The Decline of Boxing’s Intellectuals

According to oft-repeated lore, the concerned citizens who read sites such as this feature a variety of profiles and purposes. These include:

✅ Parent’s Basement
✅ Nazi Grand Wizard
✅ Scummy Nordic
✅ Anime Masturbator

We hope to have provided quality rhetoric to all these cohorts. Though one cohort that has been egregiously underserved here is boxing fans. And that’s not going to change. Though in the course of our data mining operations, a trolley occasionally surfaces bearing a few nuggets of sport.

This is a piece applauding the physical waning of two pugilists whose moral infirmities render them very ungood boxers, for certain. I can’t really comment on their ring skills since the last boxing match I watched was Sugar Ray Leonard v. Roberto Duran, and I doubt either of the men in this story can unseat those champions. So we’ll focus instead on what external issues has the sports writer so vexed.

He (Pacquiao) voiced a reprehensible opinion in the gay marriage debate…

You’d think some sheepishness might seep into the reprehensible/repugnant usage guide. Perhaps a caveat to not overuse to the point of saturation. We all know what happened to teen, after all. Though apparently reflection isn’t a corresponding trait of moral preeners. And so R and R, two previously viable adjectives, are destined for the mockery trash heap as: things most believe, but none are permitted to express.

And what was this flailing Filipino’s reprehensible opinion?

“It’s common sense,” Pacquiao told a Filipino television station. “Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female? The animals are better. They know how to distinguish, male or female. If we approve male on male and female on female, then man is worse than animal.”

This followed by a series of quoted fulminations from vapid celebrity-dom assuring readers that this bland observation represents a klaxon to conspicuous pant-shitting.


Though all of this has been prelude to the relevant point. That being the left’s demonstrated competence in consolidating victories. The floundering mainstream right could learn volumes from their opposition in this regard. Consider what the boxer actually stated and ask what percentage of the world’s population agrees implicitly with it. Probably 90% at least. Yet the tactic is to draw a line on the ground (though not in chalk!) and scream hysterical obloquy at the bovine majority standing to its right. Finding discomfort in being so demeaned the crowd starts shuffling across and soon enough are bleating at the ones still repeating their own sentiments from 10 minutes prior.

It’s quite remarkable to trace the tracks of the herd. As a grade school boy of my vintage, it was a recess delight to play “smear the queer.” The commencement of which was bellowed out before teachers looking on with equanimity. I presume today our little scrum would be hosed down with hollow-points from several converging National Guard units.

The tacit adult approval–well beyond the comprehension of school boys–was not that queers were literally to be smeared, but that homosex was a repulsive, aberrant, and socially undesirable activity. Until very few years ago, this was an utterly uncontroversial position. As such, Pacquiao’s animal analogy wouldn’t have risen beyond tautology. Yes, male animals don’t try to fuck other males, and the sun doesn’t try to rise in the west. Thanks for the tips.

But planting reprehensible in the fertile soil of eagerly resodded minds isn’t the only area where liberalism excels. It also cultivates a lush tribalism within its menagerie of constituents, while simultaneously stamping at the thinnest shoots on the right. This being a cartoonish hypocrisy that conservative media outlets counter by aiding the left in their efforts.

Though what I find even more grating than the bought-and-paid-for cuckservatism of a National Review are the individuals who defend it by disavowing plainly successful tactics of the left. I have heard innumerable sniffs from those ostensibly on the right who claim that tribal appeals are the tools of liberalism, and thus beneath them to deploy. Well you’re certainly an honorable loser. I hope Chinese historians will footnote that.

For tribalism is a formidable tool in competitive environments such as real life. Even more so when your enemy disavows their own. If an opponent brings a gun to the fight, the result is foreordained if you show up with a tablespoon. This is about as exotic an observation as animals mating by opposite sex. I presume readers will deem it appropriately reprehensible.


21 thoughts on “The Decline of Boxing’s Intellectuals

  1. The current World Heavyweight Champ is an Irish Tinker with the perfect ring name of Tyson Fury. He also got in hot water with his betters over some unforgiveable RealTalk concerning homos and Biblical prophecy. Since he is a subject of the UK, he was subjected to a hate crimes investigation and “advised” to recant.

