Setting Sail Again

One of the rarely discussed features of human physiology is the fact that white people have feet too. I think it’s going to become one of the more inconvenient appendages to future politicians and social planners. These being a class who presumes a perpetual immobility of their despised tax base.

But rooted stoicism has always had formidable competition from the pioneering spirit for dominance in the Western psyche. It was only after new vistas seemed exhausted that European man traded his extending telescope for the plowshare, and then ultimately the racial gimpsuit. An attire little befitting our people.

But it is almost inevitable that the pandemic proliferation of our strength will result in equally desperate efforts to avoid it. And some canny statesman is going to recognize the enormous potential windfall in productive human capital.

For while it is true that africans and aztecs can vote according to prescription and aquire iPhones on other peoples’ credit, they can’t sustain a society that keeps CEO’s sons in space camp. That requires a docile and stationary white producer class. And barring cloud bases on Uranus, maintaining that livestock in its pen hasn’t posed much of a problem. As the Republican Party used to ask before last fall…where else are they gonna go?

Well there is at least one incipient option: the Russian Far East.


Reportedly that country is now beta-testing a homesteading initiative to populate its sprawling east wing with the kind of people that civilization always trails. The offer is for a 2.5 acre plot granted on a probationary basis with full vesting after a satisfactory five-year residence–the package also producing Russian citizenship at that time. I’m predicting applications post-marked Sudan will be lost in processing.

Though this hardly sounds like a viable outlet for the number of Western refugees that may ultimately come to seek respite from their own inimical states. Though the offer area represents a vastness approximately 10 times the size of France. A portion of which is fairly temperate and shockingly beautiful.

Of course modern infrastructure and Cracker Barrels are both fairly thin on the ground there, though that was also the case in Jamestown and the South African Cape. With modern equipment and expertise, colonies could blossom almost as rapidly as urban escape pods outside our own metropolis catch basins. And with increasingly pernicious HUD rules, crime, and overt tribal triumphalism, eyes across the West will eventually start casting over the horizon.

If foreign invitations such as this are as warm and sincere to Europeans as their native institutions are hostile, then the intrepid spirit will be resuscitated in a few. And an initial few were all that landed in America.

Of course the impetus to such radical movement is the presumption of a future brighter there than here. And given the political resistance now igniting on both sides of the Atlantic, that’s quite an open question. Though some will be game to explore it. I wish them Godspeed. And get up some Cracker Barrels in Kamchatka!











27 thoughts on “Setting Sail Again

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  3. Last September I was in Vladivostok for a week and I was blown away by the city and all its potential. Even in the most crowded downtown areas, it was easily 90-95% vanilla with the rest being Asian, both central and east. I wouldn’t be surprised if the city became something far more major in another generation or two.

  4. There are only about 6 million people in the Russian Far East, which as you point out is ten times the size of France. So granting 2.5 acre plots seems kinda skimpy when you’d need about 1000 times more land in order to run a profitable farm or ranch in that climate.

    Due south of the Russian Far East is Manchuria, three Chinese provinces containing 110 million people, and the Korean peninsula, population 75 million. If the Russian government is determined to populate the Far East then it seems inevitable that it will become the northernmost outpost of the epicanthic fold people.

    Europeans seem to have lost the travellin’ jones that propelled them outward from about 1500 to 1975 or so. What used to be a flood is now a trickle. And whites in North America and Australasia are even less likely to move. Internally, sure, but externally very rarely. I also doubt the Russian government will get many takers willing to move from the environs of Moscow and St Petersburg to the Wild East.

    Even South Africa is unlikely to provide many (or any) white emigrants to Kamchatka. In the 1990s up to a million whites left SA, but after 2000 hundreds of thousands of them returned to the country the racial communists of the ANC are busy running into the ground, and the white population has stabilized at around 4.5 million. Incredible but true.

