Please Arrive at the Airport One Revolution in Advance

My God! Were any migrants injured by falling debris? That was the almost certain reaction of Angela Merkel wringing her claws upon hearing of the EgyptAir flight 804 open-water swim last night. Speculation is running high as to the probability of intentional downing. It’s simply unknowable at this point what parties were responsible, though I imagine bookies would offer extremely low payouts for wagers on a certain peaceful religion.

These spectacular gestures seem to almost be on a schedule now. It’s as if the ambient drone of islamic rape, plunder, and organ carving is insufficient to hold attentions for long. And so must be refreshed from time to time with the earthbound fluttering of torsos and travel bags. I suppose no one ever claimed that muslim colonization was going to be all upside. But did any leaders think to ask?

Regardless, as with most of modernity, it is not the dialogues from the past, but those in the future that will contain the keenest astonishment.

I expect all this bloodshed to a native population already critically frugal with its fertility must have caused quite a spirited response.

Oh, it did. Not an effort was spared in saving every invader’s life.

It’s fascinating how feverishly secular Europe has clung to this universalist theology through the bloody haze of the last few years. Though perishing for their pieties is not at all unprecedented. The Shakers went gently down with their religion, as the Peoples’ Temple did a bit more briskly. The devout mostly remain true for the rest of their lives. As with instances like last night, that is often a shorter interval than we anticipate.

Though the point that requires little reiteration is that no volume of your blood will clear the eyes of current western leaders. Personalities such as Glenn Beck and his junior assistant Pope Francis are in direct contact with God, and no longer susceptible to the appeals of man. That others find their deity in more liberal manifestations makes his commands no less unyielding. Whatever its favored liturgy, the western flock will replace its shamans or be replaced by them.

Which ultimately leaves the people of Europe with a stark feed-the-world/fuck-the-world moral choice. The most ironic aspect of which being that Somalis will starve as assuredly in Stockholm as in Mogadishu once the Swedish population of both have equalized at zero. Staying European to be able to help is the best help Europeans can provide.

For myself, I’ve long reached a pleasant fullness with aiding gracious “minorities.” And am now largely of the opinion that our small fraction of the world’s population is due some help of its own. That’s why, no matter how fraught, flights from Paris to North Africa must resume in earnest. Friendly, efficient, one-way flights. The French will subsequently find themselves amazed at how quickly their Muslims “de-radicalize” in absentia.

Of course the concluding flights out of Europe should be reserved for those leaders whose loyalties have been on such lurid display of late. And if that flight fell stricken as well, all we could do is hope no one on the ground was harmed.


6 thoughts on “Please Arrive at the Airport One Revolution in Advance

  1. It wasn’t very long after that sunny, warm day in September that I began to question how it was still possible to travel between a place such as Karachi and the West, on anything other than a rendition flight. Was I in for a surprise. I’m of an age that I remember air travel being quite pleasant, a vastly superior experience to say, the Greyhound. I’m fortunate in that I don’t have to engage in the aero casino often, and that may be the case for the duration.

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