Trump, the Very Bad Ungood

Contrary to my own speculation, the old familiar song got caught in New Hampshire’s throat last night, as Trump lapped the field while popping wheelies. As you will be unsurprised to learn, those who get paid to pen pap were highly disheveled by the performance. Consider this quote.

Trump can win. Trump must be stopped.

Would you say that came from or National Review? It’s neither, of course. This is a hard news source: As in most similar evaluations, the analyst soberly delves into the mindset and motivations of Trump supporters.

They revel in the shamelessness of a man…

This ear-tagging of shameless reveling is, as you are aware, an obligatory preamble to any assessment of Trump’s political traction. It’s an overt signal of the speaker’s alignment with his peer group. One that reminds me very much of a friend who travelled briefly to Pakistan. He reported that practically every native sentence began or ended with inshallah. This is signaling and social lubricant rather than an appeal to divinity. And so it is with liberals. It won’t be long before their group lunches feature similar etiquette.

What can I get you?

Trump is bad and his supporters are worse. I’ll have the cob salad.

There is a chance to stop Trump in South Carolina on February 20. That state is more ideologically conservative, with a stronger local party leadership and a tradition of preferring mainstream candidates. But if the moderate field remains divided, it’s quite possible that Trump will win again.

And that would be bad for all of us.

Us. I’ve written previously on the remarkable elasticity of plural pronouns in the modern vernacular. Us in this case stretched to mean a group that advances globalism, while them refers to those who do not. Thus we support population replacement, and they are nazis. It’s not particularly complex.

So just how bad would Trump be for…us?

His characterization of Mexican migrants — legal or otherwise — is wrong and damaging at a time when America is evolving towards a less-white society.

In other words, the battalion of parasitic squatters in your living room doesn’t much care for that tone of voice. And since your home is evolving to become theirs, you should probably just keep your trap shut and smile. Less damaging that way.

His stance on Muslim immigration, which he would cease until the terror threat is brought under control, is racist.

See? Racist. You wanted a reason why you can’t keep Muslims out of your country and there it is. This sort of ingrown intellectualism will be long mused over by the Chinese. There’s no appeal to logic, utility, tradition, and certainly not our own welfare. It’s like a bushy Afro growing beneath a man’s scalp rather than over it. The liberal can feel an entire sensible head of hair that is completely indiscernible to an exterior perspective. For them there is only the lush logic of racist or not racist to guide one’s path. And once racist is determined, it simply requires acknowledgement and nothing more.

Which brings us finally to conservatives (sotto voce: Trump isn’t one).

Trump does not care about the things that regular conservatives have dedicated their lives to fighting for:

I am eager to learn what these things are.

❌ controls on abortion
❌ protection of marriage
❌ reform of the healthcare market

That’s a modest range of ambition to be certain. So much so that conservatism under those terms can be seen in Somalia if not domestically. They have few abortions, protected marriage (of whatever kind), and a robust shaman HMO. Who knew all those dedicated conservative lives would fail to conserve anything here while flourishing in the Horn of Africa?

So what’s the inevitable conclusion?

The Republican Party needs to stop him — and sooner rather than later.

Right, Babel depends on it. And as Patrick Henry implored, give me a reformed healthcare market or give me death!



15 thoughts on “Trump, the Very Bad Ungood

  1. When I saw that opinion piece earlier this afternoon, I searched in vain for the cnn comments button. Alas, they don’t want the collective “us” to express what fucknuts we think their guest writers are. Already pissed, I then noticed the author was a writer for the daily telegraph; former bastion of Tory reasonableness, but current outpost of cuck moral posturing that would make Rich Lowry blush.

    Ross Douthat ventured on similar ground today. Now; I get that Trump might not be the ideal cup of tea for some in the Sprawl, but dammit when I wrote in Ron Paul in 2008 (20 million anchor babies ago) I had the decency to keep quiet about it because I knew in my heart McCain was better for the country than Barry. If it turns out that these creatures truly make no such distinction between Trump and Hilary, and actively undermine him at the end, then their positions on the list of those with lamppost reservations must surely be secured.

  2. @DN,

    I never visit website that don’t allow comments, so I don’t go to CNN, among others. Well, there is one comment-less website I visit: Mark Steyn but he is too good to miss.

  3. Media, the Beltway, Jews, the immigrants who just stepped onto the tarmac 20 minutes ago, black national socialists, all agree: Trump must be stopped. What sensible conservative could possibly think otherwise?

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  5. Keep those pieces coming on the election – they’re surely the best commentary on the Web on the subject.

    To think the paper that publishes this non-entity’s articles used to be Britain’s patriotic paper. And what possessed CNN to think he might have a different perspective on the US elections? He’s just another cuck among thousands denouncing Trump.

  6. Most unintentionally hilarious political quote I’ve seen in a while:

    Ken Langone, the co-founder of Home Depot Inc. and billionaire Republican donor who invested in Christie’s bid, said the result Tuesday was “very positive” even though he hoped the New Jersey governor had done better.

    “The overarching message that came out of New Hampshire last night is that the American people have had enough of the status quo. I think that’s wonderful,” Langone said in an interview before heading to a round of golf at the Seminole Golf Club in Florida.

    There’s real amusement in such regal insouciance. The American people have had it with the status quo! Now Jeeves, go grab my clubs from the trunk of the Maybach. I’m playing the back nine today.

    • Trump – Doing the job of clearing Home Depot parking lots of wetbacks doing the jobs Americans won’t do that Langone won’t do.

  7. Porter you’re spot on with the social signaling, I had that same thought this week. After the NH Trump Thumping where he won every demographic, the Left got real scared. They are all now paranoid some of their own will turncoat to the Donald. Conversations at the office are prefaced with derogatory comments about Trump. What is most delicious for me is to see that people are coming out of the woodwork, biting back with “Trump isn’t that bad” . Trump is being seen as more socially acceptable at work, parties etc. This is a good thing and watching the Liberals quake in their boots is a divine pleasure.

    • The Left shouldn’t fear, but lie back, relax, and take it with a tear. The Dems will vote for Trump, over that old cunt Hillary or the older cunt Bernieberg. Though once relaxed, I bet Trump will donkey punch them. He seems the type.

  8. The power of words.

    Your house is evolving from yours into theirs.
    Your roads are evolving from yours into theirs.
    Your cities are evolving from yours into theirs.
    Your country is evolving from yours into theirs.
    It’s natural, you see?

    Racists like Trump DENY the New Evolution! Find the deniers! Stop the deniers! Purge the deniers! Do you know a denier? Have you exposed a denier today? Even if it’s your own family? Is there a little bit of a denier in you?

    The language of the left is now becoming so similar to that used by the frightened rabbits under the terror of the Checka/KGB in the USSR that one wonders just how deranged they would be if the threat of actual mass murder and torture were used as it was then rather than merely ostracism from their peer group today? In those days, it was just these types that went on to become the torturers and officials of the Gulag system.

    Which is brings us back to how one takes control of a country and a people. First, control their money: Bank of England, Federal Reserve etc . Second, use this wealth to buy all the necessary media power to control the minds of those whom you wish to conquer. Peer pressure will do the rest. The power of words.

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  10. I think we should have flexibility on this issue of Syrians immigrating to the US. We could make an exception. For those whose had children and wanted Syrian refugees in the country. They could import the refugees, have them stay in their homes and take care of their children.

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