A Backlash in Brussels

I recall reading once about a Civil War battle in which a massed Southern infantry assault was described. In it, the confederates faced such a dense enfilade of union grapeshot they were said to have marched hunched forward as if walking into a heavy rain. I always remembered that. Not so much for the misery those northern troops secured for both sides’ posterity, but for the image of men stoically bracing to bear what their bodies will not.

It seems likely after today’s attacks in Brussels that Europeans are going to be forced into a similar posture. Walking through their lives as if into a heavy rain. Their liberal countrymen customarily retreating into intellectual temples, where white malfeasance always drives the brown fist, and no dead are mourned as intensely as a phantom backlash. They are now so practiced at preemptive weeping, it’s doubtful any additional tears could be wrung when the real thing arrives.

Though timing is everything when it comes to lashes. And none are less effective than when your country has already been lost. According to its wiki article, over a third of the Belgian capital is now non-European; a figure other sources suggest is actually much higher. At some point the ‘backlash’ will be strictly against the minority indigenous people. Fortunately, like the ones against Christians in Iraq or whites in Haiti, these things don’t last forever.

But in the meantime, stricken Belgians were left to ponder their recourse upon filing from the scene.



The most likely retaliation to this atrocity is the most reliable: a palate-cleansing bombardment of recalcitrant middle eastern sand dunes. How exactly this will chasten the millions of seething muslims in Europe is a question beyond my modest powers of reckoning. Though I imagine if any American readers suffered mortal loss at the hands of a next door mestizo squatter camp, your first natural impulse would be to torch a shanty town in Ixtapa. Our leaders are no different in the throes of their rage.

One way in which that rage will presumptively be sated is by punishing every last snarling itinerant Maghrebi with residence in the country of his choice and a full battery of European welfare benefits. Our vengeance knows no bounds.

So it will proceed. Politicians will betray, predatory opportunists will swamp, innocents will perish, libs will snivel, and normal people will walk grimly as if hunched into a heavy rain. And in the fertile soil of these hardening hearts…a backlash blossoms.


12 thoughts on “A Backlash in Brussels

  1. where white malfeasance always drives the brown fist

    I wrote that before I saw this:

    I’m doubtful this is an actual headline. Though if someone determines one way or another let me know.

    • Probably not real, but here are some actual salon headlines:

      “Multiculturalism is death”: Twitter reacts to terror attacks in Belgium as only Twitter can (Truth hurts, but when it comes from Twitter, it can be dismissed as the baying of the mob.)

      Unlike GOP counterparts, Hillary Clinton refuses to speculate about who is responsible for Brussels attacks, sympathizes with victims of them instead (Blatant evasion is praiseworthy.)

      Faux-moderate John Kasich demands Obama return to United States to deal with terrorism in Belgium (Not-faux moderate is called a “faux” moderate because he fails to agree with Salon that appeasement is the correct response when the West is under attack.)

      Belligerent Ted Cruz and his racist Brussels reaction: With an eye on primaries, Cruz reacts to tragedy by trying to out-fascist Trump (I doubt many Salonistas have any idea what fascism was, let alone why the Left obsessively hates and fears fascism.)

      In Cuba, President Obama says “world must unite” following Brussels terror attacks (fatuous, evasive platitudes praiseworthy)

      #StopIslam: An ugly trend takes hold as right-wing politicians rush to fearmonger over Brussels terror attacks (The truth is “ugly” and those who correctly name the doctrine of jihad as the cause of the attacks are “fearmongers”.)

      After Brussels, far-right Islamophobes are doing exactly what ISIS wants them to do: threatening the “gray zone” (Salon writers, idiotized by leftist ideology, are unable to grasp what ISIS wants. ISIS wants the West to convert to Islam. Any other response, whether aggressive or placatory, politically correct or “fascist”, is the wrong response as far as ISIS are concerned. Salon will never understand this.)

      Tintin’s racist history: Symbol of Brussels solidarity is uncomfortably divisive (Because Hergé portrayed black people in the colonies accurately – awed by “white man’s magic”, but not always convinced that working for money was worthwhile, when a little light farming was all one needed to subsist).

    • If it’s real, Salon could use a grammar nazi. the media…has ran[double error] a campaign…, they keep back against their oppressors.
      over a third of the Belgian capital is now non-European — I never heard of that. I wonder to which continent they moved that third, and how much it cost. It must’ve been cheaper to keep their city in Europe, with Belgium being the most logical place. I like Donald Trump, but my brow wrinkled when he promised this week to move the US capital to Jerusalem. That doesn’t sound conservative at all, and the thousands of commuters from outlying Virginia suburbs will have a carbon footprint rivalling Leonardo DiCaprio’s. Maybe even Al Gore’s. OTOH, Israel has better schools than some parts of D.C.

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  3. The best laws cannot make a constitution work in spite of morals; morals can turn the worst laws to advantage. That is a commonplace truth, but one to which my studies are always bringing me back. It is the central point in my conception. I see it at the end of all my reflections.

    -Alexis de Tocqueville

  4. “At some point the ‘backlash’ will be strictly against the minority indigenous people. ”

    Yep. As I talk to whites throughout the West, this is the only backlash I see brewing

  5. Belgium has NO right wing party. Go that. ZERO. The biggest Sh-tLord in the country is a Rabbi. Jews have been screaming for decades about this.

    I tried being all happy-like with Belgians and they blew me off. The country is dead. Sweden will not be the first one to go down, Belgium will be.

    • no, there is one: N-VA, and they are currently in coalition with OpenVLD (liberal) and CD&V (christians) . The CD&V is the main problem, because they are hardcore leftists.

  6. Belgium isn’t a real country, its no accident that the EU and NATO HQs are in Brussels, the country is British creation after the French defeat in Waterloo, its a symbol of (((Globalism))) made possible by defeating the Continental European powers.

    France, Germany and now Russia is on the (((Globalists))) eyesights again, Judeo-Anglo-American globalism ruined Europe.

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