Invasion Turning Proper

Bullets and bombs are merely war’s last recourse. The actual front of most conflicts occurs in the vacuum between men’s ears. One gains a deep appreciation of this fact when watching the rapid social effects that result from orchestrated media onslaughts. The images and narratives carpet bombed daily into mentally defenseless targets demonstrate the undeniable power of air superiority.

And when spiritual fortifications have been flattened, antagonists put boots on the ground. That’s what’s happening now in unmoated areas of the West. But eventually even the dullest cucks begin to understand that virtue signaling on migration is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Conspicuously accommodating 100 brown people is a boast, while 100 million is a eulogy. And most prefer their praise served warm.

So what we are seeing presently in Europe is a people slowly realizing their moral vainglory is best taken in moderation. Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t much address the designs of a billion or so global refugees fleeing the war in Syria. You don’t simply lock the door after other people have decided they want in.

For once a large enough number of outsiders determine your house is precisely what they want, seeking your permission loses much of its appeal. That’s when fences start falling, tear gas starts wafting, and it dimly begins to dawn that invasion doesn’t require the Red Army.

Here’s one piece on the siege of Indomeni.

At least 260 people needed medical attention yesterday after police fired tear gas at migrants as they tried to break through the Greek-Macedonia border, where over 11,000 people are stranded, a charity said.

Stranded. That’s an interesting use of the term. Upon strolling to my neighbor’s house and finding his front door locked, it has never occurred to me that at that moment I was stranded. In fact, I’ve been able to extricate myself from his porch by turning around and retracing steps back to my own home practically without fail.

It was the latest violence to erupt at the flashpoint Idomeni crossing…

Do you ever notice that whites commit violence, while others innocently suffer its eruption?

…where huge numbers of migrants and refugees – many fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and beyond – have been camped out since mid-February after Balkan states closed their borders, cutting off access to northern Europe.

There must be some strain of anthropological inquiry that contemplates how consistently man “cuts off access” to “huge numbers of migrants.” It’s almost as if it’s an evolutionarily adaptive response.

Macedonian police accused the crowds of hurling stones and other objects at them in a bid to break down the fence, saying they had used tear gas to protect themselves.

And obviously you can’t trust the accusations of rock throwing by Macedonian police.

Refugees and migrants clash with Macedonian soldiers as they storm the border fence near Idomeni on Sunday

“Two hundred people were treated by our medical unit for breathing problems, 30 for wounds caused by plastic bullets and 30 for other injuries,” Achilleas Tzemos of French medical charity Doctors Without Borders told AFP.

Has Dr. Tzemos ever considered the well-established historical link between storming the border of a sovereign nation and the rapid onset of breathing problems?

Unwelcome migrants in Europe historically experience statistically relevant increases in breathing problems

…some fainted in the suffocating atmosphere.

Well, there was some fainting in Vienna, Tours, and Lepanto as well.


But would you like to know who else swooned at the news of inconvenienced itinerants?

Giorgos Kyritsis, a spokesman for Greece’s migration coordination agency condemned what he called the dangerous and reprehensible tactic of using plastic bullets, tear gas and stun grenades.

I remember reading a military history book that described the vertical hardening of attitudes as conflict escalates. I can’t say now which world war was discussed, but the impression otherwise was indelible. The author described how at the outset of hostilities every care was taken to avoid loss of civilian life and damage to property. And by the end, corpses were stacked in rubble like the remains of mowed-over ant hills.

This is the equivalent early stage of the war for Europe. History suggests its terminal reports will not be so breathless about breathing problems. Though while we wait for liberalism’s energetic climax, here’s a few photos that will one day be cherished for their comparative tenderness.








28 thoughts on “Invasion Turning Proper

  1. I agree with the coordinator of Greece’s transgender needle exchange agency: the use of plastic bullets is reprehensible, repugnable, deplorable, and despicable. They should be using lead.

  2. And back in Wilkinsburg, Pa, USA sanity spins around:

    “The mayor also said the persistence of gangs can be partly attributed to policy decades ago that packed public housing into the east side of the city.
    “Remember this was the grand plan of the 1960s: concentrate poverty, put it all in one area, and see what the results would be,” Peduto said. “We saw what happened in East Liberty, what happened in Homewood, what happened in Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington, when we concentrated poverty in one area. What we need to do is have mixed housing.”

    Mixed Housing.

  3. Another great piece. Your writing style sends the shiv effortlessly home into the side of shitlibbery every time.

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  5. Doctor Without Borders was created by the French Government as a tool to desistabilize African countries, see the Nigeri-Biafra War, the head of MSF was a Jewish Ultra-Zionist Bernard Kouchner, he was also member of the French Socialist Party like a good thinking Jew.

  6. Excellent points – as always. A casual headcount of the “refugees” in those pictures suggests that about 80 percent are healthy males between ages 15 and 50. Kinda reminds one of an invading army.

    • These men are drones who are the result of polygamy… they are the losers. Every extra wife means a loser sex-starved bachelor. The powerful men will go through dozens of wives – jettison the older ones upon menopause. The young men are coming to rape beautiful European women, as is their right because they are uncovered meat and infidels.

