Diversity in Social Justice

I imagine the name John Ridsdel doesn’t ring many bells. It’s notable mainly for belonging to a man who had his bell recently removed. This by an islamic splinter-sect in the Philippines.

Mr. Ridsdel was a 68 year-old itinerant bon vivant who possessed a Canadian passport, though described his nationality as “complicated.” The bulk of his career was spent as a journalist and reporter, concluding unusually as an executive with a Canadian mining outfit focused on resource extraction in Asia.

His longtime friend described the deceased as one “who could seemingly speak with insight about anything and was concerned with social justice. In terms of taking a stand on something, John was one of those people.”

Unfortunately John was indeed one of those people. One of those people dragged to the icy realization that concepts of social justice are as diverse as the societies they yearn to cultivate. And to the dilatory horror of many, they sometimes find themselves occupying the role of SJ bete noire that obviously belongs with conservative blue collar confederates.

In this instance social justice was pursued by muslim militants flying the banner of Abu Sayyaf, an organization that has taken the knee to ISIS. Whether that puts the Philippine branch directly under State Department supervision is unknown.

Occupy Dar al-Garb protestors

Occupy Dar al-Garb protestors

Though what is known is that in September of last year, armed Abu Sayyaf SWJs raided the Oceanview Resort on Samal Island. After strolling past the lawn jockeys hired for pretense of security, they seized and spirited away four hostages, including Mr. Ridsdel.

The anti-islamaphobes subsequently demanded an exorbitantly rich ransom for the captives’ safe return, and set a timeframe in which they expected receipt. When this expired with demands still unsatisfied, a bound Ridsdel was shoved to the ground and decapitated with a knife as yellow dullards chanted “Allahu Akbar.” I have seen the video and am not going to post a link.

Following Ridsdel’s execution, SJW-prime minister Justin Trudeau issued an indictment so scathing that Abu Sayyaf petitions for Canadian residency may now be delayed for up to six weeks. Said the heart-shaped PM:

Canada condemns without reservation the brutality of the hostage takers and this unnecessary death.

This was an act of cold-blooded murder and responsibility rests squarely with the terrorist group who took him hostage.

That beheading was completely unnecessary! Is Trudeau channeling Patton now? Perhaps, as he’s gone so far out on a rhetorical limb to actually state that the Philippine SJWs alone–and not a single right-wing fascist–is responsible for the murder.

Well if that’s the case I imagine Justin has taken a dim view of their co-ideologues migrating to Canada en masse. Which means beaming refugee photo-ops may be limited to weekdays only going forward. Because an Islamic Canada will be equally interested in social justice issues as a secular liberal one. But just what those issues are precisely is the thing that sometimes causes heads to roll.


9 thoughts on “Diversity in Social Justice

  1. If Ridsdel had been better read he might have avoided his fate. http://www.bloomberg.com/gadfly/articles/2016-03-17/will-rio-tinto-s-new-boss-escape-the-curse-of-the-mining-ceo (tongue-in-check)
    All working for the good of mankind (and shareholders) to be sure. Interesting that the Canadian government was ask to pay the ransom and not TVI Pacific Inc. the private company that employed Ridsdel.
    http://www.tvipacific.com/main/default.aspx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canatuan_mine

    “Whether that puts the Philippine branch directly under State Department supervision is unknown.” – Ha! makes one wonder doesn’t it. I suppose these mining companies do have a ‘national security’ aspect to them besides the purely economic one.

  2. So far this year at least 10 Canadians have been killed by Muslim terrorists.

    1 in Jakarta
    6 in Burkina Faso
    1 in the Philippines (the aforementioned headless SJW)
    2 on the EgyptAir flight

    Meanwhile the Toronto Star has not one but two articles today demanding that the government expedite the processing of Syrian refugees. Canada, to its eternal shame, has only admitted 50,000 Syrians in the past 6 months when it could and should have admitted at least twice that.

    Consider yourselves out-cucked, Sweden.

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