Powering the Future and Beyond

For those unfamiliar with the term, the ADL provides a helpful primer on the very bad ungood “Alt-right” movement.

One of the extremist-related “buzz words” that people may encounter in 2016 is “Alt Right.”  The term “Alt Right” originated with extremists but increasingly has found its way into the mainstream media.   Alt Right is short for “alternative right.”  This vague term actually encompasses a range of people on the extreme right who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of forms of conservatism that embrace implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy.

People who identify with the Alt Right regard mainstream or traditional conservatives as weak and impotent, largely because they do not sufficiently support racism and anti-Semitism.  Alt Righters frequently disparage the conservative movement by using the derogatory term “cuckservative,” popularized in 2015.  The term “cuckservative,” a com­bi­na­tion of “con­ser­v­a­tive” and “cuck­old,” is used by white supremacists to describe a white Chris­t­ian con­ser­v­a­tive who pro­motes the inter­ests of Jews and non-whites over those of whites.

Though not every person who identifies with the Alt Right is a white supremacist, most are and “white identity” is central to people in this milieu. In fact, Alt Righters reject modern conservatism explicitly because they believe that mainstream conservatives are not advocating for the interests of white people as a group.

White supremacist Richard Spencer, who runs the National Policy Institute, a tiny white supremacist think tank, coined the term “Alternative Right” as the name for an online publication that debuted in 2010. The online publication changed hands in 2013 when Spencer shut it down. It was soon re-launched by Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki, who were former writers for Alternative Right.  Spencer went on to found another online journal, Radix. Both Alternative Right and Radix act as forums for racists, anti-Semites and others who identify with the Alt Right.

The term “Alt Right” is not the only term used to describe this movement.  Some of its adherents use other, similar phrases, such as the “New Right” and the “Dissident Right.”  They all refer to the same race-infused brand of extreme conservatism.

Alt Right adherents identify with a range of different ideologies that put white identity at their centers. Many claim themselves as Identitarians, a term that originated in France with the founding of the Bloc Identitaire movement and its youth counterpart, Generation Identitaire. Identitarians espouse racism and intolerance under the guise of preserving the ethnic and cultural origins of their respective counties. American Identitarians such as Richard Spencer claim to want to preserve European-American (i.e., white) culture in the U.S. As Michael McGregor, a writer and editor for Radix wrote in an article in the publication, Identitarians want “the preservation of our identity–the cultural and genetic heritage that makes us who we are.”  Identitarians reject multiculturalism or pluralism in any form.

Others in the Alt Right identify as so-called radical traditionalists, people who want to preserve what they claim are traditional Christian values but from a uniquely white supremacist perspective. The Traditionalist Youth Network is a group that espouses a white supremacist form of Christianity and promotes “family and folk” and separation of the races.

Others in the Alt Right simply identify as white nationalists, who want to preserve the white majority in the U.S., claiming that whites losing their majority status is equivalent to “white genocide.”  They favor propaganda on subjects such as immigration and “black crime” as “evidence” of this ostensible ethnic cleansing of whites.

There are people with other beliefs who fall under the umbrella of the Alt Right but all share a fixation on white identity as central to their ideology. Different segments of the Alt Right may refer to themselves as neo-reactionaries (those who reject liberal democracy and ideas associated with the Enlightenment. Some neo-reactionaries refer to their theories as the “Dark Enlightenment.”)  Others may call themselves “race realists” or alternately “HBD” advocates, a reference to human biodiversity (those who believe that one’s race governs traits such as behavior and intelligence—with non-whites being inferior to whites).However they define themselves, Alt Righters reject egalitarianism, democracy, universalism and multiculturalism.

A number of Alt Righters are also blatantly anti-Semitic and blame Jews for allegedly promoting anti-white policies such as immigration and diversity.[Outrageous!]  Alt Righters mock conservative support of Israel as anti-white. The woman behind the Alt Right Twitter handle recently wrote, “I support ALL Jews living in Israel or a defined area.”

The Alt Right is an extremely loose movement, made up of different strands of people connected to white supremacy. One body of adherents is the ostensibly “intellectual” racists who create many of the doctrines and principles of the white supremacist movement. They seek to attract young educated whites to the movement by highlighting the achievements and alleged intellectual and cultural superiority of whites.  They run a number of small white supremacist enterprises that include think tanks, online publications and publishing houses. These include Radix and Washington Summit Publishers, both run by Richard Spencer; Counter Currents Publishing, run by Greg Johnson; American Renaissance, run by Jared Taylor; and The Right Stuff, a political and social blog with a  number of contributors.

