Healthy Xenophilia

Sexuality is where the rational mind goes for vacation. All of us have those pleasurable portals from polite platonics; though few could logically conjugate them. For instance, it would require great dialectical powers to interest me in Asian women. Short, flat, foreign, and with all the curves of a cinder block, I’ve simply never absorbed the appeal. Though that’s not to deny its sway over many others, which is apparently quite substantial.

Yet the more I read of one Asian nation in particular, the more I detect a lusty xenophilia blossoming in my loins. That nation is, of course, Japan. And this saucy little gal is giving a hilariously inscrutable middle finger (and two epicanthic folds) to the “refugee” regime.

Japan accepts 27 refugees last year, rejects 99%

Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year and rejected almost all applications, officials said Saturday, as rights groups urged the government to allow more people in.

The country has long been nervous about an influx of refugees into its homogeneous society and has tightly restricted the number it accepts.

Of the thousands seeking refugee status, five were Syrian, only three of which were accepted — a far cry from the massive influx of Syrians into Europe from the war-torn Middle East nation last year.

The justice ministry said it received a record 7,586 refugee applications in 2015, meaning more than 99 percent of requests were rejected.

Other accepted applicants included six from Afghanistan, three Ethiopians and three Sri Lankans.

The ministry said number of refugees accepted last year was a jump from 11 in 2014 and six in 2013.

The Japan Association for Refugees said despite the progress in recent years, more applicants should be accepted.

More applicants should be accepted according to the Association for Refugees. Right, so let’s start the migrant/year meme right now: 28 in 28! Though liberal anguish may be assuaged by the trend if nothing else. 11, 6, and now 27. That’s significant statistical progress of the kind Western states should carefully emulate. Subsequent to deportation of all non-autochthonous squatters in Europe, those countries should humanely accept up to 50 itinerant homosexuals each.

Though the far more prosaic observation from Mt. Fuji is one unrecognizable to most in Europe and America. Contra the modern western model, Japan’s state exists to serve its nation. And thus the interests of the latter are advanced rather than subordinated. As a result, alien colonies form at a comically glacial pace. It all makes for a very attractive figure. I’m starting to feel a thrill up my leg.


12 thoughts on “Healthy Xenophilia

  1. Um.. so they haven’t progressed and grown and evolved into understanding the benefits of demographic euthanasia? Or is demographic euthanasia one of those racist whites-only things?

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  3. Japan needs to think outside the Panda Express take-out box. Nationalize a bunch of Syrians, give them each a Rising Sun flag, have them colonize one of those contested Bukakke Islands in the South China Sea, and bingo! you now “own” that whole ocean.

  4. It’s an unhealthy trend nonetheless – 6, 11, 27. If the number doubles on average each year for the next decade, it will be around 14 000 by 2026. To counteract the countless pro-immigration lobbies, being passively nativist is no use. You need to be hell-bent on keeping your country free of invaders.

    • That 14,000 is only 2-3 days worth of rapefugees in merkelistan. However, if we extend the horizon only a little, say, to a quarter of a century, that means over sixty million rapefugees. In 3 decades it is over a billion Allahopithecuses (-pitheci? -pithecines? – I leave it up the Grammar Nazgul on duty). The samurais have to be really careful with that exponential trend, no matter how harmless it seems now.

  5. “That 14,000 is only 2-3 days worth of rapefugees in merkelistan. However, if we extend the horizon only a little, say, to a quarter of a century, that means over sixty million rapefugees.”

    The “Replacement Migration” report from the UN in 2001 stipulated 159 MILLION immigrants by 2025.

    They’ve only tested us so far. We aint seen nothing.

    Merkel won a Coudenhouve Kalergi award a few years ago. This award is given by the Pan-European movement for promoting “European Integration”.

    The Pan-European movement seeks to realise the KALERGI PLAN. This plan involves replacing the white race in Europe with an Afro-Eurasian “man of the future” who will be “a mongrel” – by mass immigration and eventually forced interbreeding.

    The plan is probably half way through already. Acceleration of immigrant numbers will reach startling levels within 10 years. They are serious about this.

    Merkel is not a PC liberal idiot. She is trying to destroy the German race and the rest of the European peoples too.

    Word is getting out though.

    The Kalergi Plan is real.

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