Keeping up on the News

One of the things I most appreciate is the gratitude legacy Americans receive from those who couldn’t build a similar civilization if they had the finished product and a cigarette.

Actually, let me start this over.

One of the things I don’t particularly appreciate is absorbing a regime media that never alters its drip of gruel. For reasons known only to AIDS Skrillex, I scan each day. For a purported news portal, the site has achieved a sort of six sigma shitlibery that must be quite enviable to its peers. Its most devoutly observed feature is the anti-Trump article. These alight fresh on the website every morning like swallows at a feed bin. Here’s one of today’s multiple droppings.

And while CNN is friendlier to Trump than the party apparatus he is running within, the same warmth is rarely extended to the host nation this media outlet feeds upon. As occurs most days that have vowels, CNN ran a piece this afternoon on being white in America.

Ahh, that’s very considerate. I’m sure it will be a gauzy tribute to a people’s justifiably proud heritage. I imagine sprinkled liberally with dusky urchins profusely thanking the unseen benefactors that lowered their mortality rate from that of infant chimps left in the path of a leopard. It’s nice to be appreciated. Let’s take a look at some quotes from a fawning story on the challenges of young people growing up white.

In my generation, all the information that came to me was filtered through some very sort of limited perspectives and limiting languages.

Right, like reprehensible racist Nazi, I can’t even. It’s a little surprising to see CNN go down this path…

So for example, if I was going to find out about it, I was going to find out about it through a curriculum that was set by the Board of Education.

And the schools are hardly places that inculcate a sense of pride in young white minds. It’s another good point. One more.

Franki Davis identifies as a gender-fluid demiboy and uses the “they” pronoun.

Huh? Well shit, this is embarrassing. In all the excitement, I clicked on the wrong article. That was actually a glowing piece on CNN about growing up as a bransexual doorknob or some such pathological paraphilia. Here’s the hagiography on white people I was wanting to discuss.

I would be in jail if I was not white.

There is so much privilege I have.

This was a country that was founded on white supremacy.

That has to swell the young breast with pride. Perhaps being demiboys would have generated a more sympathetic portrayal. But I’m maybe a little cynical in thinking the die was cast before pen hit paper coming from author Tanzina Vega, who covers race and inequality in America, and was listed in NPR’s Journalists — Of Color! — To Watch In 2014. But who knows, maybe next week CNN will feature an equally composed ISIS piece on Christianity.

Though the article itself is primarily a discussion of one Whitney Dow (by any metric a gender fluid demiboy himself) and his Whiteness Project. The main point of which being to eliminate the subject matter to every extent possible. Mr. Dow previously appeared at the Reddit Retard Repository in a Q and A about his highly Soros-approved labors. Here’s the most illuminating part of that exchange.

Whitney: I think it (WHITE PRIVILEGE) manifests itself in a lot of different ways. One of the most important ways, in my opinion is that we white people don’t have to think about race that often in our day-to-day lives.

Reddit Shitlord: Guess what. Neither does a Japanese person living in Japan. Where is your documentary on Japanese/Asian guilt?

Whitney: I agree, you could do this project anywhere – Japan, India, Haiti – whiteness is really about the privilege of the ruling ethnicity, not about skin color. That said I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to do a project in japan as my process requires a film crew that looks like the interviewees. [Well, you know we’d love to do a piece on ****** privilege, but where the hell can a guy find a ****** film crew??]

Unimpressed Shitlord: So according to your definition, the act of feeling entitled to unearned prestige, respect, and social benefits could be considered “blackness'” regardless of race.

Whitney: Yawn.

Yawn MFer!

Yawn MFer!

It’s interesting how often when thoroughly cornered libs turn to descriptions of their physical plant. I’m sure his opponent was as uninterested in Dow’s yawns as his farts, moans, or booger extraction. Though I suppose when feigned insouciance is all you got, it’s all you give. Ask me anything…except that!

Yet whether or not he’s too blinded by privilege to consider the matter further, that pre-yawn admission does great injury to whatever Tim Wise-like legitimacy he hopes to concoct. Dow concedes, as obviously one must, that people everywhere prefer their own and construct societies that accrue to their benefit rather than to others. No man in the course of history ever laid the foundations of a polity by asking: Ok boys we bled and died for this opportunity, how do we get the least possible gain from it?

What is to him the impetus for a lifetime of particularist pearl-clutching is no more exotic to the human condition than dying of old age. Which is an issue he could have taken up with equally silly sophistry.

Alternate Whitney: The problem is people expiring in their dotage. I’m going to call this problem “Jews murdered your grandmother.” My website is I acknowledge that dying of old age occurs in all societies, even those without significant jewish presence. That said, I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to do a project in New York, DC, Hollywood, or Tel-Aviv, as my process requires a film crew that looks like the interviewees. So you see, that’s why.

