What is Brittle Breaks

Man’s behavior is a bouquet of fascinating coincidences. One of the more interesting of these is how moral imperatives so routinely blossom from self-interest. For instance, what’s best for me definitely resides at the apex of our values. In obvious contrast, those things which accrue to my detriment or disdain are…well, you know all the proper terms of derision by now. The point is a lubricated society has to have an accepted set of principles and mores. And it’s my responsibility to advise you proles on exactly what those are.

A problem with this equitable arrangement, and I will speak now as an impartial third party, arises when the yeomanry refuses to accept the counsel of its wizardry. This resulting in increasingly hysterical value proclamations from the latter. Are you listening? Higher COGS homogenous communities are not our values! Of course prudent men always seek to clarify the speaker’s our before considering the matter further, as it differs from that of the audience in 100% of those instances surveyed. I’m guessing Gawker’s Fifth Generation Survivor Nick Denton made a similar appeal regarding the injury our values would sustain from a nine-figure compensatory verdict to Hulk Hogan.

And so values in a democracy have become the means by which white middle class interests are ceded to both competing ethnicities and the rich. The question is how to manage historically unique situations when this human livestock won’t peacefully shuffle into the abattoir.

All values aside, a political system becomes very brittle without peaceful means of redress and change. If men are not offered a way to influence their environment, they will eventually carve one out on their own. If inclined we could name many popular ballot initiatives defenestrated by a court system that claims to commune with the Constitution’s penumbras. Each instance representing a people’s peaceful attempt to redirect state policies into alignment with their majority will.

When these attempts are rejected by judicial diktat, the societal pressure that drove them is in no way released by presentations of sophistry from black robes.

And now voters are offering another clear expression of popular will in the GOP primaries. That this is deemed unacceptable by its current stewards is wholly irrelevant. Words don’t fall out of the air when they fall on deaf ears. Those in thrall to donor checkbooks, and all of their pundit pilot fish, have interests in explaining your values. But they have no interest in hearing your response. But not hearing is a choice. And choices have consequences.

And what, do they imagine, might be the consequence of offering men no peaceful means of change? They hope that consequence is a docile demeaned public lassitude. They may very well be correct. Though history has examples of responses more energetic. Was it Ceausescu or his subjects that were in contravention of Romanian values? It’s almost as if no one even stopped to ask.

The take away is that resilient systems allow for peaceful changes of both policy and personnel. Rejecting the impetus for this change does nothing to negate it. Politics is a story told by many people. And wise parties know when to relinquish the pen.


7 thoughts on “What is Brittle Breaks

  1. Is it not delightful that a mere eight years ago this country was offered a ” peaceful means of redress and change?” At the time I was a frequent poster on MISH, under the name “ChangeYourDogCanRollIn”.
    True change may come about only so often: maybe 80 years; The American Revolution, The USA Civil War, WWll, and ………..
    Are we now looking at more ChangeYourDogCanRollIn, or ?

    • Dave, we can always be assured that minorities and migrants will be any country’s most enthusiastic agents for “change.”

      Though when the host population is thwarted from applying a tourniquet to the wound, the result is either submission or revolution.

  2. The problem with current Republican elites is that they’ve strayed too far from the bulge of the bell curve. 90th percentile elites are smart, but somehow not so smart to recognize that if they stray too far from the “values” of the 50th percentile, they could end up on a lamppost. D’s have a built in advantage here, as their message naturally appeals to the cohort most inclined to action in this civilized age, and those who hear the dog whistle of self interest being sounded. 90th percentile (and I don’t claim to b above them on that bell curve) Rs wouldn’t intentionally appeal to bell whistles if their civilization depended on it.

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  4. Excellent post!

    “Of course prudent men always seek to clarify the speaker’s our before considering the matter further, as it differs from that of the audience in 100% of those instances surveyed.”

    Example 1. “Diversity is our strength.”

    Yup, not the strength of most Americans, but a strength of the oligarchs. As Steve Sailer says, “Divide and conquer.”

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  6. Men don’t want “change” per se, they want pussy. Obviously if I’m not getting pussy, something needs to change. If I am getting pussy, the current system isn’t that bad.

    Civilization works by maximizing the number of men who get pussy. That means limiting alpha males to one or two women apiece, and giving the remaining women the choice of marriage to a beta male or lifelong celibacy.

    Socialism gives women a third option: get knocked up by a series of unemployed bad boys and vote for higher taxes on celibate nice guy betas to pay for their welfare benefits, child care, and make-work government jobs.

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