    And as beautiful as Kamchatka undeniably is (it looks a lot like British Columbia or Alaska), those pics don’t tell the whole story: 9 months of brutal winter followed by 3 months of blackfly/mosquito infestation. That’s why only 6 million people live in that huge area, and probably only 3 or 4 million of those are ethnic Russians.

    The truth is that whites already control all the most desirable areas of the world, namely the temperate zones, so they have little desire to move to the sweltering tropics or freezing polar regions. All the Russian government is doing with this land offer is encouraging a yellow takeover of this strategically important territory. It’s a bad idea,

    Even where whites have lost control of choice chunks of temperate land, like South Africa, they still don’t want to leave. Would you?

    • Yes I would leave SA so fast no one would know I had ever been there. It’s hard to know the exact crime statistics in SA but if you’re white you are about 9% of the population and living with a low IQ black population with an ax to grind. If I had to choose, and thankfully I don’t, I would pick Kamchatka or even Chicago.

      Most data points to high crime and high crime against whites too.

      • SA hasn’t gone full Mugabe yet. We don’t know what the next 20 years will bring, but I suspect more rhetoric and action regarding the ‘inequality’ of white wealth versus black poverty in that country. Some Boers are apparently trying to break away:
        “On 24 April 2014, political party Front Nasionaal (FN) submitted a land claim to the Land Claims Commissioner in Pretoria on behalf of the Afrikaner nation. The claim pertains to the land described in National Archives of South Africa R117/1846: “From Ohrigstad to the north till the Olifantsrivier, then downwards to the Delagoa Bay line; to the south till the Crocodile River; to the west to Elandspruit till the 26 degrees line; east till where the Crocodile River joins the Komati River.”[6] FN states that the sale of said land was between King Masous (representative of the Zulu) as seller; and Commandant SJZR Burg (representative of the Dutch South African nation) as buyer. A copy of the agreement is filed in the Government Archives under file R117/46. FN further states that the land was legally bought and paid for on 25 July 1846 as an ethnic group and not as individual landowners and was only in custodianship of the pre-1994 government as they were regarded as descendents of the ethnic group. There was therefore no legal right to hand this land over to a “foreign” government in April 1994 and away from the original ethnic group.[7] The new land claims process has not yet been finalised however.[8][9][10]”

        Britain and the US are largely responsible for the collapse of SA (and rich SA mining interests), so perhaps the US and Britain will have to have their own collapses before free association and civilization become possible again.

    • Jeppo: I read several pieces on this legislation, one of which cited Russia’s desire specifically for “ethnic Russian” colonists in the east to balance out the growing coolie contingent you mention. The piece went on to opine that the quoted term was code for white people period, any of whom would be graciously accepted. Whether this was opinion or fact is unknown, though I find it very plausible to imagine the offer wouldn’t stand for the eye-fold people any more than it would the bouncy ball cohort.

      Also, like you, I found the 2.5 AL a little stingy for what it entailed. Though like all real estate ventures, the key is in location. If the available plots are strictly in those glorious natural settings, then it’s probably a non-starter. Though the most valuable undeveloped land in any area is usually that just beyond a city’s current periphery. If these plots were available to form outer-ring exurbs around Vladivostok, then they may be very much appealing.

      Speaking of that city, and others, I reviewed weather patterns for the five largest cities in that vast region. Certainly they are cooler than what most would seek under normal conditions. But the greatest ongoing invasion in human history probably places the situation outside that characterization. And with that context in mind, I found four of them to be simply a short-summer/long-winter bearably cold northern clime. Yakutsk, on the other hand, is truly infernal in its frigidity. Outside of Hillary Clinton’s soul, I had no idea humanity existed in such a vacuum of space. My take away was that of the region’s 10 Frances, there’s probably only an approximate one that would accommodate comfortable human existence. Though one France houses millions. And I still see it as voyage that many may one day make.

