Dear Solipsists

As we’ve highlighted examples recently, it’s become quite chi-chi among lettered blacks to pen open Dear White People correspondence. That sidewalk panhandling and racial mean-mugging could be reduced to the comfort of one’s own computer is testament enough to African ingenuity. Even more so when considering the sizable clown claque of obsequious whites drawn to these gaseous missives. Life will pass in perpetual surprise if you think a liberal tongue can’t reach deeper into the crevasse.

Of course one Dear Whitey letter could be substituted for any other, with no disturbance in a reader’s eye-roll. Cups of water are less fungible and more fun than these tedious here what I don’t like you do efforts. Though it’s not merely the predictable patter in plodding prose–you get that at National Review. Rather what serves as this writer’s personal pique is the distended fly-specked belly of nearly all black navel-gazing: solipsism. Almost as if it’s the only concept in the world.

Blacks don’t hold a monopoly on solipsistic meanderings, though they certainly make a market. And this specific genre offers a particularly robust example. Each entry featuring a writer assiduously oblivious to the lives, interests, or aspirations of their intended audience. It’s like hearing a child lecturing to play-doh figures. The latter being mute objects whose value and morality are judged by the extent they serve the speaker’s ends. There’s only one beautiful creature owed deference by the world. And I don’t just mean TaNehisiCoates.

I somehow ran upon another of these open letters and, as it was (conceivably) addressed to me, thought a gesture of equal generosity was merited. Though before barreling toward the exit out of disinterest for the subject matter, readers should remain for the twist–you won’t believe what happens next!

The writer operates a blog of apparently some minor repute, as the linked entry presently boasts 482 head-bobbing das rite! comments. I don’t think you’ll wonder long why.

To the white parents of my black sons friends

I’ve been wrestling with talking to you about some things I think you need to know. I’ve wrestled with it because I feel my own sense of shame– shame that I didn’t know or understand these issues before they touched my family. I’ve felt fear that you’ll respond in subtle ways that make it clear you aren’t safe for my child. I’ve been concerned that you won’t believe me and then I’ll feel more angry than if I hadn’t said anything. But my son is getting older and as he transitions from an adorable black boy to a strong black man, I know the assumptions about him will change. And I need your help in keeping him safe.

That’s probably sufficient, I doubt you’ll disagree. But what’s that criminally under deployed term again? Yes, solipsism. Is your olfactory apparatus detecting a whiff? There are eleven Is in that preamble–with additional platoons in the rear. Practically all are attached to unsolicited instructions for how the lives of white parents should be reordered to the preferences of her adorable, strong teen. And if you are interested in exploring her reciprocal obligations to her community…well I guess that’s what open letters are for, bigot. Though before continuing, would you like to see a photo of this bossy black baby-mama?

I am a mother of six pretty incredible kids ages 9 and under. Four of my kids were adopted (one internationally from Liberia, three through foster care) and two of our sons we made ourselves.

I am a mother of six pretty incredible kids ages 9 and under. Four of my kids were adopted (one internationally from Liberia, three through foster care) and two of our sons we made ourselves.

It’s gratifying to see she’s impartial to her own biological offspring–neither of whom I imagine will ever be called a strong white man by their mirror-gazing mother. Though to the preening white–ummm–parents of African accessories, I’ve been wrestling with talking to you about some things I think you need to know. God or Gaia did not fashion this world as a stage for your exquisite morality. This being a play best produced away from those who must be harangued to heed it. There is a reason you did not choose to raise your Liberian–ummm–son in his native habitat far from the predations of suburban white professionals. It is the same reason your hollow ethics didn’t compel you to decamp to at least an American black ghetto, where the non-racist neighbors would have been regarded with calm composure.

You’re too vacuous to give the matter thought, but no one complains about what cannibals serve them for dinner. It’s the civilized restaurants that absorb all the criticism. So it is with your center-of-the-universe dictation. You didn’t elect to live as an alien in a black community–one just as inclined to beat you senseless on the front lawn as to chin-stroke your bill of particulars. No, you scamper beneath the umbrella of security offered by your own community, and then mewl about its insufficient appreciation of your efforts to undermine it. A man could open a parachute in a skull that empty.

So this is what I’m going to need you to do: write one open letter of apology to the natural children you have neglected in pursuit of accumulating a UN orphanage. Another to the community you peremptorily placed it in. And a third to the–ummm–son you dragged from his people as a virtue signal to your own.

And pen the rest of your letters from Monrovia.


20 thoughts on “Dear Solipsists

  1. The real issue in the White White West ™ is not so much that colored folk have a problem with elevating the white folk to the top of history, it’s that white folk generally don’t. Solipsism is as solipsism does, Forrest.

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  3. I blame the husband. Patriarchal societies don’t let this kind of deviance stand.

    Not that I’m any kind of authority, but that was perfectly executed, Porter.

  4. But my son is getting older and as he transitions from an adorable black boy to a strong black man, I know the assumptions about him will change. And I need your help in keeping him safe.

    Yes, because “strong black men” need to be kept safe from the racist predations of this status-whoring lady’s middle class milieu; i.e. a clown claque of obsequious whites (great term BTW).

    As tedious as these honky-hating missives are, at least they are delivered more gently than their Islamic Dear White People equivalents.

    On Tuesday of this week, Muslim terrorists attacked and killed Westerners in Istanbul. On Thursday, Westerners were attacked in Jakarta. On Friday, Westerners were targeted in the unspellable capital city of Burkina Faso.

