It’s not the thought that counts

How much misery is pumped from a soft heart. That’s a topic I’d like to see cardiology explore at some point. How many well-intentioned and benevolent impulses have terminated in a brackish flood of blood and tears. So often we tranquilize ourselves with the opiate of good thoughts, certain they must render good effects. And few thoughts seem to make us feel better than universal charity and non-discrimination.

Unfortunately neither of these gauzy principles lend themselves much to rational non-intervention. The notion has been introduced once or twice in the country’s past. Rather than continuing our futile attempt at racial alchemy, Daniel Moynihan once suggested to Richard Nixon a posture of benign neglect toward American blacks. It’s a concept to consider resuscitating, here and abroad.

We’ve spoken at length on the malign effects of rejecting benign neglect. Particularly as applied to Africa. What once were 250 million starving Africans, Western charity has now multiplied to over a billion. Soon enough it is projected to be two billion, a significant number of whom will determinedly seek the horrors of white oppression. As a result, the West will either be consumed or it will turn away as Africans perish by the millions. That is the unavoidable choice. And one of many examples how the tug of compassion often pulls people into very uncomfortable positions.

But what were those of kind inclinations to do? Sally Struthers was bawling, the flies were swarming, and $1/day could make a real difference in this child’s life. And now those children are making a real difference in Europe. Altruism’s stiletto.

The same emotions that motivated Africa’s subsidized explosion were also present in forming America’s frankenstein civil-rights movement. Speaking not of its architects or their machinations, but of the public’s emotional buy-in, civil rights was sympathy. It was an expression of etiquette. One that basically said: come on let’s treat blacks decently, it’s the only decent thing to do. And a mere generation later, decency is graded by the degree of contempt for those nice polite white people.

No one meant to create a monstrous population spike in Africa, they only wanted to feed hungry children. Just as a previous American public never intended to turn their posterity into despised minorities; they simply wanted blacks accorded dignity. Too bad neither thought sufficiently about logical conclusions.

And though far more mundane than either of those ongoing events, I had to marvel at a couple of other little remarked upon conclusion milestones. The first was this report pertaining to permissible immigrant diseases. It looks like weeping genital lesions are back on the menu boys!

The (Obama) administration has decided to let immigrants with three sexually transmitted diseases known for causing sores or lesions on genitalia to enter the United States, an expansion of a previous decision to let in those with HIV.

The Department of Health and Human Services this month opened the borders to those with the STDs, deeming the communicable diseases not a big threat to the United States.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies said that HHS does not believe that the costs to taxpayers to handle the immigrants with STDs will be significant.

Now, said the Center, the list of inadmissible communicable diseases only includes syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and leprosy.

A penis without chancroid is the leper’s bell of hate. But what exactly am I as a taxpayer on the hook for as far as treating these hard screwing immigrants? Fortunately the HHS Secretary has run the numbers down to a penny.

The results are not economically significant, i.e. more than $100 million of costs and benefits in a single year.

That’s reasonable. The world only has a finite supply of diseased third-worlders available for infinite western medical care. So you pay what the market demands. Though I can’t help but imagine the prohibited basis of communicable disease of public health significance was meant to capture pathogens such as HIV. But we are a nice people. And once you begin virtuous non-discrimination, you don’t stop till the retrovirals run out.

Another example follows.

Take a look at this form from the federal Office of Personnel Management. Its purpose is to document worker disabilities in order to meet non-discrimination mandates within the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This piece of legislation serving as another niceness gesture with amusingly mean results. Though everyone feels justifiable sympathy for the disabled, so what could offering them succor possibly injure? Well, we have learned through practice that the only way to not-discriminate against blacks is to discriminate against whites. And the only way to not-discriminate against people who can’t count their toes, is to discriminate against those who can.

