’s been a couple of instances in the last while that have made me suspect it’s out of date.

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