The Academy Awards

Earlier this week a dyspeptic pygmy named Spike Lee proclaimed his wrath over something he termed the Lilly White Oscars. This apparently being some vacuous broad who annually dispenses alloy citations for plausible mimicry. Reportedly Lee has taken exception to White’s preferences and is threatening to eschew her confab as a result. This leaving millions of waitresses and longshoremen alike to drink their own urine in front of the tele-vision until word of resolution arrives.

Aside from a dearth of commodity statuettes, Lee is also irritated by the notion that confederates of Ms. White are making films that don’t particularly pique his interest. He implies that more movies should be made by and for blacks (something he should know is proscribed by statute) and further offers an identification of the culprits.

In Hollywood, the people with the green-light vote tend to be white.

Whitish, I think he means. Though perhaps it’s this deficit of cultural acuity that led little Lee into not only looking up at his own penis, but barking up the wrong baobab tree. The Weinsteins bear more weight than the Whites, alas. Beyond that, what kind of malevolent people would make films for their enjoyment anyway?

Regardless, it led me to wonder how Ms. White could better organize her charity function in the future. One certain path of improvement–as we are reliably informed–is to do things less the Lilly White way, and more the Cole Black. Which obviously leads one to consider the African Movie Academy Awards. These described at the link as:

The Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) is an offshoot of the Africa Film Academy. The Academy, founded on the best film tradition, is geared towards research, training and propagating filmmaking in Africa.

Established in 2005, AMAA aims to facilitate the development and relevance of African film & cinema by providing a rewards & recognition platform for film makers on the continent. African film makers work hard with very little and have, not through serendipity but through sheer audacity, managed to build the 3rd largest film industry in the world, and are poised to take poll position, beating America and India.

Today, African films serve as a link for Africans in the Diaspora with Africans at home. These films have the potential to serve as a shared collective experience, a reminder that Africa is a vibrant continent filled with colour, energy and possibility.

Color, energy, possibility, and diversity. Always remember diversity–that’s what Lilly White was missing. Though sometimes sheer audacity seems to shear away the principle. But presuming that concept is as critical for Cole as Lilly, I thought to review the 2015’s AMAA awards. The following scene calls for a gasp of surprise. Here are the recipient thespians.







Now deliver this line with a straight face, Spike: What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is racist. They’ll never guess how this movie ends.

Yes, that's two middle fingers

The African Academy Award. Yes, that’s two middle fingers


27 thoughts on “The Academy Awards

  1. I wish at least one White man stood up for our people like Spike Lee stands up for his, but AmRen, VDARE, Unz, Taki, Radix and AltRight are all too busy kissing Weinstein’s ass.

    For the record, Black movies portray Whites in a better light than Jewish movies do. When Jewish movies deal with issues of inter-racial conflict, the “bad White” character is always a caricature: one dimensional, malicious, cowardly and dorky – the trashy inbred redneck, the boring whitebread suburbanite, the stuffy blueblood wasp, the robotic German etc. The happy ending consists of the White getting his comeuppance, preferably death by torture, preferably sexualized torture. They produce nothing but The Book of Esther, retold in endless variations.

    Contrast this with Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing”. Spike Lee clearly favors Mookey, Bugginout and Radio Rahim, but he at least acknowledges the humanity of the other side. Sal has character and guts.

    Or consider the movie “Barbershop”. The White employee is singled out for abuse by the Black owner throughout the movie, until he gets up the courage to ask “Is it because I’m White?”. It is inconceivable that any Jewish movie would ever include this theme – “Don’t let me bully you, White man. Stand up for yourself!”

    I’ll drink a toast to Spike Lee and his fellow Black artists! By undermining the income of mainstream Hollywood, their boycott has done more to promote White interests than any conference or publication featuring John “carpet-bomb-Latakia-for-Israel” Derbyshire.

    I once heard a Black nationalist characterize White advocates as cowards who kick the dog (i.e., dehumanize relatively powerless groups like Black Americans and Shiite Muslims) because they are afraid to yell at the boss (Jews). With a few honorable exceptions such as Porter, Kevin MacDonald and Matt Parrott, this is all too true.

    • BTI, while not disagreeing with your comment (I really enjoyed it, actually), I haven’t seen how AmRen, VDARE, etc have been kissing jewish ass. From my reading, and I read all of those but Radix and AltRight (I can’t read everything, I have a job), they’re for the most part quiet about jewish subversion, but being quiet or even silent isn’t necessarily kissing ass. Have I been missing something?

    • 1 out of 6 Kent. And how often does Vdare name the jew??? 10% of the time? Nope, not even. With writers like Michelle Malkin, an ethnic Filipino married to a jew who complains about immigrants or British John Derbyshire married to a Chinese born woman (both immigrants), makes me wonder if Vdare takes itself seriously or if it is simply against people of a darker hue than Michelle Malkin?

