Living with Anxiety

Sometimes ancient intuition becomes so forgotten that science inadvertently rediscovers it. And sometimes this excavated information carries such obvious implications that virtue demands we forget again. The following story is one that no moderate mind will permit itself to explore. For here there be Hate.

Anxiety acts like a ‘sixth sense’ which could save your life

Anxiety acts like a ‘sixth sense’ which could save your life, scientists have shown after discovering that nervous people [i.e. extremists] are more attuned to danger.

So anxiety is an evolved trait to warn us of life-threatening danger. Such as the anxiety generated by an evening stroll through black East St. Louis? No that’s racism, which is a mental disease and something completely different. Stop asking stupid questions.

…a new study suggests that there is a benefit to such a ‘hyper-vigilant’ state. Anxiety seems to allow warning signals to quickly reach the regions of the brain which are responsible for action, triggering a surge of adrenalin and the ‘fight or flight’ response.

In contrast, laid-back people are not so quick off the mark when they sense a threat. Instead when they are confronted by danger initial brain signals travel to a region of the brain associated with sensory perception and the recognition of faces.

It’s a shame living tribes tend to be those most ‘anxious’ about hostile aliens. I wish there were more laid-back peoples still around. I wonder why there aren’t? At least we can count on the welcoming Swedes always being here.

Though it’s fortuitous that some people, when faced with mortal danger, process the information through the part of the brain that recognizes faces.

Ronald Goldman: Hey Nicole, isn’t that OJ Simpson?

we evolved alongside predators [teens] that can attack, bite or sting. A rapid reaction to someone experiencing fear can help us avoid danger.”


Earlier this month, scientists discovered that being unhappy or stressed does not increase the risk of ill-health and happy souls are no more likely to live longer.

Researchers in New South Wales said the study was important because people often blamed themselves for illness, thinking that a positive attitude could have saved them.

I can assure Europeans that positive attitudes about the migrant influx will have a strong inverse correlation with their posterity’s survival. And so those interested in such statistical esoterica will want to always bear in mind: An anxious eye never recalls the mortician’s face.


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  2. OT: The Nazi regime in Germany has banned a novel about a love affair between a Jewish man and a gentile woman.

    [Germany’s] Ministry of Education has banned a novel that portrays a romantic relationship between an [gentile] woman and a [Jewish] man on the grounds that it “threatens [German] identity” and “encouraging miscegenation.”


    The book was supposed to be taught in advanced literature classes in secondary schools across the country, following a recommendation by a professional committee of academics and educators.

    The committee’s role is to advise the ministry on various educational issues, including the approval of the curriculum, and its decisions are usually taken after consulting with a considerable number of veteran teachers, professors and other educationalists.

    It is the first time in the country’s history that the ministry disqualifies a book despite the decision of the official responsible for literature instruction in secular state schools.


    The book, “Borderlife,” by the [German] author [Hans Schnitzelmeyer], tells the story of [Helga], an [German] translator, and [Shmuley], a [Jewish] artist, who meet in New York and fall in love. Eventually, they go their separate ways, as she has to return to [Düsseldorf] and he to the [Israeli] city of [Tel Aviv].

    “Intimate relations between [Germans] and [Jews] threaten the separate identity of each sector,” the Education Ministry said in a statement, adding that “young adolescents don’t have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national, ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation.”


    [Brunhilde Bratwurst], a feminist journalist and blogger has posted on her page that “the resistance of the right-wing regime to the possibility that a relationship such as described in the book could even exist, is only covered by claims of ‘assimilation’ and ‘[German] identity.’ In fact, these claims are made to draw the boundaries of the nation through women’s bodies.”

    [Bratwurst] claims that according to this view, [German] women’s bodies must be dedicated to the breeding of the [German] population alone, and only [German] men are entitled to sexually benefit from [German] women.

    She describes the decision as a way to fight other nations by declaring women as the exclusive property of [German] men. “An option in which a [German] woman is choosing to be with a [non-Aryan] man simply does not exist for them.”

    [Der Stürmer] columnist [Fritz Sauerkraut], who usually analyzes the use of words in [German] media and politics, has quickly reacted to the move, saying that “in simple words, what the [German] Ministry of Education does by disqualifying ‘Borderlife’ is protecting the purity of [Aryan] blood.”

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