Another strand of the Alt Right consists of younger racists savvy with social media and Internet communications. In recent months, a number of these Alt Righters have promoted Donald Trump’s* presidential bid, seeing the populist candidate as someone tougher than so-called “cuckservatives,” thanks to his controversial stands on issues ranging from immigration to Muslims in America.

Alt Righters like to try to use terms such as “culture” as substitutes for more lightning rod terms such as “race,” or promote “Western Civilization” as a code word for white culture or identity. They do not make explicit references to white supremacy like the “14 words” a slogan used by neo-Nazis and other hardcore white supremacists. The “14 words” refers to the expression, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Even though Alt Righters share the sentiment behind the “14 words” they’re more inclined to talk about preserving European-American identity.

Though the Alt Right is not a movement, per se, the number of people who identify with it is growing. It includes a number of young people who espouse racist and anti-Semitic beliefs. It has a loud presence online. The intellectual racists who identify as part of the Alt Right also run a growing number of publications and publishing houses that promote white supremacist ideas. Their goal is to influence mainstream whites by exposing them to the concept of white identity and racial consciousness.

The term “Alternative Right” is a conscious attempt by these people to stake out part of the conservative spectrum and to claim that they deserve a voice in conservative conversations.  The term “Alternative Right” explicitly avoids the use of the word “race” and conjures rebel or anti-establishment figures—often attractive to youth.  The “Alt Right” is in a sense an attempt by white supremacists to infiltrate conservative conservations that have largely deliberately excluded them in recent decades.

There’s nothing the ADL stands more firmly against than nationalism in Israel (what some supremacists call “the Jewish state”) and infiltration of conservatism in America. What’s a neocon anyway? No matter, there are more important issues at hand–such as the transition away from our reliance on fossil fuels.

I believe Jewish hypocrisy represents the greatest untapped source of sustainable power that man has ever conceived. In the future we can anticipate jewish pundits, rabbis, or just members of their 8,592 American advocacy organizations will only be inconvenienced to periodically speak or write into sidewalk terminals distributed through every urban environment. The incandescent input of which will be used to heat huge underground reservoirs of water. The resulting steam release to drive turbine generators in producing electricity for all mankind. It’s an exciting time to be a dual-citizen.


20 thoughts on “Powering the Future and Beyond

  1. As a rule I don’t watch Tarrantino movies. Though if this review of The Hateful Eight is accurate, I’d say we are drastically underproducing hate ourselves.

    It asks a question that many should consider periodically: what if we had an arts and entertainment industry that celebrated our civilization rather than reviled it?

  2. I have always suspected this website of being a racist rag. Now that the ADL has opened my eyes, Porter, l will be spending less time here. After all, I am going to need the time to visit all of the other ignorant sites that I have newly discovered. Later.

  3. “A number of Alt Righters are also blatantly anti-Semitic and blame Jews for allegedly promoting anti-white policies such as immigration and diversity.”

    At least we agree that immigration and diversity are anti-white policies.


  4. The summary has a few problematic generalizations and a few lies. Overall though, I can’t see how an average joe reads about the alt right and gets upset. The authors have forged careers out of bandying around shocking racism and anti-kikeism allegations; they can’t wrap their heads around the concept that these ideas have drifted into banality.

    I guess it’s still important to some few people, in the vein of Iowans voting for president based on the abortion issue.

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  6. I’ve never seen an avowed white supremacist, but the Chosen-ites love to toss around this term.

    I’m not sure if they’re being deliberately obtuse or if this is projection. Zionist/Chosen-ite identity always carries a strong element of supremacism.

    • I’ve never seen an avowed white supremacist, but the Chosen-ites love to toss around this term

      Supremacist is deployed 14 times in the piece above, which is fairly parsimonious given the source. It’s fascinating psychologically. They feel obliged to maintain a stream of come on boy, supremacist! lest their dogs start to stray. It’s telling that they don’t feel secure enough to just point them and release the leash.

    • I’ve only known one such skinhead “supremacist”, who sets his padlock combinations to “1488”, and whose kids have drawn swastika tattoos on each other with washable markers. He voted for Obama. Twice. (To be clear, he’s been “1488” since at least 1999.)

      • Nope. He truly thought “There would be more jobs and shit and the fuckin economy would be better”. In ’08, he tried to pass it off thusly: “If he wins, there’s a better chance someone will assassinate his ass. That’s why I voted for him.”
        It was White of him to set aside his personal bigotry for the sake of the fuckin economy.