      • My point is that there’s a big difference between not making something the primary concern of your magazine and being an asskisser. That is the truth that Beautiful Truths Ignored has ignored.

      • “I decided to check on what kind of people live in Beverly Hills, and it turns out that the city is 61 percent Jewish. And by a miraculous stroke of mathematical improbability, “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish,” or at least that was the case in 2008. Top media executives are so disproportionately Jewish, one wonders why everyone is complaining about white people in Hollywood but no one makes a peep about Jews.”
        From “The Silent Minority” – Jim Goad, TAKIMAG, 1/25/16

        This is fun! Keep ignoring me, BTI

      • Wow! I’m really blown away Kent with that hard hitting PARAGRAPH buried on page two of an article musing about why Hispanics aren’t whining at the Oscars and Blacks are. I guess Taki showed’em. Kent, my boy, most people’s response to that would be, “so what most of the lawyers in NYC are jews too”. The paragraph is asskissing, stroking the jew ego, nothing more. Now if a whole article were written exploring jewish anti-white themes in Hollywood and we saw regular articles exposing jewish machinations I would tip my hat but we haven’t.

        Kent, I hope you aren’t feeling ignored any longer but you haven’t made your case and I’m bored.
        BTW, McInnes is a major cuckservative.

  2. If the blacks in Africa have their own movie industry, an all-black one, well, good for them. If the blacks in America think their Hollywood presence should be greater, well, they’re frustrated, in a civilization into which their descendants should never have been dragged. My point, in short, is that the present blog-post seems to be charging blacks with “reverse racism” or some such nonsense. Blacks should not be living in Europe and its descendant territories; nothing more has to be said.

    • My point, in short, is that the present blog-post seems to be charging blacks with “reverse racism” or some such nonsense.

      No, it’s more an indictment of the tendency to praise other peoples for jealously guarding their own prerogatives as they shit on ours.

      • Whatever. I’m not bothered in the least by their “tendency to praise other peoples for jealously guarding their own prerogatives as they shit on ours.” It’s a sign of their resentment, their inferiority. If I could be persuaded to take it seriously, even for a moment, I would regard it as a point of pride.

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  4. I think Porter is a rogue Obama speech writer.

    Maybe blacks are not receiving any academy awards for their movies simply because the suck?

    I can’t imagine why the average white moviegoer wouldn’t want to watch another boring gangster/rapper movie about Compton or whatever black shithole is currently en vogue. The plots are pretty simple:

    1) White people are evil.
    2) White people are really evil.
    3) White people caused all of our troubles.
    4) Die whitey, die!
    5) Hand me some money.

    The End. Now give me an award.

    • Normal Lear, ” “I thought of him as lovable; he was not so much a bigot as he was afraid of tomorrow,” – if the jews weren’t so afraid of tomorrow they wouldn’t be pushing hate speech laws or trying to control speech on the internet.

    • Just a little back up to my claim jews are afraid to tommorrow:

      Publicized: January 20, 2016

      During Wednesday`s meeting of the Knesset Science and Technology Committee on the academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions, Technion President Peretz Lavie, who is also serves as chairman of Association of University Heads, said ”We have no complaints against the global academic leadership; our problem is the campuses. Initially it was insignificant campuses, but it quickly spread to leading campuses in the United States.”

      ”Students who are exposed to this activity will be the next generation`s senators, and therein lies the great danger in the long term. In its report, the American Anthropological Association referred to us as universities of apartheid and decided to conduct a survey on whether the Israeli academia should be boycotted. We have to reach all 12,000 members of the Association. It is a symptom, and if we do not act now, it will spread. There must be one entity that will concentrate all the efforts related to this issue,” he said.

      Prof. Zvi Ziegler told the committee that there is a ”concealed boycott among members of the academia. It is still beneath the surface because they think it is not legitimate. We are unable to stop anyone with our meager resources. I am very concerned about the future.”

  5. If the African Picture Entertainment Society truly is “poised to take poll position”, then that’s great news for the Flyswatters Guild. I hear those guys make a pharaoh’s ransom, shooing pests away from the stars and the catering table, and to get a job, you have to know someone or kill someone important.

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  7. This BLM action has the monkeys pulling at their leash. The jews are like Dr. Frankenstein, a jew who believes he knows more than God and creates a monster so ugly and stupid it seeks revenge on its creator. The monster has lost all fear of law and now without any real White targets it turns on the jewish creators of this entitlement crap. They believe they can get anything with threats and violence, but its not White people who have the easy money they want, its Mr. jew. The jews are about to realize why people don’t like these savages, up close and personal. I wonder if security will shoot em? How far is Beverly Hills and Bel Aire from this awards show? Not far enough I’m guessing.

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