Clairvoyance or Cuckoldry: Only You Can Decide

I perused a typical air biscuit from this evening that began with the eternal lament: what but for this pain our lord?

Republican officials who oppose Donald Trump as their party nominee have spent the last few days — ever since the withdrawal from the race of Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — wondering if there is anything they could have done to prevent this outcome.

Actually yes. They could have done what literally hundreds of others do and read The Kakistocracy daily. For it was in these pages that Trump’s dissident program was plainly hatched. Recognizing the void of any meaningful constituency for the Republican invade/invite/insource platform, we offered a simple plan to realign the party with its voting livestock. That was in 3 BT (before the swearing-in of Donald Maximus I), previously recounted as the primordial mists of September 2014.

The proposed realignment featured five planks. Here are the first three:

πŸ›‚ End perpetual war and foreign occupations. Noninterventionism.
πŸ›  A pro-American worker platform. Protectionism and rejection of industrial helotry.
🚷 Immigration restriction and border enforcement. Conserving the only thing that matters: a people.

Replacing the components within Reagan’s original template, this has become precisely the three-legged stool of Trumpism. That only I, and a few hundred-thousand other observers, was able to discern this gaping fissure between GOPers on the ground and those in the clouds is one of several reasons my book advance fees will be quite unreasonable.

As to the fourth and fifth provisions, those were an end to the racial preference regime (which might be marketed just as well through a robust championing of free association), and an expressed concern for local environmental issues in lieu of Goldman-inspired global schemes.

Trump hasn’t touched either of these, though if Huma’s luffa chooses a True Mexican like HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Donald might be tempted to mount a charge against the breathtakingly pernicious racial housing regulations now leaking from that Washington latrine. Free Association is the rhetorical response to these, though no respectocon would ever dare utter it.

We’ll see if Trump seeks his seat in fable and lore come the debates. Perhaps by then the mainstream right will have fully embraced our editorial positions, and we can welcome guest blogger Jennifer Rubin.


12 thoughts on “Clairvoyance or Cuckoldry: Only You Can Decide

  1. Don’t be disheartened, but several centuries from now, a troupe of atheist, justice equality warriors are going to redesignate your new calendar years as “BTE”.

  2. My paramount worry regarding Trump is while simply addressing many of the issues simply hampering America, he has simply avoided the cancer eating this country alive. If one simply chooses to avoid a cancer, then one simply dies.

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  5. News of Zimbabwe’s new paper currency offers this candidate for banner quote:

    β€œIt’s zombie money, made from nothing,” said Fredmore Kupirwa, who sells sodas, canned food and corn meal from his shop in Mvurwi, a town north of the capital, Harare. Kupirwa said he needs to pay some cross-border suppliers in dollars. β€œI must pay them in dollars, but if my customers are paying me in this stupid currency, how can I re-stock?”

  6. I’d like to get a hold of a handful of those Zimbucks, just fer laughs. Leave them as tips for bad service, etc. My Trump concerns are that he be too focused on getting the boat righted and back on course, and leaving eight years of unprecedented monkey-wrenching and mine-laying to pass astern. A price must be levied say I, from the depths of the bilge!

  7. People of Color have many children

    white people have less children

    white women are increasingly bearing the Children of Color for Men of Color

    Freedom of association is just the white supremacists term for freedom to exclude

    Mr. Castro should force racist white suburbanites to feel some diversity

    Hopefully their daughters will hook up with Men of Color and their sons will be beaten into submission

  8. I’m voting for Trump to Stop Illegal Immigration, Ban all Muslims and Build the Wall. I don’t care if he spends four years in the oval office naked and pissing into milk bottles a la Howard Hughes. As long as he delivers on these promises I’ll be happier than a dyke in a plumbing supply store.

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