    “Westerners” is of course the media’s euphemism for white people. So that’s 3 Islamic terror attacks in 4 days specifically targeting whites.

    This isn’t the first time that Muslims have slaughtered whites as whites rather than as infidels as is commonly assumed.

    In the 2002 Bali bombings, the Muslim terrorists code-named their targets “white meat.” Of the 202 people killed, the vast majority were whites. The terrorists could have targeted any number of religious minorities in Indonesia, but instead they chose to kill on the basis of skin colour.

    Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of al Qaeda, has appealed to blacks and Mexicans in the US to rise up and kill white Americans. Think about that: the world’s most prominent Muslim terrorist wants people dead based on their race rather than their religion.

    It makes me wonder how much Muslim hostility towards “Westerners” is based on Islamic religious doctrines, and how much is based on good old-fashioned race-hatred?

    Muslim terrorists (and rapists, robbers, etc.) consistently go out of their way to attack white people anywhere and everywhere in the world. From the Kenyan mall massacre in 2013, to the Russian airliner bombed over Sharm el-Sheik a few months ago, to the 3 terror attacks in 4 days this week, whites are singled out for slaughter.

    Then the Muslim perps use religion (and/or the foreign policy of the US, UK, France, Russia, etc.) as justification for their actions, thus morally absolving themselves of any blame and trying to put “Westerners” on the back foot. With the clown claque of obsequious whites nodding their heads in agreement.

    When in reality much (most?) of their hostility towards us is based on something as mundane as anti-white racism.

  5. She is suffering from an addiction, like a cocaine addict, to the rush of ego-gratification that comes from self-righteousness.

    People who continuously and obsessively self-stroke their egos by constantly signalling their supposed moral superiority are mental masturbators.

    The main problem with mental masturbation is that it becomes the sole source of one’s self esteem. Synthetic self esteem is fragile and requires massive and continuous reinforcement to maintain.

    Once you accomplish something of value, say, by becoming a doctor or engineer, you are done. Finito. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life constantly reminding everyone around you that you are a doctor.

  6. As the signalarity approaches I take comfort in that there are millions of White people who are un-infected. We have a long history of dealing with insanity. We are everywhere.

  7. It’s just superb. A century of carefully crafted, racially suicidal propaganda aimed at the minds and hearts of White people by a dogged and determined enemy destroyed in two paragraphs with dismissive ease.

    You’re Shakespeare reborn, Porter, you really are.

  8. Several of 18 countries whose citizens were killed in a terrorist attack on a hotel in Burkina Faso, including the US, Canada, and Ukraine, have released lists of victims. Details reveal “white people” were targeted, including a 9-year-old girl.

    At least 28 people died as a result of the brutal attack and hostage situation, which started late on Friday and carried on throughout Saturday at the luxury Splendid Hotel and a nearby cafe in the capital city of Ouagadougou.

    The details of the death toll and witness accounts have confirmed that foreigners were specifically targeted for cold-blooded murder in the terror act.


    Survivors described the assault as never ending. “They kept coming back and forth into Cappuccino [a cafe next to the Splendid Hotel]. You’d think it was over, then they’d come back and shoot more people. They would come back and see if the white people were moving and then they would shoot them again,” Reuters quoted a Slovenian witness as saying.

    • News of these attacks always puzzle me — WTF do White people spend time and money in these Tird World shitholes, and how can they possibly take pleasure in it (even if they’re not robbed or slaughtered)? I’ve visited two such countries, and left each with three more magnitudes of hate for its inhabitants than when I’d arrived.
      Regarding the Solipsist of the Week here, I wasn’t content to wet my beak on the sample paragraph. I tried skimming the comments for dissenting voices, but the only arguments I could find were the “I’m more anti-raciss than you / F*** you, I have four different kinds of kids” variety. But I did find one nugget of pyrite before I left that woman’s digital yeast infection:
      Mafalo – “You’re an idiot. Literally. … My Mom, who is 60, couldn’t officially vote everywhere in the US until she was 10”
      Must be that Black Privilege no one ever talks about. My White Privilege card didn’t allow me to vote til I was 18, and even then only in one place, not everywhere. No doubt, when Death strikes her down, Her Mom’s voting powers shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

      • Yeah the comments were really a melee of competitive signaling. Which illustrates much of the blogger’s inducement in the first place. So many whites are sufficiently out-of-their-minds to posture as an oxymoronic anti-racist/pro-black that some conclude the actual acquisition of one will serve as iron-clad acquittal.

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  10. Thanks for those generous remarks.

    Insurectionist: The Signalarity is a great concept. I’m going to use that.

    Jeppo: Over and over. How frustrating it must be to strike a man who refuses to notice. Only the undertaker keeps a tab.

    Also, there’s a very good piece on the back end of the above pingback. Among several observations, PA highlights a banner unfurled at what I presume is a sporting event. It is a greeting to Europe’s uninvited guests:

    Welcome to Hell, Stray Lambs

    • Great post, Porter.

      What will be the catalyst to make the “migrants” run for the exits? The people of Europe are disarmed, their governments are tools of the Globalist-Zionist matrix whose goal is the destruction of European/Western societies and culture, and the authorities let the “migrants” run wild and instead go after the native people who protest – as was the recent case in Cologne and the clampdown of dissent on social media.

      How do they fight back?

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