All Our Times Have Come

You’ve all seen them before. Sometimes female, mostly male, always irritating. One of society’s trailing sled dogs, desperate for a better view. These are people born to lead…a junior high gym class. Though since asperation succumbs slowly to experience, we all remember the type: those who spontaneously bolt out of a languid march with enthusiastic appeals for the group to do this! or follow me! These representing futile leadership coups, ones nearly always dispatched with vacant smiles and unaltered course. This leaving the politely spurned piper a choice between trudging bitterly alone, or a sheepish return to native station. Either way we all eventually accept: Pomeranians don’t lead the pack.

Though it’s not for a lack of trying, Sweden. No nation more embodies the earnest, over-eager archetype of the boy always bounding ahead while looking behind. This presenting an obvious problem when cliff-space expires beneath your feet. And what does such a person do while waiting for gravity’s morbid grip? Yell even louder for others to follow, of course.

Europe Refugee Crisis: Sweden Says EU Can ‘Easily’ Accept Millions Of Refugees

Once enthusiastic about accepting refugees from war-torn Syria, Swedish officials on Thursday defended their recent move to stem the flow of asylum-seekers into their country. At the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, they said that if other neighboring countries were willing to work cooperatively to accept as many refugees as they had, Europe could easily absorb millions of refugees every year — but that if they don’t, Europe’s decadesold union will be jeopardized.
More than 1 million refugees came to Europe in 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration, with more than half coming from Syria. While EU officials have promoted overall refugee targets for the continent, officials in Central European countries like Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have taken steps to toughen border controls and have suggested their countries do not want to permanently accept the influx of refugees fleeing from Syria. But Morgan Johansson, Sweden’s minister of justice and migration, said that Europe should have no problem absorbing far more refugees than it has.

“I think it is in a way a tragedy that we know that Europe as a continent could easily handle this task for a million, a million and a half or 2 million a year to Europe,” he said.

Do you understand Europe’s tragedy now? Not enough migrants. That is to say more honestly: Europe, outside Sweden, still has a toe on terra firma. And for moral superpowers, one is a very lonely number at terminal velocity.

Though think about a highly fecund infusion of two million per annum into the continent’s already robust colonies of swarth. Think about how these new Europeans will form constituencies appealing to venal and traitorous politicians. Politicians who will, in turn, issue somber pronouncements on the horrors of not-yet-reunified families of 24. And contemplate a projected 2.4 billion Africans in 35 years, and how much of that eggsac will attempt to burst onto Europe. Finally consider native median ages in the 40s combined with dramatically sub-replacement fertility. In this sobering context, how do Swedes characterize their request to neighbors? An easily handled task. And so it is…for those not around long enough to eat a green banana.

But enough trepidation, Europe. Seasons don’t fear the reaper. Nor do the wind the sun or the rain. We can be like they are–come on baby.

The mistake here is — the fault is — that other countries did not take their responsibility, and that is why we end up in this situation.

As you may not be as fluent in Swedish, the practical translation is: Other countries did not take their responsibility to self-eradicate, and that is why we ended up in this situation alone. Perk up, Morgan. Angie’s dragging her country screaming over the edge. You may enjoy timeless consortium yet. And if not–well–just try not to look.



25 thoughts on “All Our Times Have Come

  1. It’s quite sickening to see the modern day adult descendants of the Vikings committing collective suicide and worse still condemning their children to a fate worse than death itself. Blonde hair and blue eyes will all but fade to black in that tiny nation in a few generations, along with it the flame and spirit of a once proud and fearless people.

  2. Phonetically, that reads, “Sweden says eYOU can accept millions of refugees”. Mighty White of ye, Sven.
    On a completely unrelated subject, I’ve thought about Poland bragging that refugees avoid their realm because “we offer jackshit for gibs”. What if Angela Merkelberg and Sven Cuckstrom decide their own inns are full, but they will gladly pay Allah and Hu-akbar to squat in Poland and Czechorslovakia? It could get awkward. “Um, yeah, um, guys, we really just don’t want the sand ******* here.” However you say that in Polish.

  3. My cousin tells me the rapefugees are avoiding Romania like the plague, even the ones directed to settle there by EU dictum. Although certainly a nation more than homogenous and white enough to be a target for diversification by the globohomo elite, apparently the Romanians saving grace is their appalling financial situation which has thus far preempted them from inclusion in the schengen zone. 2 Euros a day, a lack of newly constructed luxury lodging and the peoples contempt for muslims in general seem to not be enough of a draw for these new Europeans to the eastern satellite.

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  5. Europe can easily take 5, 10, 15 million immigrants in the next year or two. But here lies the dilemma: how to submit to this massive demographic erasure and remain European enough to support the invaders. All the present crop of Western European leaders want is to slow down the flow to manageable proportions.

      • I have often wondered how white people’s feeding, clothing, and medicating the third world has created most of the problems today. I’ve also wondered what would happen if we just stopped all of it.

        Only in a resource abundant society or mild weather environment is a “Man of Color” sexually competitive. I’d like to see what happens if these cultures had to survive a Norwegian winter without electricity.

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  7. The ongoing western war of state against nation is going to generate some of history’s most fascinating alliances before it is concluded. This poll shows the pro-nation Sweden Democrats as the most popular party in the country, by seven points over its closest competition. And yet, to my knowledge, the party wields practically zero power by virtue of the political phalanx formed by its rivals of both left and right.

    All of which informs us how the understood political continuum is, as ole Nixon used to say, inoperative. Sweden’s other parties are political expressions of the state. They are allied against their true enemy, the Swedish nation. This is the real war: state v. nation. You’ve been hearing it here first.

    • Rich Lowry has really matured and found his voice, as he criticizes Der Trump for tearing down what was built up over long years of effort by better, more talented men.

    • Here is a list of the writers who contributed diatribes to the “Against Trump” issue of National Review:

      Glenn Beck
      (((David Boaz)))
      L Brent Bozell III
      (((Mona Charen)))
      Ben Domenech
      Erick Erickson
      Steven F Hayward
      (((Mark Helprin)))
      (((William Kristol)))
      (((Yuval Levin)))
      Dana Loesch
      Andrew C McCarthy
      David M McIntosh
      (((Michael Medved)))
      Edwin Meese III
      Russell Moore
      (((Michael B Mukasey)))
      Katie Pavlich
      (((John Podhoretz)))
      RR Reno
      Thomas Sowell
      Cal Thomas

      So that’s 8 Jews out of 22 (assuming I didn’t miss any), or 36.4%. Considering that Jews probably make up less than 1% of the Republican electorate, I’d say there’s some pretty severe kosher overrepresentation in the anti-Trump ranks. Quelle surprise!

      The only name that truly disappoints me on this list is Thomas Sowell. It was reading one of his books as a teenager that first got me interested in HBD. Say it ain’t so, Sowell.

      • When you hear the name Yuval Levin, you know traditional heartland conservatism is close behind. Though several of these alleged luminaries have escaped my prior notice somehow. Which might have been awkward as I was this close to adopting the handle “RR Reno” myself.

    • I went to look, and it’s a bloodbath. They have a team of moderators frantically scrubbing all contrary comments; all that is left are the childish insults of the fan base. They seriously call themselves conservatives?

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