Welcome to the New-Right Reception Center

A brief post tonight on rumors regarding the War for Elysium I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere. This piece suggests Europe is beginning to recognize a military invasion years after it begins.

NATO is three months away from launching patrols off Libya as part of a plan to stop migrants arriving in Italy, Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti said in an interview published Monday.

Pinotti told daily La Stampa that Rome was expecting its allies to approve the plan at a summit of NATO leaders in Warsaw on July 7.

The mission would be part of a broader Italian plan to close the Western Mediterranean route into the European Union based on the return of so-called economic migrants to their countries of origin.

That’s amusing: “so-called economic migrants.” Never, of course, so-called refugees. We’ll need to revisit these usage standards when they are sinking to the bottom of the so-called sea.

“At the NATO level we have asked for Operation Active Endeavour to be recalibrated from an anti-terrorist operation in the Eastern Mediterranean to one which oversees the Libyan coast,” Pinotti said.

NATO is already operating a naval force in the Aegean Sea to stop migrant boats reaching the Greek islands from Turkey.

But an operation off Libya would be more complicated and potentially dangerous given the country’s instability and the presence in some coastal regions of militants allied to the Islamic State group.

Right, keeping a flotilla of leaky African dinghies out of your coastal waters is a complicated and dangerous activity. At least it was before the Peloponnesian War and triremes. Though strangely this proposed blockade is apparently a military campaign more complicated and dangerous than was deposing Kwadaffey for democracy–which in contrast was just the obvious smart thing to do.

Turning migrant boats back to Libya would also be hugely controversial given the unstable situation there.

Hugely controversial to whom? Boats full of so-called migrants? Well sorry, they don’t get a say in European affairs until becoming full-blooded Italians upon landing in Sicily.

Pinotti said the Libyan situation would be discussed at talks Monday in Hanover, Germany between US President Barack Obama and the leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

Asked what she expected from the meeting, Pinotti said: “Support, even for the most difficult part which is the return to their own lands of those who do not have a right to stay.

Pinotti confirmed Italy was pushing for the establishment of migrant reception centres in countries of origin. “This is the road to follow, combined with respect for human rights and support for countries of origin to handle the repatriated.”

Before devouring it’s more savory cuts, I’m compelled to marvel at the pious gibbering of modern Western officialdom. Here’s what Pinotti is saying: we will gouge our purse and risk our lives for sake of recreational African rock-fishing. Furthermore, we will offer bribes to their corrupt and indifferent governments to take back what just left their own docks. A component of which will include European taxpayer financed “reception centers” for migrants IN THEIR OWN GOD-DAMN COUNTRIES.

Shit, I think I’m having the big one. Let me swallow a bottle of nitroglycerin before attempting to complete this.

There we are…so as I was saying, Italians are proposing to build reception centers in Africa for Africans who just shoved-off 10 minutes earlier. Hello Igbu, welcome back to Africa! Though I suppose we do what we must for evolutionarily terminal Euro-cucks to feel that moral frisson.

Despite the derision, this is actually positive news on multiple fronts. European militaries are (allegedly) going to involve themselves in resisting invasion rather than facilitating it. And of equal importance, note the bolded term in the quote above: repatriated. That’s going to be a word on the right side of history. Stopping non-western immigration is only a preliminary. Migrants who “do not have a right to stay” must be “repatriated.” And those lacking that right are innumerably vast.

See you at the reception center, boys

See you at the reception center, boys

I think my heart will endure if Merkel is lost in the scrum.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the New-Right Reception Center

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  2. I’ve been re-reading Camp of the Saints. Raspail was a prophet. Not only did he forsee the invasion, but he perfectly described the eurocucks who will do anything except tell the horde to fuck back off to where it came from – welcome center not an option.

    • May the same thought apply to the Cali-Mex Anti-Trump protesters, before or after November 8. But I doubt the anger is anywhere near the necessary level yet, if ever.

  3. Austrian voters, in the first round of their country’s presidential elections (with president there being a largely ceremonial position), recently allotted the “far-right” candidate a 35 per cent vote share, making him the frontrunner. In the second round he’ll now face off against a Green Party veteran, who got about 22 per cent.

    By contrast, the candidates of the two traditional establishment parties, roughly equivalent to GOP and Dem’s, came in fourth and fifth, barely in double-digit territory.

    The Austrians also tightened their asylum laws, so much so that Ban Ki-Moon (related to the late reverend) voiced “concern.”

    As a German, I’m terribly envious of our southern cousins.

    May Trump be the harbinger of things to come, also in Western Europe (which of course still takes many of its political and cultural cues from the US).

  4. If it’s going to take 3 months to start naval patrols off Libya, how long will it take for NATO member Italy to tell NATO member Norway to stop fishing two-legged biological weapons out of the sea and dumping them on Sicily? You’d think they could deliver that telegram about an hour from now, but you’d probably think a lot of other things that don’t happen.

    • Dear Sven, please be advised that next disembarkation of Africans will be considered an act of war -(STOP)- It would be a shame if Brievik escaped -(STOP)- Warmest regards, Luigi -(STOP)-

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