Austria Whistles

To those of sufficient insight and objectivity, the ongoing fight for the European soul (and its lands, women, and institutions) must be riveting. Of course both qualifiers are met in only rare instances, as practically every party who perceives the existential conflict also has a rooting interest in its outcome.

The war is being waged mostly in that semi-conscious plenum space between instinctual self-preservation and a perpetually shifting ratatouille of moral imperatives. More objectively it represents that unpleasant friction between the fight or flight subconscious, which still recalls the pain of disregarding obvious threats, and elevated conscious minds, which are intelligent enough to be convinced of anything.

The former is always counseling caution, though only in a murmur until peril becomes dire. And what a fulcrum upon which to perish: an internal voice that speaks too softly until it is too late.

Though you can understand how instinct is overcome by the occasion. Most of us are (relatively) safe, comfortable, well-fed, and offered an abundance of ball-bouncing africans for our weekend amusement. It is only when they are bouncing our own skulls that we briefly reconsider the social primacy of anti-racism. And the dead don’t testify to the dilemma. For the rest, our secular religion compels we keep attention focused on liturgy rather than its carnage through the sanctuary.

In Europe, we are now hearing that voice starting to shout above the priests. Though, customarily, not loud enough. In what had potential for significantly positive follow-through, a bare majority of Austrians have determined that the cultured mind can accommodate a wide range of foreign shanty towns.

By only a few thousand votes, the far right candidate for that country’s presidency was defeated by a member of the Green Party, who has pledged to maintain ample foliage in Vienna’s sprawling future favelas. The new president-elect, Alexander Van der Bellen, made dissolution of the Austrian nation a key plank of his campaign.

I’ve experienced how Austria rose from the ruins of World War Two, caused by the madness of nationalism.

There’s an interesting element of madness that Mr. Van Der Bellen seems to discount. That being it resides on a continuum. How he would comparatively grade the madness of Monrovia’s West Point slum or Karachi’s Orangi Town to Orban’s Hungary is unknown. Though I imagine his posterity will one day offer bitter input.

Though their father is their misery and I have my own posterity to consider. The welfare of whom will largely hinge on peers contemplating the pleasure of air prior to heads being plunged underwater. Austrians couldn’t quite hear the inner voice on that topic. Which makes me think Salzburg has a very different sound of music in its future.



16 thoughts on “Austria Whistles

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  2. Am I reading this right? One Austrian city had over 146% voter turnout? It’s remarkable how similar are the voting profiles of dead men and black people.

  3. Troll Dave here:

    Rather fascinating when one [Kat] is called out for their slights, and deflects the attention with names.

    “To those of sufficient insight and objectivity, the ongoing fight for the European soul (and its lands, women, and institutions) must be riveting. Of course both qualifiers are met in only rare instances,…” Only because someone chose to pair those qualifiers.

    I side with sufficient insight over objectivity any day. So did MY forefathers.

    Goodbye, Kat.

  4. This Green candidate, Van der Bellend, was also behind a political ad in 2007 that stated “Whoever loves Austria, must be shit.” (Wer liebt Oesterreich, muss Scheisse sein.) Austria has given the world so much, from dead archdukes to abbreviated mustaches to gap-toothed muscleheads; it should be no surprise that they’ve now produced the consummate Shitlib.

    • Maybe all those Austrian loving pieces of scheisse should’ve let in the Ottoman host in 1683. We would’ve at least been spared Conchita Wurst and Van der Bellend.

    • The right needs to take lessons from how the left runs the show. Democracy is a term that means “we win.” Anything that results in not winning is ipso facto illegitimate. Principles and the constitution represent fidelity to process, not results. Cucks are incapable of digesting this, which is why their greatest fury is reserved for those who remind them.

      • What would be appropriate would be for disenfranchised white voters to riot… everybody else gets to over nothing, and we always pay for it…in this case of having your country stolen from you can’t get asses in the street, what will?

  5. tsnamm, street fights and protests are of no use as the 2003 Anti War protests , the largest in human history, have shown. The state does what the state wants

    This leaves a couple of options,

    You can keep trying “Democracy” till you get the existing state to do what you want (and there are some small signs of this) , get to be the State and get what you want want or you are certain that the system won’t allow you to win even when you win. They are not quite to the later as its basically only quite recently that anti immigration parties could even be heard , much less nearly win.

    Or use the other option, go ultrantionalist and take power by any means you can. This is mostly illegal, highly dangerous and horrific.

    And note Europeans are wisely terrified of option two, they have to soak all the casualties as much as a hundred million lives lost and if some especially stupid USA decides to go all Wesley Clark and “liberate” Europe from the nationalists, its risk nuclear war with Russia.

    So they are thus far choosing option one or the EU may force them into exits and option two if the Junkers refuse to accept legitimate regimes.

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