The First Cuck is the Deepest

I think that old lovelorn maxim is probably due some reevaluation. For recent events strongly suggest that no greater depth is attained than during the last cuck of all.

Dying ex-GOP senator spent his last days apologizing to Muslims for Donald Trump

Former Republican Sen. Bob Bennett, who died earlier this month, spent his last days apologizing to Muslims for Donald Trump.

In April, Bennett, who represented Utah, suffered a stroke and he revealed that he had also been battling pancreatic cancer for the last year. The stroke paralyzed the left side of his body and the cancer had spread to his stomach and near his liver.

“Are there any Muslims in the hospital?” he asked his wife Joyce and son Jim, both of whom relayed this story to The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak. “I’d love to go up to every single one of them to thank them for being in this country, and apologize to them on behalf of the Republican Party for Donald Trump.”

“He was astonished and aghast that Donald Trump had the staying power that he had… He had absolutely no respect for Donald Trump, and I think got angry and frustrated when it became clear that the party wasn’t going to steer clear of Trumpism,” his son said.

In an interview with the Deseret News, the report noted, Bennett described Muslims as “wonderful.”

“There’s a lot of Muslims here in this area. I’m glad they’re here,” he said.

Bennett died May 4 at 82 years old.

Fascinating that a man born into

this country

this country

would spend his waning hours tongue bathing

this one

this one

Besides his own history in office, Bennett’s father was also a senator, whose stock conservative advocacy for business and “civil-rights” were dutifully borne forward by his son. The junior politician was subsequently voided from the party’s bowels in the tea-party wave of 2010. Of course that movement was widely reported to be nazkkki stained and so was subsequently replaced by the Trumpism that one presumes liberals find far more palatable.

Though the mortally obsequious senator had quite a lineage even beyond politics. One of his grandfathers was Heber J. Grant, the seventh prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now it is no small thing for a boy to sit on his granddad’s lap and enjoy a conduit to God as a result. Those of us with more traditionally prosaic imaginations might think he would exit this life flush with pride in his heritage, or at least his own pedigree within it.

But in the final hours a man strives for harmony with his one true god, and there is little doubt which one the expiring Bennett had in mind. I do hope his morning call-to-prayers didn’t disturb the other patients.

And while the deceased are customarily afforded some measure of temperance, I am inclined to leave that to the people with whom he ultimately made common cause. A terminal Bennett did not link arms with his own people and savage the many who mock and ridicule Mormonism. He did not champion the broader nation or his own successful forefathers who built it into the globe’s single-minded destination. No, he insulted Americans and pledged fealty to their ululating replacements. Fortunately no one has to say, “Go to hell, Bob Bennett.”

What is so myopic about such frenetic foreign signaling–whether from those virile or infirm–is the poor purchasing power with its objects of affection. Bennett will never be a hero to Muslims, as they do not sing praises to dhimmis. Just as Merkel would see her name buried and forgotten under a German caliphate, so to would congregants of the Tabernacle Mosque hold the suckling senator in disdain. His fawning to remain eternally unrequited. And that is very gratifying.

Bob Bennett was on the clock. He devoted what time remained to the aliens in his fathers’ country. Maybe a future Utah vizier will remember that and laugh.


21 thoughts on “The First Cuck is the Deepest

  1. I heard about him this morning on the radio, and thought it was satire. The (increasingly) vocal left LOVES him for this, while everyone else here in Utah, even the Muslims, just finds the behavior…bizarre. He presumes to speak for all of us, and to talk to the Muslims in the hospital, most of whom are here legally, and have been for a while. I think they were just humoring the scary old man.

  2. Each day brings a level of sickness and depravity not thought possible the previous. One might suspect opiates, but, the burgeoning Hoax Industry would be my guess.

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  4. As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. You obtained many fold there.

    “whose stock conservative advocacy for business and “civil-rights”.“ Pretty tough to be for both in today’s language if you have a mind. Civil rights should belong to both those that are civil and have the pedigree, not the “gibbme, gibbme” crowd. Those rights are properly labeled “special rights”.

    “a man strives for harmony with his one true god, and there is little doubt which one the expiring Bennett had in mind. I do hope his morning call-to-prayers didn’t disturb the other patients.” Very well said.
    “no one has to say, “Go to hell, Bob Bennett”.” Even better said.

    But nary a word about the American Cancer. Some are so politically correct.

  5. Many Baby Boomers and even WWII generation are like this. I’ve never heard my grandfather, who spent time in a German POW camp after being shot out of a bomber, complain about immigrants. the other day my Baby Boomer manager was apologizing to me (a white guy) for lack of diversity on our team as if I wanted more (or any). Baby Boomer managers at these companies see no problems being the last white people they see all day when they look in the mirror in the morning.

    I don’t get it. They want diversity, they’re going to get it good and hard.

    • I know it’s common these days to blame ‘boomers’ for all our ills, but if you look at actual data and statistics on generational attitudes and voting patterns, just about every measure shows the generations to be more left-wing and PC as you go younger. The boomer generation and the few ‘greatest generation’ members left are most likely to oppose more immigration, racial intermarriage, etc.,while the millennials are by far the most PC and liberal. The data is very easy to find with any search engine.

