Athens on a Hill

Just because a state doesn’t enforce boundaries does not mean they won’t exist. This is the notion that normally percolates in my mind while suffering the talking-noise of some open borders autist. The human condition is not a blank slate and, despite the platitudes of present fashion, it does not yearn to “bring people together.” This being so obvious that its acknowledgement represents an extreme breach of etiquette.

Though the proof is available for review. Anywhere the government boot heel is lifted off a people’s neck they (often quickly, always eventually) segregate into homogenous and vigorously defended habitats. As has been quipped a million times: diversity is so desirable it requires gunpoint implementation.

Given that human nature holistically is something much less malleable than the mind of a white college student, I think certain forecasts are fairly viable. One of those being the likely successor to a scenario of dissolved Western nation-states. It won’t be a frictionless liberaltopia of brownish-yellow consumer units, I can assure you. Though we’ll return to that shortly. For sake of foreshadowing, I think the “right side of history” may make a jarring U-turn to the past.

There are few more fundamental human needs than the one to carve out some radius of security. Not just physical security, but psychic. A place where fathers can daydream about neighbor’s wives as their children play, rather than having to maintain a constant worried vigil. A place where they can interact at-ease among like peers, without the spiritual gangrene of ‘ism avoidance and maladaptive liberal conformity. There was a time in living memory when they could.

In pre “””Great Society””” America, a poor white family could still afford a safe, peaceful, and homogenous living space. As these were the amenities of their national birthright. Ones enforced by community standards and vigorously defended borders. Though 1964 ended the right to choose our associations domestically, while ’65 extended the restriction to the the world. And so we began the fitful process of turning our country into a petri-dish.

A rarely remarked upon corollary of this transformation is in the debasement of that national birthright. If everyone is an American, then no one benefits from it. Just as if everyone wins the lottery, no one gets any money. Applying a term to all who claim it extracts its meaning entirely. And so people seek meaning elsewhere. Do you imagine Zuckerberg is amenable to living without boundaries in his own space?

Thus what follows the modern nation-state is very likely to be the pre-modern city-state. What national borders failed to achieve, municipalities will enforce. Not necessarily with machine guns at the city limits–at least not initially–but with the only currency still accepted: currency. As national birthrights continue to disintegrate, peace and security will increasingly become options available for purchase only. Most morbidly obtuse shitlibs imagine they will have access to the more desirable of these locales by virtue of their virtue. Only if virtue pays very well indeed.

Vancouver and San Francisco both offer fascinating glimpses into the early stage of this evolution. With many black interior rust-belt cities offering equal examples of what will be the more affordable models. But as we are discriminating consumers, let’s focus on the aspirational brands.

According to this article, the average sales price of a house in Vancouver last month was a bracing $1.8 million. Whether that is quoted in American or Canadian money is irrelevant to the economic border being erected there. If you’re more of a visual person, perhaps this graphic will depict the situation.


And what sort of demographics might such an affluent polity feature? Reportedly these are the figures as of 2011:

White: 53%
Asian: 41%
Black: 1%
Central/South American: 1%

Well that certainly appears to be a more effective border than the one at Laredo. Very strange. For comparison, what might be found a little way down the coast? Here’s a piece on San Francisco real estate from 18 months ago:

The median price paid in June for a new or existing single-family home or condo in San Francisco hit $1 million for the first time, according to a report released Wednesday by DataQuick.

“It’s really hard to buy if you don’t have cash or 50 percent down and make an offer that is non-contingent,” says Doricko. She’s had buyers who made the highest offer lose out because the seller asked cash buyers to come up to that price. “And they do,” she says.

Look I’m certain a purple-haired barista with a pleasantly piquant tumblr page could surely entice sellers down a few hundred grand. Otherwise is she just supposed to live in Stockton or something? Let’s see what San Fran’s demographics reveal.

Non-hispanic white: 42%
Asian: 33%
Black: 6%
Southern Border overflow: 15%

White and asian again. I wonder if some pattern will emerge? Regardless, my forecast is for very few seven-figure black and mestizo home buyers in the city’s future. And a resulting racial profile that increasingly comes to resemble its northern neighbor. Though what for those whose liberalism is more robust than their bank account? Well that’s what places like Gary, Indiana are for. Would you care to guess its demographics?