  7. The “Alt Right” is in a sense an attempt by white supremacists to infiltrate conservative conservations that have largely deliberately excluded them in recent decades.

    Conservative conservations. We all yearn to infiltrate them, but we keep getting frustrated by that damned Cloak of Invisibility.

  8. The Shitlord Hub is the most comprehensive and user-friendly Alt Right aggregator (theshitlordhub.blogspot.com), featuring RSS feeds of over a hundred sites. Kakistocracy is there too.

  9. White supremacists are far too inclusive for me. I’m a Northwest European supremacist myself 🙂

    For any ADL mooks reading this, I don’t mean that NW Euros are necessarily superior to all other earthlings on an individual level, but that they clearly build better societies than anyone else (including Jews!). I’m a racist and supremacist on a societal level rather than on an individual level.

    And it’s not just me. Other NW European supremacists (though they might not self-identify as such) include the bloggers Peter Frost, Jayman and HBD Chick. Each of them have repeatedly pointed out that NW European societies lead the world in any number of quality-of-life criteria, and that the reasons for this are primarily genetic and biological.

    Where I disagree with them is in their definition of NW Europe. They demarcate the borders using the Hajnal Line, which is based on long-term patterns of marriage and fertility. So their definition of NW Europe also includes France and most of Italy, Spain and Portugal, while excluding Finland, Ireland and most of Austria.


    To me, while there is a racial (Caucasian), linguistic (Indo-European), and religious (Christian) unity to European civilization, each of these categories are further divided by 3, and then split into 3 broad cultural-geographic blocs: A Nordic-Germanic-Protestant one in the northwest, a Mediterranean-Latin-Catholic one in the southwest, and an Alpine-Slavic-Orthodox one in the east.

    Each of these blocs has a core and a periphery, based on race, language and religion. The core of the Nordic-Germanic-Protestant bloc includes Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. The periphery includes Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the 4 Anglo settler societies (the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

    Those 18 nations make up my definition of the NW European world. Whether NW Europe should be defined by race, language and religion, or by marriage and fertility patterns is up to you, dear reader.

    Other NW Euro supremacists include John Derbyshire, who has repeatedly linked to other, lesser-read writers on the subject, added his own insights, and has probably done more to popularize the issue than anyone else.

    Heartiste is another prominent NW Euro supremacist, who has helpfully introduced the term “Anglo-Germanic” to his huge readership, as a more accurate ethnic identifier than the geographically vague “Northwest European.”

    But the king (or queen, I’m not sure which) of the NW Euro supremacists has to be MG Miles at the Those Who Can See blog. MG has written extensively on the topic in long-form blogs, always with lots of maps, charts, photos and data coming out the wazoo. MG also correctly defines Northwest Europe IMO, and this post in particular should possibly be considered the ur-document of NW Euro supremacy.


    A couple of caveats: None of the writers mentioned above, as far as I know, have ever identified themselves as NW Euro supremacists. That’s only my opinion of their work. Got that, ADL mooks?

    Northwest European, or Anglo-Germanic supremacy shouldn’t be seen as a slight to Southern and Eastern Europeans. I believe that S. or E. Europeans can fully assimilate into NW Euro societies in a couple generations, tops. But I don’t believe that any S. or E. European countries can ever reach the scientific, intellectual or technological heights of the NW Euros. The French, Italians, Poles and Russians are all great nations. But the British, Germans and Americans are at another level altogether.

    The NW Euros/Anglo-Germanics are the Achilles of the human race. Achilles was an almost indestructible warrior, but with one fatal weakness. The Achilles’ heel of the NW Euros is patholgical altruism, the suicidal instinct to put the interests of others above those of oneself. From a supremacist point of view, this is because NW Euros are the most moral people in the world, by far. But this excessive morality is on the verge of killing the most successful civilization in history, to the detriment of all of mankind.

    • I was surprised at Nugent’s honesty there. I never paid much heed to him in the past, but from what I saw I took him for a brain-dead patriotard. Let’s hope he stands up to those who’d like him to utter a grovelling public apology.

    • “some of our most vocal and successful gun rights advocates, such as Alan Gottlieb at the Second Amendment Foundation, are Jewish, as are a significant number of gun writers, editors, and photographers.”
      Did any of those Good Ones notice what Nugent noticed, or did their noses obstruct their vision? I sometimes suspect the phrase “Police your own” cannot be translated to Hebrew.

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