All of which might lead a Reddit skeptic to suspect that alternate Whitney’s true bete noir has nothing whatsoever to do with grief over planted pops, and everything to do with the worst thing in the world.

And I don’t think CNN would appreciate that at all.


11 thoughts on “Keeping up on the News

  1. but where the hell can a guy find a ****** film crew??
    They can be found in the wild in Ookland, CA. You have to be quick though – they’re an isotope with a half-life measured in hours. By the time the stolen ActionNews camera gear is traded for baby formula on Craigslist, the ****** film crew turns back into a pack of *******. Fairy Godmother is a cruel bitch, sometimes.

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  3. Of course it can also be pointed out that western society’s deplorable whiteness has the strangely counterintuitive effect of luring rather than repelling migrants from across the world. By his own logic, Dow should be stationed on the border imploring itinerants to spare themselves the hell that awaits beyond.

    That he is not doing so tells much about how little both he and they believe of his theory.

  4. Franki Davis identifies as a gender-fluid demiboy and uses the “they” pronoun.

    Demiboy? I swear by Mohammed’s beard (pbuh) if I hear one more faggy liberal neologism I’m gonna declare a fatwa on “they” and go jihad on “they” ass, big time.

    An ISIS-led caliphate is looking better and better every day, inshallah.

      • Demiboi? Well that tears it … Allahu akbar … ka-BOOOOM

        Seriously, the real beneficiary of this descent into moral turpitude (besides the degenerates themselves) has to be Islam.

        Compared to our new religion of homo-trannyism, Islam represents morality, normality, traditional values and the family.

        Our own traditional religions are utterly useless on this front. Mainline Protestantism is so decrepit that probably half its clergy are already gender-fluid demiboys themselves.

        “Conservative” Protestants will likewise be worshipping trannies as soon as their Jew masters order them to.

        As for Catholics, would anyone truly be surprised if Pope Francis posed for the cover of Vogue wearing makeup and a bustier, with breast implants, a wig, and a come-hither look on his face, a la “”Caitlyn”” Jenner?

        Islam would seem to be the worst possible system to organize society around, that is except for late-stage decadent liberalism. White people are so ambitious that we took one look at a 7th century brainless death cult and decided we could easily do worse than that. And so we have.

        And our descent, if anything, is accelerating. Who would doubt that in a few short years pedophilia and beastiality will not only be legal, but celebrated and maybe even mandatory? And there are probably sexual deviancies out there that are so obscure, twisted and grotesque, none of us has ever heard of them. These too will soon be celebrated.

        So you have to think that conservative-minded people will naturally recoil from such filth and turn to the only force in society that seriously opposes it, Islam. I could easily imagine millions of whites converting to Islam in order to insulate their families from the homo-pedo-beasto-tranny new world order.

        I don’t think we’re quite at that stage yet, but we’re close. At some point Big Homo and the anti-white Left will have succeeded in destroying everything we hold dear, and the only recourse for us will be to take bloody revenge.

        And nothing offers us a better chance at that than allying ourselves with our erstwhile enemy, Islam. Think of it as the white, hetero Götterdämmerung. Just when the liberals think they have achieved final victory in the culture wars, we will jihad them out of existence.

        And not some pathetic, itty-bitty jihad led by violent retards from the Middle East like the one we’re facing now, but total, earth-scorching holy war, led by highly intelligent, disciplined and organized white men. Odin akbar!

        Imagine a future–not the future we would have hoped for, but definitely not the one the Satanic Left is trying to impose on us–where there is a Chop-Chop Square in every Western city, just like the one in Riyadh. And the pyramids of the severed heads of the demiboys and their fellow travellers are piled so high they will make Cheops look like an anthill.

        One way or another, the Leftists are going to lose. They can lose to us now while we’re still compassionate, forgiving Christians. Or they can lose to us later, when we’re bloodthirsty, merciless Muslims. Choose wisely, Leftist scum.

      • “Compared to our new religion of homo-trannyism, Islam represents morality, normality, traditional values and the family.”
        Much as we keep waiting for the Last WW2 Vet to shuffle off to the Great Shuffleboard in the Sky, 70 years from now they’ll be waiting for the Last Afghanistan Vet to die, so there won’t be any more stories of how those goat- and kid-fuckers wanted to paint the fingernails of every [male] soldier they met.
        White men will never adopt the Religion of Piss, because we lack the requisite mental defects or eternal yearning to be yoked. But, yeah, our freaks’ uppance is coming. One way or another, Nature will insist.

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