Reprehensible in the Levant

Those following the constellation of True Conservative media will have noticed a recently relentless barrage against its right flank. In these, the cuck clerisy has been issuing thunderous denunciations of the alt-right. Their primary beef, of course, being failure to remain sufficiently devout to liberal theology and all its assorted ‘isms.

Fair enough, the left needs a right flank of its own. And if conservatism has any contemporary function, it is to uphold that with grim determination. Though one of the most bizarre elements of bigot-loathing cons is their fealty to Israel. This country representing one of the most lurid alt-right societies on Earth. There is something exceptional about a mind that can simultaneously oppose raysis while #StandingWithIsrael. And pieces such as this don’t make that chore any easier.

Almost half of Jewish Israelis believe Arabs should be “expelled or transferred” from Israel, a survey has found.

My God, I fly to Tel-Aviv and land in Stormfront. Undoubtedly this appalling sentiment will be taken up by stone-faced Republicans when next they are summoned to address AIPAC. How much worse could this get?

In the same survey, almost 80 per cent of Jewish Israelis said Jews deserved preferential treatment in Israel.

80%? What, do jews think Israel belongs to them? I hope not, since that country is manifestly a nation of immigrants. It’s almost as if these people haven’t heard a word their global diaspora has been preaching. No more privilege!

For those with a stout constitution, the ugly numbers are below.



The first response to such figures is an eye roll at such cosmic Jewish hypocrisy. But the underlying feature is a disparity between their interests-based morality and our values-based one. As to which is more adaptive, nature is presently rendering her verdict.


17 thoughts on “Reprehensible in the Levant

  1. An interesting survey would be: do these Jewish Israelis believe that America’s founding stock should receive preferential treatment in the U.S.?

    I always enjoy a little Jewish supremacist hypocrisy to trigger me.

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  3. At The Forward a Jewish person said that Israel wasn’t homogeneously Jewish, to which I responded that that might be so but many Jews wish it was. The moderators deleted my comment.

  4. Buckley opened the doors to the jewish take over of the GOP and Conservatism, Inc. His function was to purge and prevent the rise of the old isolationist Right of Father Coughlin and Lindbergh, our favorite jew Philip Roth even wrote a novel about a alternate reality where Lindbergh became President and keeps the US out of WWII, this novel was published in 2004, the heyday of the Neocohens.

    Philip Roth novels offer a good insight into the jewish-american mind.

  5. That Hitler video is the greatest propaganda piece ever produced. My friend was involved in making it. I have been active in the pro White movement for decades and have been an enthusiastic reader of “hate” for all that time. Porter is the number one h8 writer of our day, there are some great h8 writers out there, but Porter writes like Jesus.

  6. What the jews thoroughly understand is value(s), being only how much the buyer will pay. And we’re willing to pay a mightly lot for a tiny little of feel good.

  7. American secular leftist “ostjuden” who dominate the media have little in common with the nationalist/orthodox Israelis. So, yes, it does look like hypocrisy, but it’s like comparing WASPs from San Franciso vs. Alabama.

    The expulsion of Arabs reflects the same view that they are a 5th column. Jewish “preferential treatment” isn’t crazy given that they serve in the military and it is a Jewish state. Also, the presumption is that Muslims should get short shift.

    The other reality is that having Netanyahu, a sh-tlord former commando, the world’s pre-eminent Jew means that the USA’s left is doomed. Accordingly, there is much talk on the Left about how to get rid of him and return Israel to being a socialist basket case addicted to US aid and brought to heel by Muslim enemies.

    • You’ll literally try the “nothing to see here, goyim,” in any situation, won’t you? Even in the only corner where people are wise to your malice, here you are. I’m sure Netanyahu will be cutting the US a check any day now!

      • There is supposedly some Jew gene researcher that says the Ashkenazi are from the Caucasus and not Semitic. Already laying the groundwork for future plausible deniability.

  8. In all fairness there probably should have been a companion survey taken in Saudi Arabia about how welcome Jews are in that country. Multi-culti cuts both ways.

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