  7. “To keep the nomads from descending through the Caucasus, a massive fortified wall was constructed , running for nearly 125 miles between the Caspian and Black Seas, protecting the Persian interior from attack and serving as a physical barrier between the order d world to the south and chaos to the north.”

    The Silk Roads , p.47 Frankopan
    Turnabout is fair play, motherfuckers. Consider these razor wire fences as reparations; with the imminent repatriations as interest

  8. Item 1. Italian cucks continue fishing Africans out of the sea like tuna. As a result, Austria begins sealing its border with soon-to-be failed southern neighbor. Lesson: never be the last idiot.

    Item 2. Bulgarian border vigilantes apprehend encroaching Afghan infantry, tie them up, brandish a machete, and tell them to GTFO. Lesson: once attitudes turn cold, they turn to steel.

    • Italy has been fishing out the poor beleaguered rapefugees for years now only to have them chimp out if the culinary choices in the welcome camps aren’t up to their standards. Mare nostrum indeed.
      God speed Bulgaria. May the rest of Europe take note.

    • …the most brutal citizen’s arrest so far in Bulgaria. The prosecution must open a probe immediately,’ said Krasimir Kanev, president of nothing, warning that a failure to act by the authorities would only encourage such acts.
      Here’s another warning: if you prosecute these patriots for protecting their country from invaders, the next bunch captured will not be turned over to the police, they will be turned into compost or pig kibble.
      The alarmist tone is already changing. It’s gone down from “reprehensible” (REPCON 1) to “disturbing” (REPCON 3). You can almost smell the Zyklon.

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  10. Notice at the 40 second mark the guy with a very long beard, along with others. And later, the calls of Allahu Akbar! This is an invasion.

  11. Fuck your racist door locks.
    Fuck your racist bank account password.
    Fuck your racist land title deeds.
    Fuck your racist, “This food is mine”.

    We want it all, racist!

  12. Why do the police have uniforms marked in Slovenian or whatever that Slavic language is? When you fake the nooze, do it right.

      • Did it. Macedonians are Slavs, and their tongue, Macedonian, is a South Slav language related to Bulgarian and Serb, says Wikipedia. It was a part of Yugoslavia, after all.

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  14. This is how UK Channel 4 news report the “migrant crisis” night after night: It’s a copy-paste of one of my comments at another site:

    “Does this rhetorical style remind you of anything?
    Anything about “six million souls are as we speak suffering and starving in the ghettoes of Russia /Georgia /Belarus /Poland /Lithuania” etc or
    “Six million jewish souls are crying out for your help, from Germany, from Austria, etc “

    This is the supposedly impartial Channel 4 News, a reporter called Matt Frei (Arbecht Matt Frei??!!) just POURING on the syrup , cucking for the INVADERS, as Channel 4 news does, night after night. He’s reporting from a coastal market town, in Italy.
    He’s just talked to some locals(White Italians) who gave him the “we are all humans” spiel when on camera , but “revealed their true, darker feelings when off camera :
    ” We are full, we cannot cope, they cause trouble, they commit crime, we dont want them we cannot take any more” ( Oh, how simply diabolical)

    Frier Cuck: “As they were chopping the daily catch in the market ,the almost daily human harvest of the sea were getting ready to disembark at the port down the road.
    This morning, 200 souls , a Noah’s Ark of migrants and refugees, FLEEING poverty or war, or both , in an Ark of HUMANITY from Afghanistan to Morocco. Now that the Turkish /Greek route into the EU has been shut down, the arrivals here are set to increase ”

    ( One of the fuckers has a “Superdry” sweatshirt on, these are real dusky Moroccan arabs, and are ALL FUCKING MALES !!! )

    ” Last March has already been three times as busy as a year ago , but as long as there is money to be made, the dirty business of People-Smuggling will continue to thrive”

    Ah, so it’s just those nasty ,nefarious , greedy People Smugglers that are bringing in these fit young men in their many hundreds of thousands, against their will. If only there was something we could do, but alas, there just isnt.
    DAMN these flippin’ horrible People Smugglers )

    A local law-enforcement person , the Chief Prosecutor no less , has just said it’s “virtually impossible” to defeat the People Smugglers, without help from the Libyan or Egyptian “authorities”, ( who are conveniently in disarray after we smashed up their countries, thanks jews)

    Freir Cuck now talks to 2 young black bucks from Africa. (Ghana and Nigeria ..both called “Emmanuel” )
    We are shown them both praying in a chapel under a cross
    (SEE!! NOT ALL MUSLIM !! SEE!!!???)


    Their story is that they were “forced” onto a boat and ….

    fuck this , cant take any more. Trigger Max. SWINE.”
    (Im “Tony Hayers” and “GTRman” and “Nilus” depending on which format)

    He also Dindu Nuffin:

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  16. “F*** your racist borders”- English political graffiti outside of Anglophone countries usually merits suspicion. Precisely whom did our tagger intend to read his message? Not Macedonian cops, certainly.

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