    Fun fact: Da bruthas are going thru a dry spell. The Heavyweight Title has been held by boxers from Europe and the former USSR since 2004.

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  3. Kids at my Christian school were especially repugnensible. We played Tag the Fag, as well as Smear the Queer. I’ve been informed that kindergarteners are no longer beckoned to sit Indian Style; it’s now called Criss Cross Applesauce (pending a formal complaint from the International Federation of Crossdressers).

  4. i can’t remember how many times we used to pull the “my mommy’s chinese, my daddy’s Japanese, and I’m all mixed up” routine right in front of teachers with no consequences. Good clean fun, that.
    OT – Alex – loved your comment on Goodbye America in a Photo re: kill 1 person

  5. In high school, an infamous math teacher was stuffed as far as he could go into a locker. It was most unkind, and and quite a tense scene. The operation was broken up by symapathetic colleagues, and the brutes who attempted to fit him to the cavity were reprimanded. Fast forward thirty years. Retired but still looking to engage, the subject was profiled in the local paper where he spelled out the many slings and arrows he received from ungrateful male students during his tenure. Unfortunately for the editor, they chose to leave the comments section open, whereupon it was immediately filled with the most hateful accusations of pederasty and salacious advances on the part of the victim, and with a number of open pleas to the school board as to how they could have retained such an inappropriate and distracting staff member, and thanks be to God he’s no longer there…

    Oh, how I laffed.

    • Great story. I’ll have to write up a post on that sometime. Loopy lib homo comes to save Africans and ends up on a spit with an apple in his mouth.

      • I listened to the audiobook. The happy ending (lol) is that the fag author quits after one year and goes back to his old job (mega-fundraising for “underprivileged minority” magnet schools). He gets a healthy raise for his trouble (now making ~$200k/yr at the “non-profit”) and resumes life on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with his AIDS-activist boyfriend. The proud Catholic-turned-atheist concludes that there are a lot of changes needed at the micromanagement level before we can help all these kids. To withstand the dripping gayness of the narration, you need to step back and realize that the main character is perhaps even more of a caricature than his merry band of dindus.

  6. I caught a bit of pre-fight coverage on the radio quite by accident. The host, Rosenberg something, lasted all of two minutes before launching into his R&R finger-wagging. This was to be the primary focus of the prizefight. The radio host played sound bytes from his interviews with the well-known trainer and promoter. Both disavowed the homo-hate statements, and one of them shared this (paraphrased) gem:

    “Manny does not have a prejudiced bone in his body. When I was invited to the Philippines, I stayed at his estate. Manny has hired about a hundred servants to work for him there, and I would guess at least half of them are gay!”

  7. Now, now Winston. Have we forgotten already?

    Butfucking men is normal.
    Kikes are not in control of your government.
    Kikes are not arranging White dispossession and genocide.
    Kikeopaths in the US and Israel did not perpetrate 911.
    And what is more, goys, World Trade Tower 7 DID NOT FALL DOWN

  8. In South Carolina, we played “smear the queer”. In Rye, according to my (Jewish) college friend, they were already playing “kill the guy with the ball” in 1973.

  9. Though what I find even more grating than the bought-and-paid-for cuckservatism of a National Review are the individuals who defend it by disavowing plainly successful tactics of the left. I have heard innumerable sniffs from those ostensibly on the right who claim that tribal appeals are the tools of liberalism, and thus beneath them to deploy.

    Politics is a team sport. Life is a team sport.

    This should be easy to grasp.

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  11. “Well you’re certainly an honorable loser. I hope Chinese historians will footnote that.” That is the perfect rebuttal to so much of the mealy-mouthed tripe we get from the once-respectable Right. Bravo, sir.

  12. in the previous alternate world I grew up in (prior to all my fucked up boomer drugged out compatriots fucking up the world by letting the bitches take over) : I never heard the word queer. Not knowing what a homosexual was, even. But we called limp wristed boys faggots or pussies. Those of us who were small for size, slow to develop physically- we were killed in sports and never ever complained or whined. Literally broken bones to avoid the dread pussy label. Not knowing that is what homos wanted to be.

  13. Speaking of boxers you might like Muhammad Ali’s position on racial mixing. This is an effective video to use as a weapon when arguing against racial mixing proponents; you’ll win by a KO.

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