Bathing in Cologne

This was our most widely-read post of 2015. It is a recognition that the West’s great culminating Diversity Wars will be a largely intramural affair. That the butcher’s bill will be cut from the same carcass.

The modern West defines morality by maladaptivity. What is good for the nation is very bad indeed. Having denied an external Christ to die for their sins, many seek substitute within. Each man bearing a cross for the brown people. In this sense, both sides are fighting for continuity. The Right for their children, the Left for the angels. The children of liberals existing only as alms. One act of this conflict is now playing out on the still DNA encrusted stage of Cologne.

As you have likely heard, the German PEGIDA movement today staged a large protest rally in the city now vying with Stockholm for the continent’s coveted most vibrant rape scene. Though as all should be inured to expect, the same flaccid law enforcement apparatus that floundered on NYE became a machine of ruthless efficiency in the absence of violated native women. You can’t expect the police to simply ignore a conspicuous failure to rape. And ignore it they did not.

Faced with interloping autochthonous Germans, authorities reacted with an aggression typically reserved for right-wing chat rooms. Police will intervene in mass public sexual assaults as soon as a white culprit can be identified, but they’re not going to tolerate suggestions he wasn’t responsible. That’s scapegoating. And that gets blond heads rapped with a baton. It also results in free showers. How the hell else are you supposed to get the pepper spray off?

You can read accounts that vary predictably by politics here, here, here, and here. You will note which writers drape themselves in virtue by deployment of exculpatory adjectives. Xenophobes…them, not me!

So how does the German state bathe its spiritually unclean nation? Thoroughly.

Germany Far-Right












Leftist German anti-fa were also on hand to channel their inner OJ Simpson: We know who the REAL rapists are!



The entire enterprise must be utterly confusing for American cuckservatives, who just want to know which side is best for Israel and The Economy.


The photos above are from Cologne, but they are depictions of a larger civil war. You’ll note how few brown faces are apparent. The more alien colonization becomes predatory and unavoidable, the more whites will lunge for each other’s throats. Truly the devil is in the diversity. And it is why, if successful, future Europeans will lunch under the shade of monuments to Orban. As today Merkel busily organizes Cologne’s “March with rapists against hate.”


20 thoughts on “Bathing in Cologne

  1. I know it’s dangerous to draw conclusions from such a small sample, but it looks to me like the anti-fa group on the church steps is about 97% female, 75% gray haired, and 100% ugly. The PEGIDA lads are overwhelmingly male and a little younger. No doubt the photo of the handful of men giving the nazi salute floated effortlessly to the top of the media’s selected images to be included in any print or digital story. I wonder if I would risk my job participating in a similar protest, so hats off to them for caring enough.

    • It’s really embarrassing for me to admit that yes, the antifa people are all/nearly all female because I’m a female myself and I constantly cringe in shame when I see the lack of logic from the females all the time. I’m sorry to say, even my mother is always all about “feels” and IKAGO and just about everything that has brought this situation about. What I do is this: First off, they MUST be alone or it doesn’t work. If there are a lot of them they just accuse you of —- you got it! LOL racism — but when they are alone and the topic comes up – as soon as any libby antifa faggit (and there ARE plenty of men as we know who have become feminized through our culture) starts up with the “poor them” stuff, get in their face in a threatening manner while hissing about how they, their daughters, their sons, and everyone they know will be raped and covered in a hefty bag. LOL it’s ignorant but it works. They start trusting you and listening to the more logical points of the whole mess, beginning to understand it is not normal, never was normal, and is a deliberate attempt to destroy them. It works.

  2. The German political class looks more and more like a puppet state, offending the natives as badly as any puppet state ever used by a colonial power to pacify the natives. But the natives grow restless. It never ends well for the puppets.

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  4. I actually meant to post this here rather than on the

    as it is relevant (at least in my convoluted mind) to this part of the article

    “The modern West defines morality by maladaptivity. What is good for the nation is very bad indeed. Having denied an external Christ to die for their sins, many seek substitute within. Each man bearing a cross for the brown people. In this sense, both sides are fighting for continuity. “

    It’s always been a standard thesis that psychological development occurs in three phases.
    A person goes from dependent, to independent and finally interdependent. This can be seen as a process of “engaging the other”.

    When a persons born they are naught but a mewling baby wholly dependent on the charity of the Mother, subsequently during teenage years they learn independence and finally as adults learn to mutually inter-depend on each other while being integral entities in their own right.

    This can be seen as a gradual process of interacting positively with that which is outside of one’s subjective self i.e an “other”.

    So what is the other and what is its ultimate valuation? In Western philosophy the ultimate other was considered God, whether one believed in an actual presence or merely an abstract principle, and death was considered the ultimate form of valuation in this process which finds its completion in faith.

    This process has been subverted and hijacked.

    I remember reading a piece by Swedish woman who said that Muslims were God’s punishment upon Sweden for becoming a secular society. She is absolutely correct. In disregarding the concept of God as the ultimate “other” a power vacuum was created and grim substitution has been made by people who seem to know exactly what they were doing.

    Muslims and Africans have been positioned as the new “other” with whom we must strive to engage with and we in our secular folly have relegated ourselves to being deemed psychologically regressive if we do not do this. A classic bait and switch if ever there was one.

    All diversity quota rapes are forgiven or denied, all diversity quota murders are forgiven or denied because they are quite simply viewed as acts of the new “God”, a turgid, brain-dead, demiurge, a morass of brown dog sh*t limping along semi-upright.

    F*** I really need to cheer myself up.

  5. As tear gas and water canons douse natives, the Saints keep marching in…

    Meanwhile, the flow of asylum seekers continues unabated. “We had an average influx of 3,200 refugees per day arriving in Germany, and the numbers are not declining in the last days,” Ole Schroeder, the deputy German minister, told a briefing in Brussels. “Our problem at the moment in Europe is that we do not have a functioning border control system, especially at the Greece-Turkey border,” he added.

    3,200 per day. Still.

    It is the chore of our age to survive liberalism’s logical conclusion.

  6. The Germans need firearms to protect themselves from the armed invaders. The German government is doing everything it can to prevent the German people from obtaining firearms.

    I’m watching for when the German military and police armories are looted. Just like what happened in what used to be Yugoslavia.

  7. Poster Parents of the anti-White State in Sweden were handed a dose of racial reality when their angelic Negro immigrant – whom they invited to live with them! – slit their only daughter’s throat. She really is a metaphor for Europa, poor child. Murdered by the insanity of her parent’s naive faith in the lies of the anti-White State.

    This is the low IQ racial replacement for Europeans who allegedly came to “pay Swede’s pensions”, but who couldn’t even pay the rent, and made them pay in blood instead.

  8. Germans are finally beginning to learn that when you let in hordes of Moslem migrants who are nearly all male, your women are going to get groped, raped, or even married to them.

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