      As for Bennett and his ‘repentance’ I guess he was trying to ”get right” with the gods of political correctness before his life ended. It makes me think of George Wallace, if anybody remembers him; when he was near the end of his life, deaf, and infirm, he apologized for his past ‘racism.’ Sad, that society has made us think that the worst thing one can do is to defend one’s own folk and heritage. Sad that many ‘Christians’ and Mormons think that PC is the new moral law.

  6. … wife Joyce and son Jim, both of whom relayed this story to The Daily Beast…

    Both of them. Couldn’t wait to tell the world. They must have been so proud of him.

    I was raised Mormon, but not Utah Mormon. Mormons are not what they used to be. This crush on Moslems is based on their own fear of persecution. If Moslems can be discriminated against for their religion, then so can Mormons. So they bend over backwards to be tolerant. That’s the definition of cuckery, isn’t it?

    • This crush on Moslems is based on their own fear of persecution. If Moslems can be discriminated against for their religion, then so can Mormons. So they bend over backwards to be tolerant.

      I think that’s exactly right. Mormons have an almost Jewish-like paranoia about being singled out on account of religion, hence their knee-jerk support for Islam. They also dislike Trump because he’s seen as intolerant and vulgar, thereby offending their goody two-shoes sensibilities.

      The same can be said about the Germanic Lutherans of the Upper Midwest. Trump doesn’t do “Minnesota Nice” and his persona and policies upset their oh so delicate amour-propre.

      One commonality between Mormons and Lutherans is a strong Scandinavian component in both groups. It’s well known that there are large concentrations of Swedes and Norwegians in the Upper Midwest, but less well known is the high number of Danes in Utah. Here’s a map showing the distribution of Danish Americans:

      The Scandinavians are a high-achieving people both in Europe and North America, but *nobody* cucks like a Scandi. They are the uber Northwest Europeans: taller, blonder, and possibly even more intelligent and industrious than their German, Dutch and English cousins, but with off-the-chart levels of pathological altruism.

      I’ve heard that Utah–the most Republican state in the 2012 election–might be in play this year, such is the Anglo-Danish Mormon dislike of The Donald. And Trump probably has little chance of stealing away the heavily Lutheran states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa from the Democrats.

      So in order to win he will have to do exceptionally well with un-cucked whites with roots outside the Hajnal Line, like ethnic Catholics and the Scots-Irish. Or, in Heartiste’s formulation, ignore the BubbleCuck people (especially Mormons and Lutherans) and focus instead on those who trace their ancestry to the surrounding Ring of Whiteness.

      • If you compare the accomplishments of Great Britain, Germany and Holland to those of the Scandinavian countries, it’s hard to come to the conclusion that Scandis are more intelligent. Otherwise I agree with you.

      • I forget the source, but I had read somewhere that a theory as to why Scandis are so welcoming (to the point of committing cultural seppuku) is that their extreme northerly geographic location left them isolated from constant encroachment from diversity.

        • I think there is much to this theory. I have remarked previously in other forums that they are very reminiscent of flightless birds that evolved in an environment absent predators. That they resort to guilelessly importing predators is a symptom of never having been acclimated to a habitat featuring them.

      • Not sure if this is still going on, but Sweden actually set up a phone line where if you called, it would connect you with a random Swede. So one Saturday afternoon I decided to have some fun and get Sven and Ingrid’s opinions on the current situation. Everyone responded with the same pabulum, gushing with enthusiasm over their ululating new friends – “yes we are so excited to have them here!” “it is right to help these people”, “it’s a new culture we can experience!” “we get to have new restaurants! (not joking)”, “it is still very safe”. One lady even told me that a caller from Saudi Arabia had warned her that taking in the rapefugees was a bad idea. I did speak to one guy who expressed concern that importing so much diversity would bankrupt Sweden in addition to raising the annual rate of forced ficki-ficki. He probably was roused from his sleep later that night and arrested.

  7. For too long, we have lived with Mormons in our midst. I am sick of apologizing for them on their behalf. They are total freaks and weirdos down to the letter. Their religion is a cult.

    If you see a Mormon, apply an aerosol spray and a lighter. We must treat them like a bad scene in a horror movie. They will eventually do the same to us.

  8. VA: I wonder if those generational studies are normalized racially. Otherwise every younger generation will appear more “liberal” only by virtue of being less white.

    Analog & Jeppo: I think that’s sound insight on Mormons wanting to establish a marker for tolerance to others in hopes it will be applied to them. I’ve seen the exact behavior from people in personal matters.

    Though I find it such a peculiarly white misapprehension. A Muslim majority (or Mexican) wouldn’t say “well the Mormons were quite conspicuous in their tolerance, so obviously we should be as well.” Also Jews and blacks (funny how auto-correct capitalizes only one of these) are very keen on tolerance as well–tolerance for them exclusively. Mormons like Bennet would be far more effective in direct Mormon advocacy than in such prissy displays of virtue veiling an oblique self-interest.

    As an aside, damn Miss Georgia looks good.

  9. I do hope his morning call-to-prayers didn’t disturb the other patients.
    They were probably more disturbed by the sounds emanating from his other end, whilst bent over to Mecca.
    As for his virtue signalling, it was not given to our brown-skinned invaders, but their red-skinned, cloven-hoofed, horned-headed master.

  10. So very very sad when another cuck returns to the great cuckoo clock in the sky. Maybe they can bury him in a giant egg like Mork from Ork and roll him into Deep Canyon.

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