      As for the return of whites to SA, I hadn’t heard of it. It seems unbelievable. Did the ANC pledge to only lop off one limb in its farm raids rather than full dismemberment? I agree that SA in places can boast a breathtaking beauty, and thus stands as another of our Great Shames of wimpering relinquishment. Though waking up whole every morning has a beauty all its own, and I am flummoxed to envision what healthy future whites could see for their children there.

      • PJ O’Rourke once said that Vladivostok looked like San Francisco if it had been invaded by the communists. Luckily they only made it as far as Berkeley 🙂

        There probably is a lot of potential in Vladivostok and the southernmost coast of the Russian Far East. And I think you’re right about the climate not being an issue there.

        It’s good to know that the Russians are insisting on only white immigrants to this region, because there are hundreds of millions of land-hungry Orientals just to the south of it who would just love them some free acreage.

        As for South Africa it’s pretty amazing that 22 years after “liberation”, 90% of whites have decided to stay, or have left and then returned. The white TFR as of 2011 was 1.6, well below replacement rate but probably higher than most European countries. So they’re still popping out baby Boers.

        Not to soft-pedal SA’s out of control crime rate, nosediving economy and thoroughly corrupt and dysfunctional government, but a lot of whites are fairly insulated from all that.

        That pic above is of Camps Bay, a 78% white suburb of Cape Town. If you’re lucky enough to live in such a beautiful, wealthy and relatively safe place like that, it makes it that much harder to ever contemplate leaving regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the country.

    • this land offer is encouraging a yellow takeover of this strategically important territory. It’s a bad idea
      They’re trying to prevent a yellow takeover. Chinks have been channeling the spirit of Chingachotl, and wandering across Russia’s southern border for decades now. But that climate… there’s a reason that, even with 70 years of “central planning”, the Russkies never populated that place.

    • I think we don’t move because we CAN’T move. We used to have disposable income for things like that, now we have to scrimp and save just to have an annual vacation somewhere boring. If I could afford it, I’d damn sure move to Kamchatka, but the American Government takes a dim view of such things, and does all it can to prevent expatriation.

  5. Great piece here on Yakutsk. While I admire the fortitude of those inhabitants, living there almost seems to be more of a “fuck you” to nature than a logical decision. I suppose with ample determination and engineering people could carve out a habitat 50 miles under the Earth’s crust. Whether it’s a sensible endeavor is another matter altogether. Though I did get a chuckle from the umbrella stand of frozen fish.


    • Good article. A quote from some guy living there also sheds some light on why so many white South Africans decided to stay after 1994: “Of course it’s difficult to live here, but the people here were born here. It’s our homeland. What can you do about it?”

      According to 23andMe, my ancestral composition is 99.8% European, 0.1% Yakut, and 0.1% unassigned. So naturally I’ve wholeheartedly embraced my Yakut heritage and am in total racial solidarity with my frozen homies over in Siberia.

      And just as naturally I now hate the Russians and all other honkies who’ve slaughtered, enslaved and oppressed my people and stolen our land. It’s awesome being a grievance-mongering minority lemme tell ya.


  6. Lovely images, and although it probably beats living in a fourth floor walk-up next to the BQE, that winter tho…I do know a few individuals who lived in Alaska, including some in the interior. The reports were generally negative. I suppose as a condo-type community, where one could hold a deed, but spend the off season in Uruguay, (or wherever those West Germans will end up) or St. Helena. SA is another kettle of stiff fish though, I did know a Rhodesian many years ago. He entered into a sham marriage to GTFO. Never wanted to return, and this was back when the Cuban Army was just staging in Angola. There is or was an excellent blog authored by a current citizen of SA, that chronicled an unfiltered take on daily life there. Perhaps the readership knows of it? I’ve lost the address.

  7. I think this is an interesting idea and if my kids weren’t already grown i’d consider it myself. However I think a more effective pitch would involve experimenting with dome-living.

    I think that would attract more people and also be good experience for space.

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