Median price: $39,900

Median price: $39,900

Of course maintaining coveted market positions will require sound leadership from future city-states. That means liberals like Bloomberg who get the joke, rather than ones like De Blasio who do not. The joke, of course, being to have your liberalism and not get eaten by it too. And that means drawing rigid economic borders, employing an enthusiastic well-paid constabulary, and screaming racist at the whites so gauche as to not even have the good taste to live in Pacific Heights.

Ultimately all men interested in family formation seek a secure and stable environment. Some do so by checkbook and others, eventually, by means far less genteel. And from hills overlooking the azure Pacific, one can always be certain which group is most noble.


12 thoughts on “Athens on a Hill

  1. The road to easy money:

    1. Start a real estate investment fund
    2. Call it White Demographics REIT
    3. Contact media and ask them to please spazz out over the racism of it all
    4. Enjoy the free publicity
    5. Profit

  2. Growing up in a multicultural town it was terrible. Everyone hung out with their own and there were many fights. Especially the feminist powered black fat girl admiration attitude present. I can’t imagine how worse it is now.

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  4. You omit the secondary effect. So much disposable income is spent by these groups on the economic border that they can no longer afford to maintain population replacement levels.

    One might conclude then that whilst the third world is spread by the womb, the first first world must be spread, or at least maintained, by the gun.

    • The issue of family formation affordability is a valid point (certainly at the margins) in these emerging economic fortresses. The extremely rich will be customarily insouciant to the entire situation, aside from their P&L statements. But those who must strain to purchase entry, particularly on two incomes, will be aghast to learn the cost of quality San Francisco childcare.

      And for those financially relegated to the darker city-states, we should remember this dictum: blacks living in a ghetto have many offspring; whites in a ghetto do not.

      Though that’s not all. There will also be some not insignificant white/asian intermarriage within these elite city-states, which will further erode both demographics as well as any residual bonds of fellowship between one partner and their spurned nation.

      Even more ferocious is the black pairing that we already see prolifically in lower class/intelligence whites. As “minority” areas become increasingly inescapable to those without wallets thick enough to fix the roof from, there will be even more white females who succumb to the culture that surrounds them.

      • There’s no choice but to defend your family and property. There never was another choice. San Francisco is a fertility black whole for UMC people stupid enough to live there because of the costs, plus it’s a tax plantation for the elites. Better to take your chances in some backwater no one else wants or be the change you want to see in higher-crime areas. At least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that due to your lower income, very little tax money went to shore up the System.

      • The black and white pairings are now taking place with more frequency in working and middle class white families. With the results usually being the punchline from the joke/truism “what’s the most confusing holiday in the ghetto?” The answer of course, Fathers Day… As the young black buck leaves the scene, leaving the baby niglet for the girls parents to raise…I’ve lost count of how many white thirtysomething parents I’ve seen pushing around the stroller with some little mulatto spawn they were blessed with by their daughters poor choices/cultural brainwashing. All in supposedly “good” neighborhoods. We’re running out of time…

    • This is happening in Australia. Australia is in many ways Canada down under. The resources based economy. High Political Correctness. Incredibly high real estate prices and Asians.

      In Australia, most whites have been priced out of the market. The only ones that can afford homes are investors and Chinese.

      So high house prices are locking whites out of suburbs where the Chinese with their laundered money are moving in.

      Secondly, most houses are bought by speculative investors. They either don’t rent it or, of if they do, rent to whoever will pay. The kind of person who relies on mass immigration to keep the prices of their property portfolio inflated is not going to care too much about the demographics, as long as it isn’t black, I suppose.

      It would be nice to think that high property prices create a barrier, but they don’t. The whites who buy aren’t living there. They rent out to whoever.

      Australia JUST LIKE CANADA, keep high immigration to keep prices inflated. Also, people have to forgo little luxuries, like children, to pay the oppressive mortgages.

      We’ve had a housing bubble for years. It’s been nothing but a disaster demographically. It has not led to any demographic improvement for the progeny of the progenitor of Western Civilisation, only damaged it further.

      It makes little sense to defend land as a birthright, by pricing it out of reach.

      Look into the Chinese money which is flooding the market, which is causing anomalies like that pictured Canadian house.

  5. There’s no hell hot enough for the people who brought this about. There’s still hope that they’ll see justice. If it comes at all, it will be unpleasant – history is littered with such nasty surprises. Depriving millions of people of the country their forebears sweated and fought for, taking away their chance of having families, wiping out their bloodlines…we’re living in the midst of silent genocide.

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