Never Be the Last Idiot

Fate offers its fools a group discount. Though when left standing alone, the price of folly is very high. Certain flamboyantly foolish European states are absorbing this lesson in the migrant millipede now backing up against their neighbor’s borders. What was the cheap moral grace of turnstiling foreigners north has become the quite expensive problem of being the last countries still open. And wise preeners always leave before closing time.

These are concepts you and I can understand, though mere heads of state can not. Particularly those in Greece.

Macedonia closes its doors completely to migrants trapped in Greece

Well that’s inconvenient for migrants and Greece. And probably the type of event that contingency planners should have contemplated before converting their country into a Levantine bus stop. Though I imagine Orban, for one, is digesting the news with relative composure. It’s striking how few foreigners become ‘trapped’ in countries that don’t grant them entry. Though as it stands, Greece has one more problem than normal.

‘This is putting into effect what is correct and that is the end of the ‘waving through’ (of migrants) which attracted so many migrants last year and was the wrong approach,’ (Austrian foreign minister) Kurz told public television.

‘As Europe, we must help Greece but we have to make sure that arriving in (the Greek island of) Lesbos doesn’t mean a ticket to Germany,’ he said.

For a young man just learning to shave Mr. Kurz appears to have a sage’s understanding of dealing with other people’s problems. That is, make sure they stay that way.

But few problems prefer solitude, so the migrantpede is eager to make new European acquaintances. According to this piece one shut door just opens an another opportunity.

The closure of the Macedonian border will force migrants with a ‘more aggressive attitude’ to find new, illegal ways to enter Europe, experts have told MailOnline.

New routes include perilous sea crossings from Albania to Italy and even from Turkey to Italy, a distance of more than 900 miles.

Migrants may also brave the mountainous border between Greece and Albania, and travel from there by sea to Italy, or via Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina to Croatia. 

Some may even travel through Russia and attempt to cross its porous northwestern border with Finland.

“Most of the migrants making these illegal journeys will be the aggressive, single males who are not refugees and know they will be refused asylum,” Gianluca Rocco from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said.

The International Organisation for Migration. How many migrations from say Peru to Malaysia has this organization facilitated, I wonder. When your purpose is just gratuitous human movement surely one is as well as another. Probably the West accounts for about 10% of their work.

Though seeing her description of the migrant profile, I’m trying to recall the term we traditionally used for large groups of ‘aggressive single males’ who violate national boundaries. Ahh well if it doesn’t come to me, I’m sure it will come to Europe. But in the meantime, the publicized invasion routes are printed below. Were Western militaries privy to this information, perhaps the thrust could be blunted. Which makes it lamentable that allied forces who once resolved the enigma machine can no longer decipher plain text in the Daily Mail. Perhaps the chief of British intelligence will stumble upon this blog by serendipity.


If you’ll notice the direction of those phallic arrows, one country in particular is primed to be the last girl walking home in Cologne.

Italy fears becoming center of migration storm

Rome concerned that closure of Western Balkans route will force migrants to Albania — and then on to Italy.

As the Western Balkans route used by migrants to get from Greece to Northern Europe becomes almost impossible to navigate, fears are growing in Italy that it will become the center of attention — on two fronts.

Croatia, Slovenia and non-EU Macedonia announced Wednesday that their borders were now closed, leaving thousands of migrants stranded in Greece and looking for alternative ways north.

Many of them may head toward Albania, and then on to Italy.

As European interior ministers meet Thursday to discuss a Turkish plan to send back all migrants on Greek islands, Italians have other worries: how to deal with a potential influx from Albania at the same time as the weather improves and boats laden with migrants could begin making their way across the Mediterranean from Northern Africa to Sicily.

Apparently this outfit is for Renaissance role play only, and thus no deterrent to amphibious landings. But Italian ambivalence at being the last dope at the dance is valid. Of course it’s all la dolce vita while Merkel-the-Mad grasps for the tab. But now the pain is trending vertical for those on her periphery. And the Italians seem to have a lower interest in moral vanity’s higher costs. All of which is to remind: if you’re going to be dumb, always get the group discount.


7 thoughts on “Never Be the Last Idiot

  1. Weeping in admiration, sir. First sentence worthy of Rod Serling, noir grimness, the rest like the best savagery of Waugh, Evelyn, not Alec. Perhaps the Romans will get to re-LARP their Ethiopian methodologies.

    But hey, this morning Draghi has increased QE to 80B Euro/month, and plunged the krauts deeper into NIRP. A counterfeit tide lifts all boats.

  2. “Apparently this outfit is for Renaissance role play only”
    It surely can’t have anything to do with the fact that the Sinister of Defense is a dyke looking communist.

  3. Perhaps the chief of British intelligence will stumble upon this blog by serendipity.
    If not serendipity, then perhaps by vetting your nomination to the esteemed No Entry List. I’ve heard the beknighting ceremony is festive – trumpet fanfare, court jesters (this year it’s Chris Rock. sorry.), and HRH wears the Crown Jewels while dubbing thee, Shitlord of Essex. And not least, the catering is all imported.

  4. Hmm. I think maybe people have neglected to tell Macedonia and Greece about the vibrancy and economic benefits of mass immigration from the third world. Greece, in particular, should be thrilled at the prospect of adding millions of low skill shepherds to their economy. As I recall, throughout the entire showdown with the EU nobody had proposed mass immigration from Syria* as a solution (except perhaps Caplan).

    * Syria = All non-OECD countries

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