From Brussels to Bangkok

Have you ever come to the impression that Muslims wouldn’t get along with a starving dog if they were wearing a steak suit? Only the grave seems to offer a peaceful respite from this tiresome tribe of ululating head-bowlers.

There are exceptions to every stereotype, though it’s rational to suspect that any concentration of Allah’s sons will ultimately result in some fairly explosive gestures. And because it is a rational deduction premised on the input of our own senses, we must deploy an equivalently irrational term to deny it: Islamophobia.

Of course an Islamophobe is defined as someone who is not a Muslim and doesn’t intend to become one in the future. Brussels showed us precisely why that’s a problem. Though the infirmity of Islamophobia isn’t limited to Europe, it’s also blossoming in Asia. Thailand, in particular.

Thailand is largely comprised of Thai-speaking Buddhists, though its southernmost provinces are majority Malay-speaking Muslims. Can you guess where this is going? Most people are not familiar with the violent and quite durable jihad in that country. And that’s understandable given the preference to keep attention focused instead on its underage prostitution industry. But sometimes the bad news leaks out…along with brain matter and other viscera.

For about the past dozen years an Islamic insurgency there has resulted in bloodletting of diabolical ingenuity. Approximately 6,500 people over this time have been shot, stabbed, strangled, burned, blown up, drowned, dismembered, run-over, beheaded, hanged, and generally treated worse than a gentile in Lakewood.

Sadly for Mohamed, the ruling Thai junta is far less prone than Europeans to respond with candles or cartoons, and so government reprisals have been fairly remorseless. One Muslim shindig was dispersed by federal troops, who arrested male attendees and stacked them like firewood five deep in truck beds. This producing only muffled cries of Allahu Akbar and 85 dead by suffocation.

Most recently in February, a Thai military patrol truck providing security for local school teachers was blown to Brussels by a remotely detonated roadside bomb. As you’ll note below, the stacking goes in both directions.

Those with a frail constitution are encouraged to discontinue reading right now by clicking here. What follows are reportedly photos of both the destroyed military vehicle and it’s equally destroyed occupants.





A far more grisly archive of Muslim cultural enrichment outside the Occident may be found here. Though be advised, those images are extreme and the host prominently festoons his site with gifs of geysering vaginas.

It’s obvious from all of this that Islam isn’t an accommodating creed. Though it’s just as obvious–to anyone not paid to be blind–that difference always drives contempt the closer it comes. Maintaining harmony amidst homogeneity is a chore; keeping it between disparate factions is a fantasy.

Jean Paul Sartre once famously quipped that hell is other people. He didn’t intend the statement to be taken in the simplistic manner many have. But since truth is no match for belief, I’ll argue with interpretation. Hell isn’t other people, but different people. In the past, it required lengthy travel to enjoy the vast mosaic of human culture and experience. The most enjoyable aspect of all being the return to our own comfortable and familiar home.

Unfortunately, we have traded our home for the global mosaic. And the only return flight is revolution. Until that time, the lesson from Brussels to Bangkok is the same: diversity is history’s greatest lie, and hell is different people.


11 thoughts on “From Brussels to Bangkok

  1. It’s only the radical Islamophobes we have to worry about. Moderate Islamophobes are just looking for a better life for their families.

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  3. “diversity is history’s greatest lie, and hell is different people.”
    Would love to produce a t-shirt reading that.
    Could sell a bunch.
    But may never see one worn in public.
    So we trudge along.

    • It’s grueling to watch Northern Europeans eradicate themselves. Though unlike those who want to live, peoples determined to perish face no conflict from competing tribes.

    • Until just now, I’d never heard of Zienna Eve. Now I know she’s someone I never want to see or hear of, ever again (though admittedly, I’ll probably forget her name by midnight). Congratulations, Miss.
      Just two minutes ago I saw something about the Kardashian Klan, and began wondering to myself why porn actresses – who will perform nasty acts upon and with whatever random swinging dick shows up for work that day – go to great lengths to “preserve their brand” and refuse to shark the mud; yet so many “regular” actresses and celebrities eagerly pursue it, like it’ll earn them a Girl Scout badge.
      How can these women (or their agents, managers, families, studios) not realize they are more disgusting than used-up porn whores?

      • I read some piece a while back about a dizzy white carp in the maternity ward who suddenly began to have some misgivings about what type of creature was about to be excreted from her blond/blue body cavity. Reportedly, she asked the attending nurse if there was any chance the baby would look like her, rather than the absent African sperm donor. The nurse somberly shook her head and left the wretched girl to her solitary regret.

  4. Boy does time change our attitudes. Remember the consternation in this country about the poor Uighers that the Chinese were persecuting? In that time I think I was still struggling with hating every damn Muslim on the planet, so allowed myself some sympathy for these poor creatures. I’ve since evolved and, allowing for some nice fellows in IT, would be quite content to see them all wiped out in a hajj to hell. Islamophobia has a fluid range of intensity; I do welcome more adherents to the most virulent form, and the actions of the buggerer adherents are making that inevitable.

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