New Years in Brussels

One of the modern West’s great anthropological salients is that the more obvious a thing is, the less it may be remarked upon. As such, the most conspicuous feature of any petri-dish society is resolutely unspoken: Multiculturalism always culminates in a mono-culture.

Diversity is simply a temporary state of flux. One that inherently seeks a steady-state. To say a country is ‘diverse’ is to say it is in the process of societal sedimentation. Whether this occurs through submission, violence, partition, or assimilation is irrelevant to its inevitability. If nature abhors a vacuum, she fills it with order and hierarchy. The results are homogeneity or stratification. How do you imagine all of Earth’s undiverse societies originated in the first place?

And so we are white privileged to live in a societal snow globe being shaken by the profoundly naive–some much less so. That the pretty flakes will remain in frictionless suspension, rather than jockeying for rank in settling, is simply an article of religious faith by those who profess to have none. Unfortunately for us all, the future will offer many Come to Jesus moments.

A seemingly trivial example is the recent announcement cancelling New Years Eve festivities in Brussels. This, as perhaps even an Ivy League professor might surmise, being a result of intelligence suggesting Islamic attacks planned against revelers. It should be no surprise if the holiday is never resumed. For this is how diversity settles–one concession at a time. In a competitive environment, what is not defended is discarded. Because the Belgian government has prioritized other populations over its own, the settling will continue in a manner that accommodates the invasive elements. New Years today, Christmas tomorrow. And soon enough Belgium’s disputes will not be between native and Muslim, but Shia and Sunni. Diversity is always a process, never an end-state. Those who introduce it do so only to exchange one homogeneity now for a different one later.

More vigorous examples of sedimentation in the West are found in the forecasts of carnage in 2016. That there will be additional Western Jihadi attacks is probably one of the most anodyne predictions one could make. That Western governments will expand surveillance of threat vectors rather than simply remove them is equally so. Eventually both violence and surveillance will be directed toward those who never grasp the Law of Rule. This continuing until state replaces nation or nation replaces state. Either way, diversity always finds its own end. And for forlorn Belgians, that prospect alone is cause enough to celebrate.



25 thoughts on “New Years in Brussels

  1. Just a navel gazing aside: while the combox here is often a cemetery, traffic continues to increase. This month being easily the most visited since our inception. To those readers new and old: Happy New Year. My own celebratory intoxication starts…


  2. And the reservoir of western civilizational norms continues to drip, drip, drip away. Are we monsters for silently thanking the Charlie Hebdo and Parisian attackers for (hopefully) hastening a realization among the goodthinkers that Brussels is a decade of current policy continuation away from becoming Beirut? The Derb made the excellent point recently that Europe’s salvation may be its 25-50% youth unemployment rate. I still doubt that the fattened calves of Europe can be roused, but maybe the combination of testosterone, poverty, and the prospect of a stolen birthright will be flammable enough to make a difference.

    Happy to be part of the cemetery here, and glad the metrics reflect the quality of your content. Cheers!

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  4. Happy New Year Porter and all… you’re doing God’s work here, your scathing critique and command of language is a rare find in the blogosphere.

  5. Diversity will replace a society’s homogeneity with another? How do you explain Russia, which has had centuries of diversity, yet you can still find plenty of authentic Russians today.

    • JC: Like always seeks like. As a corollary, diversity always seeks its end. The pace and form are what’s variable. But the West seems determined to establish historical speed records for the transition.

      How do you explain Russia, which has had centuries of diversity, yet you can still find plenty of authentic Russians today.

      I’m sure you’re aware of Russian demographic trends, though we could just as well say one can also still find plenty of Indians in North America–nearly three million full-blooded according to the 2010 census.

  6. I’m one of your readers that doesn’t comment (well, I did once), because it seems presumptuous for me to do so. The wit and quality of your writing is that good. What can I add? I’ll just say Happy New Year, and please don’t ever stop writing.

  7. Settlers settling down to the task of demographic conquest in the capital of Eurabia:

    Belgium: Births since 2010 over 50% Muslim
    Netherlands: Births since 2004 over 50% Muslim (That’s 2004!)

    And yet, liberal bedwetters assure me, all is well, for against the scimitar tsunami stands the eternal rock of this months absolute and eternal truth upon which shall be broken all DENIERS and RACISTS. That’ll sort the problem out:

    Islam is Peace
    White is Racist
    Diversity is Strength

    Oy vey!

    • You’ll note the snopes article was supposed to counter the claims of Muslim demographics. However, the latest census in Britain has vindicated those concerned about Muslim demographics. Even the ultra-far leftist of the Guardian had to admit that Muslim numbers almost doubled in ten years, and that trend is vastly accelerating as age distribution clearly shows, so that Muslim numbers will more than double as we advance from here:

      A projection of Muslim numbers in Britain based on the census findings might well look something like this:

      2020 – 7 million
      2030 – 15 million
      2040 – 33 million
      2050 – 70 million

  8. Happy New Years Porter and Everyone,

    I know I have been a bit of a Ghost/Lurker this past while but I have spent the last year and a half organising my life, gaining formal qualifications (Masters Degree and further study now in computers). I was on Daily Stormer for a bit because it seemed like a fire was building there with a lot of good challenges and learning regarding feminism and strategy discussion regarding memetic techniques but unfortunately ego took over a bit at the helm there. I try to take the ego out of the equation to leave more room for HATE.

    Well I hope to get back to my old favourite hangouts and have the courtesy to throw a comment here or there. Kakistocracy is a favourite. I must email Savant too and formally ask if I may start commenting again on his pages given such a protracted absence it is only fair 🙂

    I have been involved in some initiatives in Ireland such as the Celtic People’s Party. We are just getting started but we have good plans for this year. I hope to some day soon be giving a “General Hux” style speech (if you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie you’ll know the speech, p.s. Don’t pay to watch it of course). The time in Europe is right for this. People are sick of it all. The old Website is but I am building a newer more modern one with all the WordPress bells and whistles.

    Well looking forward to a good 1939, I mean 2016 😀

    • First they came for the trees…

      There is an ancient tradition in Somerset of growing hawthorn trees grafted from one planted by Joseph of Arimathea on a visit to Britain, or so the legend goes. Unfortunately, like crosses in churches and unraped kafir girls, it is too insulting to the refined sensibilities of those fleeing war to remain unviolated.

      And despite the police “not ruling out a religious motive” (pesky Quakers perhaps?), the media whore of Babylon assures us that it is merely an unprecedented strike by “vandals”.

  9. Things become a little clearer. Angela Merkel before the Israeli Knesset, in her own words, her “native language” – HEBREW

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, Madam President, ani muda lachem, Shen itan li, le ladere lechem, kan me bait me chub atse, sekavot kadol asuri (15sec). [applause 10 seconds]. I thank all the members of the Knesset for that I thank you all that I have in my native language to speak to you today.” (35sec)

    Spokesperson: “But many people forget that Ms Merkel not only has a father. Her mother was a Jewess from Poland, Herlind Jentzsch (45sec). And because in Israel the Jewish descent through the mother is transferred, you also had no problems to get an Israeli passport (53sec). If you are a Mr Ebel faith, then you are already an Israeli passport concerned (59sec). A woman with an Israeli passport at the head of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY”

    Disclaimer: The translation was done online by a auto-translation page

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