Note the following list of “targeted” disabilities:

18 – total deafness in both ears

21 – Blind (inability to read ordinary size print, not correctable by glasses, or no usable vision, beyond light perception)

30 – Missing extremities (missing one arm or leg, both hands or arms, both feet or legs, one hand or arm and one foot or leg, one hand or arm and both feet or legs, both hands or arms and one foot or leg, or both hands or arms and both feet or legs)

69 – Partial paralysis (because of a brain, nerve or muscle impairment, including palsy and cerebral palsy, there is some loss of ability to move or use a part of the body, including both hands; any part of both arms or legs; one side of the body, including one arm and one leg; and/or three or more major body parts)

79 – Full paralysis (Because of a brain, nerve or muscle impairment, including palsy and cerebral palsy, there is a complete loss of ability to move or use a part of the body, including both hands; one or both arms or legs; the lower half of the body; one side of the body, including one arm and one leg; and/or three or more major body parts)

Other Impairments
82 – Epilepsy
90 – Severe intellectual disability
91 – Psychiatric disability

92 – Dwarfism

I can’t argue with mandating more dwarfs in government (or does that mean Tolkien’s dwarves?) Regardless, you will have observed items 90 and 91. As such, the public’s legislative expression of generosity now obliges the state to staff its labyrinths with simpletons and psychopaths. I’m not sure if stage four autism qualifies as severe intellectual disability, though if so Bryan Caplan has permanent career insurance.

As an example of one agency’s pleasantly candid compliance efforts, see this Federal Aviation Administration website.

To be eligible for non-competitive appointments, a person with Mental Retardation, Severe Physical Disabilities, or Psychiatric Disabilities must:

have documentation from a licensed medical professional (e.g., a physician or other medical professional certified by a state, the District of Columbia, or a U.S. territory to practice medicine); a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist (i.e., state or private); or any Federal agency, state agency, or agency of the District of Columbia or a U.S. territory that issues or provides disability benefits.

Thank God the FAA has at least applied some rigor to validating job candidates. As a passenger, I would feel highly aggrieved if something other than a genuine retard were guiding my flight from the control tower. Though I vaguely wonder if non-competitive government appointments for mentally disabled people at the public’s expense were the actual motivating sentiment behind this legislation; or whether it is merely the logical conclusion of another noble gesture.

Whatever the answer, people who engineer and support all such beatific initiatives have proven themselves overqualified for government work.


8 thoughts on “It’s not the thought that counts

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  2. At can be found:

    “Operations concerning the increase of mankind, peopling of countries, &c.”
    By Benjamin Franklin. Boston: Printed and sold by S. Kneeland in Queen-Street 1755

    In it, Franklin offers many thoughts that count, by staggering numbers today.

  3. Thanks again for the interesting read. In Helmut Schoeck’s famous book Envy: A Theory of Social Behaviour, he writes that love for the distant is a substitute for a failure to love one’s own neighbor.

  4. This too.


    It’s not clear if you would want to consider elucidating a different perspective on the insanity that has become America’s “egalitarian ideals,” but you may want to consider how the Cold War/communist-socialist-egalitarianism presented challenges, both economic/militarily and ideological, to the American elite. Not as a way to pardon their failings (the intelligent ones who took up this task of survival are dead or out of power now anyway, we are dealing with their bastard offspring), but to accurately frame and point out where and why they failed the nation and their policy of doubling down/means-ends reversal.

  5. A couple weeks ago I saw a composite creature of the above topics: Misfit Immigrants, and Disabilities. Some mid-20s poonjabber (or paki or whathaveyou) gimp was shuffling through the supermarket with his poonjabress and poonjabling – in an electric wheelchair. I took a quick, disgusted glance at his lower extremities, and conclude in about 3 seconds that, since his ankles were not in castes [sic pun, sorry], a laser printer or filing cabinet hadn’t fallen on him at the office; rather likelier, our government wove a Welcome mat in whatever language his village speaks, and dragged him through our front door to begin his EBT-IV drip that won’t end until Medicare/caid accounts for 300% of GDP, and ceases to exist.
    Just another one of those moments when I wished I had Stage 8 cancer, or a Presidential Pre-pardon.

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