Tolerance for The Other

Probably the most fascinating element of Donald Trump as a candidate is his being simultaneously both a liberal and a nazi. This being a dichotomy resolutely unexamined by those offering the observations. Of course the country has suffered a dearth of liberal nazis since Barney Frank decamped from Congress to erect a homosex bordello.

But perhaps the oddest aspect of this wily political fusion is that liberals don’t even recognize the liberalism in Trump that conservatives perceive clearly. In fact, by any metric of their typically flamboyant hysterics, liberals actually loathe this half-liberal hybrid far more than they do any of the True Conservatives arrayed against him. Trump, who should at least be tepidly embraced, is thus a philosophical mulatto rejected by other liberals for a lack of purity. They should all be in bedsheets. The left is a movement of repugnant political eugenists.

And that’s the type of mindset that gets people killed…or even worse, offended.
Here’s an example:

Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from ‘wild beasts’

Well sure, the marbled polecat can be irritating in Israel this time of year, but ‘wild beast’ is hyperbolic. Particularly if someone mistakenly thought Benny was referencing other human beings, who have every right to live in Israel.

Here’s another example of people losing their heads over the diversity that makes us stronger.

Leading Hindu priest decapitated in Bangladesh

A top Hindu priest was decapitated by attackers in northern Bangladesh Sunday and two worshippers wounded, police said, in the latest assault targeting minorities in the Muslim-majority nation.

Bangladesh has seen an upsurge in attacks on minorities including Shiites, Sufis, Christians and Ahmadis by Islamist militant groups.

What qualities make for a top Hindu priest? Probably one who can’t look up at his own belt-buckle, I would imagine. But again, the problem with the majority Muslim population in Bangladesh is the same as with Jews and liberals previously: not accepting people different from themselves. What else do we have?

Well, there’s Greece.






South Africa


and Angola.

We could proceed across the globe, though extrapolation suggests every group on Earth is actually xenophobic and intolerant to outsiders in their own space. Just like liberals.

Which makes this website one of the few places still welcoming to those who are different. Stop in anytime Donald.


12 thoughts on “Tolerance for The Other

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    • I imagine we Indians by way of Cuba have much to teach the people of Punjab. What exactly our values are being not the least.

      By the way, I had a “fences of the world” post in mind to write at some point. The India/Bangladesh specimen being a striking example.

      • I pioneered this legal gambit in pointing out there are literally billions of women on Earth who have never been raped by Bill Cosby.

        And even if the number of non Bill Cosby raped women is less than one billion, the average white man still rapes more.

      • Xenophobes never mention that if Bill Cosby sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, you would get a higher number of rapes per man than most immigrant groups. And look how white the choir is.

      • The Tabernaculars singing “Na na na/Gonna have a good time!” would be a great outreach to the black community. The archangel Bringham Young is probably wondering why he didn’t think of it sooner.

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