What Grows in California

Most readers have by now seen images from the recent Trump rallies. These including footage of bloodied supporters, wild-eyed revanchists, and pre-pubescent mestizos shouting puto! at their hated white patrons. It was quite a display of conservative values. One notable for actually occurring in California rather than Ixtapa, as most viewers would likely have surmised by appearance of the antagonists. The only indications of western presence being the physical infrastructure standing like silent cenotaphs to an evacuated civilization.

There are multiple layers through which this event will be considered. The most banal insight will, as always, be the one offered for sale. Most mainstream organs will gnash ivory-capped teeth over the violence that attends so many Trump rallies. It’s really a shame the Aryan Brotherhood didn’t set upon Obama rallies with bike chains in 2008, so that the Washington Post could have made the same lament about his resultingly ugly campaign.

Though it’s what’s occurring beneath the blanket of media cant that’s most interesting. Trump’s shocking ascendancy has been a sort of tacit white immune response to the relentless predations of the left, as well as the long-grown-tiresome mewling and purging of the cuckservative right. However his appeal is evaluated, this is plainly a significant component of it. The Wall of Trump is an almost ideal metaphor in that it physically and psychologically serves as a deeply yearned-for defense against foreign intrusion, both culturally and racially. America first means our country for us. Whether his supporters consciously recognize the underlying theme, their limbic system clearly does.

And just as manifestly, so does that of the infuriated foreign nationals now defending their breezily acquired territory in El Norte. It is quite something to watch aggressive overtly mexican threat displays on American soil. How illuminating to learn that national contours aren’t drawn on maps, but in flesh and blood.

That they haven’t renounced American supervision entirely and raised the red, white, and green tricolor over Sacramento rests solely on one four-letter word: gibs. Though with that sustenance seemingly secured for perpetuity, the native human response to a perceived hostile incursion is vigorous defense rather than prostrate toadying. I guess mexicans aren’t quite natural conservatives, after all.


But there’s something even more fascinating at work than watching this ceded state bristle at a blond foreign tribune. America has been expertly seeded and fertilized for a timeless anthropological process. The mosques, the mexican flags, and the MAGA hats are all the first shoots. What we are witnessing is a sort of social botany that is as predictable as any known biological process. It is distinct nations beginning to emerge from the petri dish of pretend American propositionalism. Whatever that proposition was–and I am certain not three in a thousand could agree–it is being replaced by one written in our genes, not in an Anthony Kennedy opinion. Diverse concept countries are nothing more than preliminaries where subsequent nations percolate. And that is where people’s true passion lies.

There is a reason Trump rallies generate such intense visceral reactions on both sides, while National Review cruises only generate business for gay porn websites. One implicitly speaks to an exclusive fellowship, shared history, and national endowment, while the other speaks of Tubman and tax rates.

The scenes in California weren’t at all about politics, but the grinding of tribal tectonic plates. More friction will follow with or without Donald at the fore. We piously tilled-up our yard, and separate nations are blossoming in the loam. There’s nothing to do now but water the shit out of our own.


10 thoughts on “What Grows in California

  1. “….are all the first shoots.”

    Sorry to correct you, but the first shoots were the likes of the NAACP, or even earlier, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation while getting half a million of his people killed.

    What grew from those shoots was an America within America, with special laws and even a special new name.

    Latinos and Muslims are only learning from the new playbook, same as Marxists did with Marx.

  2. Read Chittum’s ‘Civil War Two’ – you can almost certainly find a pdf or two to download on the search engine of your choice. While you’re at it, look up the “Plan of San Diego” – this is take two, because they tried to implement it once in 1915.

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  4. “Pocho” is the word Mexicans who live and work and speak real Spanish in Mexico call the wannabe Chicano-Americans (and they don’t say it with love). It’s my new word 🙂

  5. Victor Davis Hanson muses on life as an expat American in Central California. Some of the questions he asks about his host nation can easily be answered in these pages. Though I doubt he honestly requires the explanation.

  6. I’m sure reports of the sons of Huitzilopochtli spilling American blood on American soil would’ve brought the men mowed down on the beaches of Normandy great comfort in their dying moments.

  7. I attended the rally in Costa Mesa. I couldn’t get in, so I parked nearby and hung out with the crowds outside.

    Most of the anti-Trump protesters seemed to be students from the local high school and community college, SJWs, and local Marxist agitators. There were a lot of Indio-looking mestizos waving Mexican flags. The hatred on display from the anti-Trump protesters was quite something to behold.

  8. “There’s nothing to do now but water the shit out of our own.” Exactly! In the book, Might Is Right, the author claims our race must be kept under constant stress and pressure or we become decadent and perish. You yourself authored a marvelous post entitled Hormesis. Perhaps the seeding of foreign nations among our race is just what the doctor ordered to reboot our immune system.

  9. But they’re just doing the jobs Americans won’t do, like make White Supremacy and Fascism Totally Acceptable in comparison to their massive violence and genetically-induced stupidity. The non-White also is lacking the singular White trait of gratitude. Gratitude is only found in Mankind which is why only White people have this highly evolved feature for a functional civilization.

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