New Hampshire

I’ll put this up to house any discussion on the election results tonight. If forced to speculate, I imagine Trump will underperform his polls as occurred in Iowa. It’s analogous to the logic in my old post on the Scottish independence vote. Amidst those razor-thin projections, I predicted a fairly easy win for union retention. And that’s exactly what happened. The human soul yearns for familiarity–even as it kills him.

What’s so cosmically ironic is that familiarity and continuity are precisely what Trump’s wall and other “far-right” propositions seek to provide. Though once people have been politically caned for so long they come to recoil from caress.

It was also in New Hampshire 24 years ago that the insurgent candidacy of Pat Buchanan erupted on the inchoate cuckservatism of HW Bush. Though fractious voting sheep were subsequently corralled back into their abattoir by friendly and reliable assessments of racism, anti-semitism, and xylophobe.

You didn't even have to listen

You only had to not listen

Of course this was before it became obvious that any attempts by white America to claw out of its grave would be received with equal apprehension. Thus being assured that Buchanan’s advocacy of their interests was a very bad thing indeed, Republicans dutifully rejected him in favor of a Bush clan all-too-eager to prove that constituent welfare was hardly a top priority. Give Jeb credit at least for the honesty of his malice; there’s not even the pretense he will advance your cause. And if his recent bump in the polls is any indication, a candid disdain may be exactly what the people of New Hampshire seek. Just keep playing that old familiar song.


8 thoughts on “New Hampshire

  1. At 70 years I wonder when …… no, I believe my country which I was born in, grew old in, is already being lowered into its grave. I only observe this last election process as one intrigued by the question: why would Trump want the presidency? As I see it, he is attempting to jump on an out of control downhill snow sled already way past any chance for directional change or braking. Tonight my choice is rye, for why.

  2. With 42% reporting it appears Trump performed to the polls, which means the spirit of ’92 still surprisingly lingers in the Granite State. As of this writing, figures are as follows:

    Trump: 34
    Kasich: 16
    Cruz: 12
    Bush: 11
    Rubio: 11 (he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing)
    Lipitor: 8
    Sea Biscuit: 4
    Carson: 2

    I would assume the bottom three have concluded their efforts in this campaign. New Hampshire is not fertile ground for Carson (or Cruz) and so he may attempt to limp into South Carolina. But in honesty, his gig is up and it’s time to resume peddling rice. The same with Carly, who no longer has a raison d’être in this race aside from making a vainglorious challenge to the beast for most obnoxious crone. Finally, Christie apparently accrued no benefit from his BBQing of the telenovela star, and can’t realistically expect more from a trip south.

    Cruz maintained position in unfavorable terrain, and seems now to basically be the religious and tea-party shell candidate who is deemed by the GOP as a nose-holding contingency.

    Which leaves the three center-lane cuckstablishment candidates. Bush and Rubio both still have plenty of money, and since neither probably spends much time wringing-hands over Kasich, I imagine the people of South Carolina can anticipate a pleasant future of continuous ad carpet bombing from these two until the primary. Both being desperate to oust the other as they are standing on each other’s toes in scrambling for the same electoral slice.

    As for Trump, +18 is a convincing win. Right now he’s the yacht of hate…and they’re all just swimming in his wake.

    Dave: glad to have you stopping by. If you ever want to know what America was really like in your youth, Reddit has many 20-something liberals eager to advise.

    • Dave- as another old dinosaur headed for the abyss- enjoy the show! Remember fondly those gravy days of the 50s when father knew best and all our fathers were oppressing everyone everywhere, when they weren’t slapping their bitches for bring the wrong sandwich. Hopey changey, rearrangey… chairs slide down the deck..

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  4. I woke up tonight to a Golden Dawn. Kasich redivivus! Fasten your seatbelts, America, the signpost up ahead reeks of: Desperation. And buckwheat griddle cakes.

    As Reagan once said: “Mr. Trump, Build That Wall!”

  5. Trumposaurus Rex, in all his rampant glory, slaughters and devours a slew of lesser creatures: ¡Yeb! Boosh, Marco Roboto, Krispy Kreme, Rafael d’Alberta, Bed Carzzzon, Secretariat, and John Kasich (too lame for a nickname).

    Also congratulations to Shmuley Sanders for slaying the Hildebeest. L’chaim!

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