Greece is the time is the place is the motion

Greece has become the place in Europe where civilization goes to crouch. Not only because of its function as reservoir for Earth’s human waste, but in the scatological morality of those agents, both inside and out, now excreting away its future. It’s not a particularly engaging situation. I imagine Shakespeare would have sniffed at Greece as a template for his tales. For it lacks any noble foil to the story’s villains. It’s simply a scrum of malevolence and duplicity above the bones of Leonidas.

Before even coming to that state’s sorry current culmination, one is obliged to marvel at the blithe erasure of Golden Dawn. Saddled with the media’s compulsory NazKKKi characterization, this perfectly legitimate party was simply extirpated from a nominally democratic state on pretexts that would produce 37 feature films if applied to a more preferred cohort.

Working under a touchingly naive presumption of democratic principles, Golden Dawn emerged as a popular nationalist antibody to the leading elements of that country’s migrant invasion. Unfortunately the days of hoplites being hailed for their valiant resistance are long past, and only traitors now walk the moral high ground.

Resultingly, something highly irregular occurred. A viable and well-supported political party was removed and its leaders arrested. [Democrats: why the hell didn’t we think of that?] The pretext for this revolutionary gambit was provided by the stabbing death of a local rapper calling himself KillahP by two GD members. The logical conclusion of this crime was to declare the entire party a criminal organization.

This action being the sort of naked tyranny that keeps liberals well-assured of their virtue. Though try to imagine similar applications of the standard. How many registered democrats could we cull from the perpetrators of this list? If the murderer of Davharea Wilson turns out to be one, what response should we expect from civil authorities? Well obviously, Obama, Lynch, and Clinton are marched into the stockade and their party is dissolved. The precedent couldn’t be more clear, as the NYTs primly approves.

But Greece’s cradle to grave of democracy is only one of its prominent features. There is also the country’s Mt. Everest of public debt. This awe-inspiring geographic object largely results from the fact that Greeks want to live as richly as Germans while being as lazy as Greeks. I don’t pen the term as a pejorative, as I dislike honest efficient labor as much as anyone else. Though am obligated to acknowledge the consequence of its avoidance. This being an acknowledgement most Earthly inhabitants assiduously reject.

And Greeks rejected it more stridently than most. Salaries and benefits perennially exceeded any native economic capacity to support them. Bills continually accrued. And soon enough the country found itself hat-in-hand before the pitiless countenance of Frau Merkel. Stricken Greek finance ministers then compounded their country’s error by appealing to this teutonic harridan without being muslims demanding residence in Hamburg. Had they done so, we can easily imagine Germany’s purse flung open. Though as it was, they were held to white man’s account: go to hell, not a penny more.

As a result, the far-left Greek SYRIZA party (which claims a pristine record on rapper stabbings) has been forced into a severe lifestyle retrenchment that is not much appreciated by its red constituents.

Under all this backdrop we introduce the breaking tsunami of afghan and african refugees fleeing the war in Syria. It is claimed there are near 60,000 of these creatures “stranded” in makeshift squatter camps. Of course stranded being the term we use when a man encounters a locked door and then simply stands there staring at it until eventually expiring in place. Poor Joe, he got stranded on Bob’s porch and died before help could arrive to knock down the door.

The occasion of all this refugee strandedness is the protection bribe paid by Europe to Greece’s neighbor, Turkey. Whoever writes the history books will be sure this exercise gets ample coverage. For it is fairly remarkable. Europe has nominal borders and the military capacity to defend them. Though the “racist” weapon largely renders the former unenforceable and the latter inert. Thus Euro-officialdom has desperately sought to outsource its fundamental duties of state. This has taken the form of a deal with Turkey to stem the migrant flow on behalf of a Europe whose pieties prevent it from taking the action directly.

Unfortunately, favors from enemies are always charged at a premium. And Turkey’s Erdogan set the invoice in the clouds. The terms involving some shifting multi-billion payout along with visa-free travel for 79 million Turks, and the most comical of all: Europe remains obligated to onboard additional migrants. I almost wish he had demanded the letter “Z” be eliminated from the English language, just to emphasize his opponents’ humiliation. Or this would have been equally amusing.



So Europe prostrates itself to a nation of muslim Turks who still owe it one Hagia Sophia, while a European cousin roils in poverty and upheaval on its border. It’s a nearly perfect reflection of modern morality.

There was an obviously better way. Turkey could have been told to pound sand and eagerly await reunion with its millions of soon-to-be repatriated colonists in Germany. The Greek debt could have been renegotiated down by (at a minimum) the bribe paid to Turkey, with an understanding that proceeds will subsidize a stern border enforcement regime. The direction to Athens behind closed doors: stand in our Thermopylae gap, and your debt will be paid. It would have been honorable, it would have been in-house, and it would have solved two existential crisises. No wonder it wasn’t considered.

So with four feet on the floor, migrants’ll be waiting at the door,

You know that ain’t no shit, they’ll be getting lots of tit through Greece Lightnin…


8 thoughts on “Greece is the time is the place is the motion

  1. A very nice summation. When we retrace the problem to its genesis we are lead to the rancid pool that spawned feminism.

    Like the single career gal who defaults to the government as a proxy husband and enforcer when an extra few dollars of alimony will get those Louboutins we have a feminised E.U. under Mama Merkel running to Edrogan when things get a little too real.

    Give a woman an entire continent and its army you’ll keep mass third world immigration away for a day, give her a smack and you’ll keep it away for life.

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  3. I read Nitkin,
    “Slain 16-Year-Old Is Latest Casualty On Once-Safe Block, Now ‘Wild West'”:
    “Woods said. “But I once I got out west, it was just the same old thing. You can’t get away from it.””
    And my response: You could move to a white neighborhood, but more and more….we don’t want you.

  4. And then there is this South-American, by the name of Bergoglio (also known by his craft name, Pope Judas), who keeps telling Europe what they should or should not do. Maybe he could demand that Argentina, his place of birth, opens its borders for the saracens, and then use the six billion euros turcogeld offered to Erdogan to buy tickets from Istambul to Buenos Aires. Assuming a price of a thousand euros per ticket, that six billion euros would fly six million saracens to the land of silver. That six million number seems oddly familiar though.

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