Icarus Lands Hard

There are certain physical limitations that are callously resistant to even our most fervent aspirations. Travel at the speed of light is one the more calmly accepted examples. Acceleration approaching this velocity becomes prohibitively laborious owing to the slowing effects of time at speed and mass increase associated with the Lorentz Factor. No matter how frantic its propulsion, the increasing heft of an object eventually consumes its thrust just short of where the stars blur past in space movies. That’s a natural law. And until the Montana Supreme Court can invalidate those as blithely as it does the ones of man, our jaunts across the cosmos will remain fairly lethargic.

In many ways, the ambitions of Light-Speed Liberalism are impeded by similarly stoic forces. Though it hardly appears so at the moment, as that movement accelerates briskly through a perpetual series of culture victories. In fact the ship is now traveling so briskly that a societal time dilation can be witnessed right here on Earth. This phenomenon occurring when the temporal perceptions of stationary observers compress to the point that the obliteration of acknowledgeable race and sex differences seem to actually occur simultaneously. That’s what makes relativity so fascinating: reprehensible can be behind you before you even see it coming in front.

In fact, Anthony Kennedy’s milky gay marriage discharge had barely dried on the Constitution before “trans rights” (a concept entirely foreign to the average American only months earlier) promptly appeared in the wake making its own claim to our cherished traditions. The distance between these constellations being covered so quickly that republicans couldn’t even mount a customarily feigned defense. The party was simply unprepared for the current rate of progress and was subsequently caught in mid boot-lick to a scowling negro on the $20. Tongues brandished as the very concept of binary physical sexes was being eliminated in hyper-time.

Of course conservatives have rarely generated much friction to liberal flight, and are typically more frugal with their resistance than Rick Wilson is with shampoo.

As a result of this institutional pusillanimity, passing the homo-vestite black hole wasn’t entirely unforeseeable. Rights–in the modern vernacular–are what can be compelled or taken from another. Blacks have the right to command your space. The freedom of their movement is thus an attractive judicial veil over the force applied to constrain yours. Precisely when they’ll accrue the perfectly logical right to not be sexually discriminated against by your daughter is a matter that Hillary’s first court appointment has surely considered.

Though it’s obviously not just the rights of blacks that animate our officious offal. Vanita Gupta who, it could be guessed by name alone, heads the Justice Department’s(sic) civil-rights(sic) division recently stated:

Even after the Supreme Court’s landmark gay marriage decision last year in Obergefell v. Hodges that guaranteed all people ‘equal dignity in the eyes of the law,’ we see new efforts to deny LGBTI individuals the respect they deserve and the protection our laws guarantee,” she said.

So now there’s an “I” appendage? That must have attached itself just past Andromeda. I wonder how many members of congress could name the constituent parts of that acronym, or what laws they reportedly passed to specifically protect them all from heterosexual predations.

“Efforts like House Bill 2 in North Carolina not only violate the laws that govern our nation, but also the values that define us as a people.”

Us as a people

us as a people

As you may be aware, the value that “””we””” hold most dear is to pretend that reality accommodates the psychotic. Come to think of it, I suppose we actually do. Though in this specific case, the North Carolina law that violates the law, as the constitution may at times be unconstitutional, involved banning men from women’s restrooms. You might think this would be as equivalently controversial as calling tomorrow Wednesday, though you are only seeing where the ship was when its light reached your eyes.

For libs promptly cried genital nazis. And when that accusation gets rolled out donors start making phone calls and conservatives begin the search for their shoe laces. The ultimate result of which will be mandatory unisex bathrooms. Because if every bathroom is available to every biped, the plumbing bill for having two separate will soon go on the legacy costs ledger. And yes, that includes in grade schools. Childhood being just another social construct the virtuous will clamor to reject.

Yet despite the tantalizing proximity to light-speed, liberalism will never reach its zenith of global undifferentiated brownish-yellow pansexual consumer conformism. Zealotry alone can not provide the necessary propulsion to overcome the eternal weight of race, sex, and human nature. A nature that tribal and highly fecund fundamentalists will lay heavily upon the liberal’s 1.3 children. I doubt Vanita Gupta honestly requires telling that what “defines us as a people” is a people. That is the true principle for which she and her many invasive competitors will fight. None of whom will long ponder the anguish of misgendered LGBTIs.

In the end, liberalism is a tomb. Our duty is to not be buried with its values.


11 thoughts on “Icarus Lands Hard

  1. All of this, Kat, and Sheldon Adelson, too, persuades me to reconsider my position and shout for Hillary. As AC says: “The apocalypse can’t come soon enough.” The country I am leaving behind most assuredly deserves a proper burial.

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  3. Wonderful prose. Your blog reminds me of Spengler’s “Decline of the West” – have you read it Porter? For a civilization to flourish it needs common cultural and spiritual meaning and purpose, which we have lost. But you know this already.

  4. For the woman pictured above, the obsessive application of Fair and Lovely skin cream resulted in only the partial acquisition of one of those traits.

  5. Small wonder these superior behaviorists constantly get the best of us rabbits. When the first lady said that “we would have to change our culture”, she must have been able to foresee the future. Why the heck didn’t I decide to go to Princeton, instead of a dreary, bombed-out State University?

  6. One of my favorite gospels that I’ve discovered I can get away with preaching to polite company is that of Recidivism. A mighty nation of a billion tech support phone operators, and something like 47% of them still take shits outdoors in the current year. That’s almost worse than Detroit’s literacy rate! Some of them poop in a row of covered outhouses overlooking the Ganges, some get a hole in the dirt, and others just pop a squat right there on the sidewalk and push out their turds, while the titans of industry maneuver right past them in their ill-fitting suits, pretending not to notice.

    So I tell “the boys,” hey maybe Anjali in the back office has some big titties and takes care to wax her arm hair. And maybe Sarita looks good in those hip-hugging skirts in the summer, and she was near the top of your class, too, and she doesn’t really seem to speak with much of an accent or smell like curry. And maybe you’re thinking about sowing your wild oats, and what’s the worst that can happen? And that’s when I hit them with it: BOOM, recidivism! These wandering cobras are only a generation or two removed from shitting in the street. One wrong turn of the gene pool and your grandkids are holding their greedy little brown hands out under your buttocks, waiting to catch a makeshift briquette to fuel the fire and heat that evening’s vegetable masala. And I ask them, is that really what you want?

    Lol, it never is.

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